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School Council

Micklehurst All Saints has an active and dynamic School Council.  Our School Council provides a meaningful way in which children can voice their opinions and have their views taken into account in decisions that impact upon them.  It is also an important and useful way for school to provide children with leadership and development opportunities.


There is a vigorous and democratic elective process in classes Year 1 to Year 6, whereby two children from each class, are elected to represent their year group’s views.  Council meetings take place on a weekly basis, the representatives bringing the opinions and ideas of their peers to the forum and using them to initiate a range of projects within the school. 


Discussion, compromise, respect and problem-solving is at the heart of Micklehurst’s school council.  These qualities are what have seen to the council leading on a range of awareness raising projects within the school, such as Black History Month and Children’s Mental Health Week.  The council have lead on assemblies, competitions, class discussions and whole school activities as part of these awareness raising campaigns. 


However, the school council isn’t just about awareness raising.  Responding to local school issues and taking direct action is also key to the council’s role.  A prime example of this is the ‘Keep Micklehurst Tidy’ campaign which the school council have just embarked upon.  The problem of litter on the school grounds was raised as an issue by many of the children at the school.  As a result of this, the school council tirelessly consulted with their peers and now have an innovative plan of action to eradicate litter on the school grounds. As part of this project, the school council will be linking in with Mossley’s Litter Bugs group.  Watch this space!