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This week is National Sports Week and some of the children have started some of their sports activities. On Tuesday, Leon and Erin, our school ambassadors took part in the Olympic Torch baton relay. They received the Olympic Torch from members of the Tameside Schools Partnership and then ran to Buckton Vale to hand it over to pupils there.


Year 2 and Year 3 have been involved with Active Tameside and Active Angels to learn more about how they can have an active body and an active mind. We are looking forward to further sporting activities next week when the children will be completing their Sports Day races in their class bubbles.


In Reception this week, the children have been creating a shell and deciding who to share it with. They have then written about who they would like to share their shell with. They have also been exploring shells, playing in blue shaving foam and continuing their exploration of under the sea activities. In Maths, the children have been focusing on doubling.


In Year 1 this week, the children have been retelling the story of Nat Fantastic using the talk for writing approach to help us to retell the story. We hope you enjoy our performance which you can watch on Year 1's class page.


In Year 2 this week the children have been getting to grips with some new art skills. They have been developing their painting skills, colour mixing and creating gradients in their artwork. They have then been learning to weave and make patterns by printing.


This week in Year 3 the children have been understanding durations of time in Maths. In Literacy, they have started writing their own version of Bob the Man on the Moon. The children have been working extremely hard when writing the beginning of their story which focuses on Bob and they have been using some fantastic adjectives to describe him. They have also designed their own character.  In RE, the children have been looking at Christian celebrations and in PE they have enjoyed their PE lessons and swimming lesson. They have taken part in the Active Body and Active Mind sessions where they played lots of games and did some yoga and mindfulness.  In Science, the class have been looking at parts of a flower. They were able to name the parts and understand their function.


In Year 4, the children have been continuing their narrative based on Carol-Ann Duffy’s “The Tear Thief”. They have been exploring a wide range of literary techniques and have been focusing on the use of similes within their writing. In Science, the children enjoyed testing various materials within a circuit to determine if they were conductors or insulators. In Art, the children have been experimenting with colour and form to create their own Pop Art in the style of Roy Leichstein.


Year 5 received an unusual message this week in the form of a video from Lord Sugar. The no-nonsense businessman set the children a task…to design, build and pitch a flying machine to his board of experts a.k.a Miss Jarman and Miss Dyson. The teams of budding entrepreneurs got straight to the task and absolutely blew everyone away with their budgeting skills, creativity and unique designs. They then wrote and presented persuasive pitches to market their flying machines and pit their designs against the competition. This rather interesting task turned out to be the perfect introduction to our new class text, FArTHER by Grahame Baker-Smith, which is all about a father who dreams of flight! In Maths, they’ve been brushing up on their geometry skills this week by identifying different types of angles and using protractors to accurately draw their own - they’ve also been calculating angles on a straight line and around a point. In preparation for the upcoming Mossley Olympics, Hayley put the children through their paces on Tuesday with an athletics session designed to practice some of the key skills they’ll need to compete in the event – we can’t wait to see how they get on!


In Year 6 this week, the children have learnt all about the scientist Libbie Hyman. Libbie studied invertebrates and typed, illustrated and published her own books that are still used by scientists today. The children also researched an invertebrate of their choice and illustrated it. 

It has been another busy week in school and the children have had lots of fun learning.


In Nursery this week the children have continued with their theme of animals based on the class text ‘Dear Zoo’ but this week they have been looking at a range of animals that could be pets. The children wrote to the farm to see if they could send them a pet and a range of pets have visited the class this week. The children have loved every minute of exploring these different animals and finding out more about them.


In Reception this week the children have been involved in lots of activities relating to their class text ‘Sharing a Shell’ by Julia Donaldson. They have created their own under the sea pictures, written to the crab in the story and have been completing tangram puzzles.


This week, Year 1 have been on a late Spring Walk. During this walk, the children have been looking at further signs of spring and making comparisons between spring and what they observed in autumn. They have also used this time to look at wild plants as part of their Plants topic. They had a great time! The children saw lots of flowers and plants, frogs, the geese with their goslings and the ducks on the canal.


In Year 2 this week, the children have had a very hands on and fun packed week! This has involved planting seeds and weeding the school garden, finding out about the Maasai Mara tribe and making beautiful tribal necklaces. The children have really enjoyed being creative and learning lots of new skills! They can’t wait to create their African sunset pictures next week.


This week in Year 3, the children have been reading the time to 1 minute intervals, understanding am and pm and reading the 24-hour clock in Maths. In Literacy, they have created some fantastic character descriptions about Bob, the character in their story, using some fantastic adjectives and then designed their own character. In RE, the class have been looking at celebrations and looking at religious and non-religious celebrations and have enjoyed their PE and swimming lessons too. 


This week, Year 4 have had great fun making circuits. They could identify when a circuit was complete or incomplete and could light a bulb and start a motor. The children continued their work on time and were brilliant at identifying am and pm. They can now use the 24 hour clock successfully. In Literacy, the children created new characters for their own version of the tear thief and could insert or draw pictures and add text boxes to describe their characters on seesaw. The children were great at using similes and adding dialogue.


In Year 5, the children have been reflecting on their experiences as evacuees during last week’s visit to Stockport Air Raid Shelters by planning and writing their very own war diaries. They have worked hard to write in an informal tone as well as capture the essence of 1940s Britain with our choice of language - they make for some quite emotional reads, let’s hope that tissues aren’t being rationed! The class have also been discussing the vital role of communication during WW2 using examples of government propaganda – they’ve found out why civilians were encouraged to Make Do and Mend and Keep Calm and Carry On and how designers used clever slogans, puns and colour themes to inform the public, sway their opinions and raise morale.

In Maths, the children have embarked on a new unit of work all about angles and their properties. They have recapped what they already knew and have identified and compared different types of angles whilst also brushing up on their problem-solving and reasoning skills. As Father’s Day is fast approaching, we combined a range of techniques, including collage, to create some vivid and impressive ‘serendipity square’ cards.


In Year 6 this week, the children have enjoyed their heritage art project working with artists from The Vale. They have discovered lots of amazing facts about Mossley and the cotton industry and been able to use techniques of printing and weaving to create a piece of art.



Welcome back!  I hope you have had a good half term and have enjoyed the break.  The children have returned to school happy and excited about the half term ahead.


In Nursery this week, the children have been focusing on their new book ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell.  They have loved the repetition in this story and joining in with the repeating phrases.  The children have also been involved in lots of other zoo activities and have painted their favourite animal from the story and had lots of fun pretending to be the animals.  As we have a book focus, the children will be retelling the story by using the pictures so we can reinforce the order of stories, print direction and learning about the characters.  The children have also been learning about size, some of us can now order six or seven objects by size.


In Reception, the children have started their new topic all about the seaside and holidays.  They have read their new text ‘Sharing a Shell’ by Julia Donaldson and have been decorating their own shells.  They have also enjoyed investigating their new role play area and building sandcastles and serving ice creams!  In Numeracy they have been representing numbers to 10 by drawing the correct number of dots.


In Year 1 this week, the children have been looking at the text ‘Nat Fantastic’ as part of their literacy work. On Monday they read the story of 'Nat Fantastic' then used role play to create ideas for the next problem that Nat was going to solve.  The children had a great time and performed their ideas to each other!


It has been a very busy and fun packed first week back in Year 2!  This week as part of our Literacy unit, the children have had a visit from Biscuit Bear who kindly left us his book and a bear cutter to create our own biscuits with.  The children had great fun working in teams to create their own biscuits and they enjoyed using the weighing scales to measure out their ingredients.  This week the children have also started Athletics where they learnt how to take part in relay races. They really enjoyed working as part of a team and also having a bit of healthy competition! In Science, the children were using their observational skills to observe a variety of plants and trees.  They also applied their knowledge of how to use a tape measure to measure the length and width of leaves and trees.


In Year 3, in Maths this week, the children have been reading the time to 5 minutes intervals and knowing how many minutes are in a day.  In Literacy, they have been looking at their new book called 'The Man on the Moon' by Simon Bartram. The children have created their own space men and women and wrote a post card as a day in the life of Bob. They have also used the iPADS to do some research about space and created their own Space Posters.  In Science, the children have been looking at plants. They have matched flowers to their names, planted their own seeds and looked at the parts of a plant. In History, they have been ordering events from the Victorian time period on a timeline.


In Year 4, the children have worked really hard this week learning to tell the time to 5 minutes. In literacy, they have coloured jewels left around the classroom and discovered they were the tears collected by 'The Tear Thief' in our new text by Carol Ann Duffy. The children enjoyed creating a wanted poster for the Tear Thief and wrote some amazing simile poems about the tears. They also role played new characters so the Tear Thief could snatch their tears. In Geography the children labeled the countries and capital cities of the UK. They also located Manchester and Liverpool, ready for our UK study.


In Year 5, the children have enjoyed a busy but extremely exciting start to the half-term. On Tuesday morning, they travelled back to 1941 and rather than our usual crew of Year 5s, 30 evacuees arrived at school awaiting transport to the countryside – they were tagged and ready to go, complete with gas mask boxes, a ration lunch and even the odd teddy bear!  After a slight hiccup involving a broken down coach (must be because petrol is being rationed to help with the war effort), we arrived at Stockport Air Raid Shelters, where Nurse Campbell and Air Raid Warden Roger were the most welcoming of hosts. It was felt necessary that the children should be shown around the shelters and receive some training in how to be good evacuees before they were due at the town hall to be selected by a new family under the watchful eye of Mrs Hodkinson from the Women’s Voluntary Service.


In school, they’ve been using their experiences as evacuees to inspire some outstanding pieces of writing.  They have used a range of drama strategies to further explore the thoughts and feelings that evacuees must have experienced and wrote postcards home as well as their own pieces of poetry to convey the emotions of both the evacuees themselves and their parents waving goodbye at the train station.  We’re now planning our own war diaries to further document our experiences!


In Year 6 the children have enjoyed an action packed day at the Anderton Centre where they spent the morning having fun with archery and took on the challenge of the ‘crate stack.’  In the afternoon they then enjoyed some paddle boarding before returning to school for a much needed feast of pizza, burgers and hot dogs!  They have also been working hard calculating angles in Math's and writing descriptions using a range grammar techniques.

It has been a busy week in school and the children have enjoyed a range of learning activities again this week.


In Nursery, the children have been learning all about Bees. They have been finding out about pollination, what bees make and learning about different textures. They have made their own book all about bees, made toast with honey and have been reading ‘That’s not my Bee.’ They have finished off the week by having a minibeast party. They've had lots of fun!


In Reception this week, the children have been learning about addition and have been using the addition bus to add two numbers together. They have also been making minibeast rocks following on from their minibeast hunt and making minibeasts in the playdough. In Literacy, the children have been recalling their phonics sounds. They have also been completing a recount of their minibeast hunt and have writing sentences to describe what minibeasts are like.


In Year 1, the children have had a fun end to the week and this half term. They have been completing a series of Commando Joe missions, so teamwork has been the key! The children have had to work in teams and co-operate to solve a range of problems set out in their mission. They really enjoyed it!


In Year 2, the children have enjoyed their dance session with Millie. In Maths, they have been learning to tell the time. In Science the children have been learning about the different parts of a plant and Sophia was so excited that she brought her honeysuckle plant, that she has grown from a berry, in to class to share with her peers.


In Year 3 this week, the children have been learning about time in Maths. They have been reading the time on an analogue clock and have been recapping reading o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.

In English, the children have been writing instructions for making the sandwiches that they have designed. Today in class, they are going to be making the sandwiches, but due to the rain we have had to cancel their picnic in the park.

In Geography and ICT, the children have been creating their own fact posters on Volcanoes and making their own volcanoes.


In Year 4, the children have continued their “Witches and Wizards” topic in Literacy by reading “The Wizard” by Jack Prelutsky. They have been using the text to inspire their own narrative writing this week, employing a wide range of sentence types to entertain the reader. In Maths, the children continued to develop their understanding of money, focusing on subtracting amounts and giving correct change. In Science, the children enjoyed an outdoor hunt for invertebrates, and were able to use a classification key to identify the plethora of creepy-crawlies they brought back with them into the classroom.


It’s been a magical week in Year 5 as the children have answered a request from renowned sorcerer Abdul Kazam to help update his range of spells. After brainstorming their ideas, the children planned and wrote sets of instructions for a whole host of extraordinary and enchanting spells that are sure to impress magic show audiences of all ages. By combining a range of literary techniques and using some spellbinding vocabulary, our talented Year 5 writers have ensured that their instructions are both purposeful and engaging. With a special dash of magic that produced a swirl of intrigue, we even made our own potion bottles to accompany our instructions - we can’t wait to find out which spell Abdul Kazam will choose to add to his collection.


In Maths this week, the children have worked hard on a new unit of work involving decimal numbers. They’ve looked at understanding place value in decimals and also adding and subtracting decimal numbers accurately.


As part of their topic work on WW2, they’ve been using a range of primary and secondary sources to make hypotheses about what life was like during the blitz. This week, the children have been finding out about air raids and how British civilians protected themselves against the German Luftwaffe. We even used the iMovie app and some footage from the time to produce our own Air Raid information video!


In Year 6 this week, the children have been writing persuasive brochures to encourage people to visit their own islands inspired by Norman Messenger’s Neverbelieve. In Maths, the children have been looking at angles and have been problem solving with angles around a point and finding as many angles as they can in geometrical shapes.

In RE, the children have been considering ideas about God and using the Old Testament story ‘Jonah and the Whale’ to consider what answers it gives them about God’s presence.


We hope you have a lovely half term and we will look forward to seeing you on Monday 7th June.

It has been another busy week in school and our children have been working hard as usual.


In Nursery this week the children have been reading another of Eric Carle’s stories, ‘The Very Quiet Cricket.’  The children have enjoyed making their own crickets in the craft area and cutting up, dissolving and setting jelly with crickets stuck inside.  Their music and movement session this week involved moving like mini-beasts, the children enjoyed crawling, sliding, jumping and flying to the ‘Ugly Bug Ball’ music. 

This week they have also had the opportunity to join in with a virtual storytelling performance written and presented by Cassandra Wye.  The story ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ was all about a skunk who wanted to go to the moon and how he could get there.  The children thoroughly enjoyed joining in and performing the actions alongside the story.


In Reception this week, the children have been continuing their work on symmetry in Math's and have decorated biscuits with a symmetrical pattern. They have also been learning about shapes and how they can change their orientation.


In Year 1 this week, the children have completed their Access Art topic for this half term based on the theme of creating birds. The children have had lots of fun, firstly completing observational drawings of feathers, then manipulating the wire to create feet and then cutting out their bird shaped body. Finally, the children used their observational drawings of their feathers to collage onto the birds. Look at their photos in the gallery section. Don’t they look amazing!


What a week we have had in Year 2! The children have been learning so many different things. In RE, they have been role-playing the parable of ‘The Good Samaritan’ and have discussed in detail why it is important as Christians that we care and love our neighbour's.  In Dance, the children got to flex some more of their street dance moves whilst also completing some team building games. In Geography, the children have used videos, pictures and the iPads to research facts about Kenya. They have created some very detailed fact files!  


In Year 3, in Math's this week, the children have been ordering and comparing fractions. In English, they have been doing some descriptive writing of Sarah and Louis the characters from the class text ‘The Day Louis Got Eaten.’ In Geography, the children have been labelling the parts of a volcano and in ICT, they have been looking at completing some work on our Century programme. In Science, the children have been looking at the North and South pole of a magnet and location magnetic and non-magnetic materials.


In Year 4, the children have used the detailed plans they made last week to structure their explanation text writing in Literacy. They have been focusing on writing in a formal, impersonal style while using a wide range of sentence types. In Math's, the children have been learning about money; using their previous decimal knowledge to work with pounds and pence while adding and ordering different amounts. The children enjoyed their RE work this week as they compared the Beatitudes to the Ten Commandments, and discussed which of these golden rules are still most relevant to us today. In Science, Year 4 classified vertebrates using a classification key.


In Year 5, in their English lessons this week, the children have been using their innovative plans to write their sequels to ‘Leon And The Place Between’. As they wrote their stories, they included a range of different grammatical skills such as: relative clauses, fronted adverbials, dialogue and parenthesis. They also included a range of figurative language techniques to create powerful imagery for the reader. They are all really proud of the stories they have created and they make riveting reads.

In Math's, they’ve been continuing to develop their understanding of decimals and they have specifically explored rounding, comparing and ordering them. Towards the end of the week, the children began to explore percentages and the link between percentages, decimals and fractions. They have shown a great understanding of this and loved completing the activities on their iPads.

In History, the children continued to develop their understanding of WW2. Looking at the places which were bombed during WW2, they considered why these places had been bombed. They used the iPads to label the places which were bombed and some children have created a heat map to show which places were bombed most frequently.


In Year 6 this week, the children have continued exploring 'The Land of Neverbelieve' and their journey began on Monday with a request for assistance from the renowned explorer, Norman Messenger. In response to Mr Messenger’s request, the children planned and wrote formal application letters to become guardians of the island. It was necessary to consider the attributes they would need to fulfil such a unique role and they had to think carefully about how they could persuade Mr Messenger that they have what it takes to maintain and protect the remarkable natural landscape of Neverbelieve.

In true intrepid explorer fashion, they’ve also been honing their geographical mapping skills this week by learning how to use six-digit grid references to locate key points on a map. The children will definitely be prepared for their  expedition to Neverbelieve when the time comes!


Have a lovely weekend!

We hope you enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend. We have had another busy week in school.


In Nursery, the children have been reading ‘The Very Busy Spider’ by Eric Carle and have been developing their fine motor skills by designing their own spiders webs and investigating why a spider doesn’t stick to its web. The children thoroughly enjoyed this investigation and have talked so much about it this week. They have also written their own busy spider books and chose the animals they wanted in their story.


In Reception this week, the children have been learning about symmetry. They have been making butterflies to demonstrate symmetrical patterns. They have also been writing about ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and making their own hungry caterpillars.


In Year 1, the children have been completing their Healthy Schools week. This has included work on people who are special to us, feelings and how to deal with good and bad secrets.


In Year 2 this week, the children have really got into the swing of things with their class iPads. They have been completing their Numeracy and some of their Literacy work on the Seesaw app and the children have loved developing their computing skills at the same time. Parents have also enjoyed being able to see their child’s daily learning journey. 

The children have had lots of fun playing with the parachutes at dinner time as you can see by the huge smiles on our faces.  


In Year 3, the children have been finding fractions of numbers and finding equivalent fractions in Maths. In English, they have been writing their non-chronological reports based on our monsters and these are fantastic!

In Geography, the children have been locating the ring of fire and locating active volcanoes and in ICT they have been using Century, our new online learning platform. The children have also been proud to receive lots of certificates this week.


In Year 4 this week, the children watched a clip of ‘Room on the Broom’ to inspire their writing. They have begun planning an explanation text about how to ride broomsticks in preparation for their written task next week. In Maths, the children have been learning to order, round and learn the decimal equivalents of fractions. All the children enjoyed their topic work this week as they matched pairs of facts about Roman gods and goddesses; they even found time to begin making their Roman god ‘top trump’ cards too.


In our English lessons this week, Year 5 have added the final touches to their innovative story plans and written the opening section of their sequels to Leon and The Place Between. They are about to take their characters on a fantastical journey into the place where magic takes you…anyone can visit The Place Between, well…anyone who believes! The children have been working hard to hone their grammatical skills so that they can vary their sentence structures, use fronted adverbials and include dialogue to advance the action – all of which will make their stories a riveting read!

In Maths, they’ve been learning all about decimals and exploring how to convert them into fractions and vice versa – there’ve been some tricky questions but our Year 5s have risen to the challenge and used their reasoning skills to make links, spot patterns and explain their findings. The children have thoroughly enjoyed using the iPads to complete their Maths work too!

Both Operation Dynamo and the Battle of Britain were key events that took place in the first year of WW2 and the children have been using their historical skills of enquiry and a combination of primary and secondary sources to discover why they were such pivotal moments. They have also listened to Churchill’s rousing ‘We shall fight them on the beaches’ speech and discussed both its’ purpose and impact on the morale of the British public.  


This week in Year 6, the children have been revisiting their class text – The Land of Neverbelieve – only this time, they have been creatively inventing their own island full of wondrous and spellbinding animals and trees. All children have been excellently engaged in inventing and documenting their new species (do we hear science links?!) and considering how their fantastical islands function. In Maths, everything has been circular, did you know there are at least 7 parts to a circle? Well, hopefully Year 6 do know this now and are able to name and label. Aside from this, surveys and representing data in the form of pie charts means a multitude of skills are being revisited – from angles to percentages to fractions.

In RE, their recounts of Old Testament Biblical stories such as Abraham, are adding to their Idea About God.

As this is Miss Harding’s last week in Year 6 she wanted to say “I am so proud of each and every child in class – they have truly faced challenges never seen by other year groups and the response I have had from both children and parents has been nothing short of amazing! It has really kept me motivated. I will miss this class greatly; we have had laughs aplenty and I am confident of them all doing very well next year at secondary. Take care, Miss H 😊”.


We would all like to send Miss Harding and Chris our very best wishes for the birth of their baby boy.

This week the children have been taking part in Healthy Schools Week and children in Year 1 to Year 6 have been following the activities from the Tameside SRE curriculum. This has involved three areas of learning: Health & Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World. Please see our Gallery for further information about what the children have been learning.


In Nursery this week, the children have continued with their topic ‘In the Garden’ and have been sorting minibeasts into two groups. They have also read the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and have been counting and matching the fruit that the caterpillar ate each day. They had lots of fun with our new printing wheels!


This week in Reception, the children have been continuing their work on ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and have been making caterpillar masks, making a caterpillar by counting 10 beads on to their bead string and writing about the story. They have also used the puppet theatre to retell the story. In Numeracy the children have been looking at numbers beyond 10 and using Numicon to represent each number.


Our Year 1 children have been busy learning from home this week and they have been reinforcing their work on multiplication in Maths. In Literacy, they have looked at the story ‘How Butterflies Came to Be’ which focused on superlative adjectives. They have also been working on their Phase 5 phonics skills. In Geography, the children have been looking at locating countries in the UK. They have also been looking at different forms of transport in London and which of these are environmentally friendly.


In Year 2 this week, the children have been very busy completing assessments in Reading and Numeracy. The children have done so well, and it has really shown how hard they have worked during lockdown. We are thrilled with the results! During their handwriting sessions this week, the children have been completing a variety of gross motor balances, some of which they found very tricky! We have also been using the iPads to complete our discovery coding, there are some budding coders in the making.  


This week in Year 3, the children had another brilliant swimming lesson on Monday and enjoyed playing rounders in PE with Hayley. In Math's, they have been placing fractions on a number line and finding fractions of amounts. In Literacy, the children have been designing their own creature to write a non-chronological report next week. As part of Healthy Schools Week they have also been discussing how to stay safe online and recognising the early warning signs that their body might show when they feel unsafe. In Music, the children have really enjoyed playing the glockenspiel and xylophone.


In Year 4 this week, the children have planned and written an explanation for ‘How a wand works’ in Literacy. They included features such as: headings, subheadings, fronted adverbials and even experimented with using a thesaurus. They are looking forward to using their wands correctly after writing and re-reading these explanations.


As part of Healthy Schools Week, the children drew around themselves to create life size versions of male and females. They then drew and labelled the changes that happen during puberty. We had some interesting conversations about our siblings and the changes they had seen in them. The children also learned about the rights of a child, bullying and were able to write a recipe for a friendship pie.


In science, the children began their topic on ‘Animals and their habitats’. They were able to sort animals by observable features into Venn diagrams.


In Year 5, we’ve used Healthy Schools Week as an opportunity to discuss how our bodies will change as we experience puberty. The children have accessed a range of resources and asked lots of questions about what to expect.


Year 5 have also been delving further into the magical world of ‘Leon and The Place Between’ in their English lessons and have used a whole host of descriptive writing techniques to describe the one and only Abdul Kazam. This larger-than-life sorcerer provided the perfect opportunity for our Year 5's to showcase their phenomenal writing skills and dazzle their readers with ambitious vocabulary and sophisticated figurative language – we certainly have a few budding authors in our ranks! In our Guided Reading sessions, the children have been enjoying their new historical novel: "Letters from the Lighthouse". The children have been making predictions about potential plot twists and love the fact that it’s set during WW2 – what a great way to learn even more about our current topic!


Year 6 began this week with a set of assessments following the cancellation of National SATs, we felt it was still important for the children to experience the ‘set up’ of formal assessments. We are mega impressed at how hard all the children have worked this week – the discipline and how serious they have taken their learning shows just how ready these children are in thinking about their next educational steps. The class have produced some amazing outcomes and each and every one of them should be extremely proud.


Alongside the assessments, the children have also been visiting the SRE curriculum where they have been learning all about how their body’s change during puberty and some extremely valuable lessons about online safety, the meaning of love and their general health and well-being. Top quality discussions have taken place all week with laughs aplenty – bottom line, all children participated in a very pleasing manner and we are sure they have all learnt lots of new things to take forwards.


We hope that you enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

It has been lovely to welcome everybody back to school this week and we hope you have all had a good Easter and enjoyed the sunshine.


In Nursery this week, the children have been excited about their new topic ‘In the Garden.’ They have been looking at the minibeasts they might find in the garden and counting the correct number of minibeasts to place on the numbered leaves. They have also enjoyed exploring the different areas of learning in their classroom that are all linked to their new topic.


In Reception, the children have also been very excited to start their new topic ‘In the Garden’ and have been reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’ They have been learning about 3d shapes in Maths.


On Thursday, Year 1 started their new Access Art project linked to this half term’s theme where the children will be looking at birds and creating 3D birds. The children began their unit of work by completing observational drawings of feathers. They used different drawing materials to complete their drawings and there were some fabulous outcomes.


Wow Y2! What a week! This week the children have been very busy learning how to measure using a ruler, locating countries and continents with atlases, exploring the school grounds to look for wild flowers and using the iPads to complete our coding unit.  


Y3 have had a great first week back at school. On Monday they had their first swimming session at Copley, which they all loved! In Maths, the children have been working on fractions and in Literacy, they have been looking at the story 'The Day Louis got Eaten’ by John Fardell. The children have been describing the setting, asking the characters questions and retelling the story. They have also created an author review of other books by John Fardell. In Geography, they have been looking at the different layers of the earth and in PE with Lianne, our Sports Coach, the children have enjoyed their first Cheerleading session.


This week, Year 4 began their literacy topic on ‘Wizardology’. They made their own wands out of sticks so that they could cast spells. After receiving a letter from Professor Hogweed, the children had to make a potion to help him turn invisible. They really did make the potion! They had great fun handling black widow spider webs, bat tongues, toe of frog, eye of newt and other wizardly ingredients. They even made the potion bubble and froth. The children then wrote instructions for the Professor to follow. Year 4 have shared all of their work on seesaw this week because our iPads are now up and running. Whoopee! In Maths, the children have looked at decimals and completed their task sheets on the iPads. The children have been amazing with the new technology and Apps and have even taught the teachers a thing or two. In Science, the children have made their own water cycle wheel and had great fun singing the Go Noodle water cycle song. To finish off the week, Year 4 have researched Hadrian’s wall; they have recalled and written their favourite facts on bricks and made their very own Hadrian’s wall to keep out those pesky Picts.


There’s been magic in the air this week in Year 5 and it’s safe to say they’ve had a thoroughly enjoyable start to the Summer term. The week began with a mysteriously cryptic task when the children were asked to write a persuasive text encouraging people to attend a magic show. Our Year 5's rose to the challenge, using every persuasive skill at their disposal to produce some outstanding texts and earn themselves a ticket to a spellbinding showcase the very next day. With tickets at the ready, the children entered the classroom on Tuesday to find that it had been transformed into a dark stage lit by a single spotlight and complete with a whole host of treats to stimulate the senses, including candy floss and popcorn, atmospheric music and an array of magic tricks. Following the show, our new class text was revealed, a magical tale filled with fantasy and intrigue: Leon and The Place Between!


We’ve also been busy launching our new topic this week: World War Two. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about Air Raid Shelters in the holidays and we’ve been blown away by some of their models - the attention to detail is simply exquisite and we’re very proud of their efforts. This week has also seen the return of the Wondrous Book Club and the children were thrilled to receive another brand-new text to explore!


Year 6 have settled back into the swing of things tremendously well this week and even had a visit from our resident author David Mason who, on Monday, spent an entire day bringing out the class’s creative flair. This has led to some fantastically strong pieces of literacy. I can categorically confirm that we have experienced some of the strongest writing ever seen from this class! So proud! We have also started a number of new topics – Electricity in science, Ideas about God in RE, and some practical mapping skills in Geography. Make sure you have a read of the new overview, published on the Year 6 class page to keep up to date with what we are up to.

What a busy week! The children have all been learning about Easter and we have celebrated the Easter story through our special Easter Service held socially distanced in the playground. It was so lovely to be altogether to celebrate this special service. Father David and Father Ian joined us and our Year 6 led the service with their fantastic readings of the key events of this special story.


The children have also enjoyed our Easter raffle and Easter Bingo and many children won Easter treats and eggs. The children have also had a visit from the Easter bunny!


In Nursery this week, the children have been continuing their Easter and Spring themes and the highlight this week has been their Easter Bonnet parade. There have been some fantastic Easter bonnets as you will be able to see from our photo gallery this week.


This week in Reception, the children have been creating their own Easter gardens and enjoying an Easter egg race and Easter egg hunt. They have also been developing their Numeracy skills and adding two numbers to 10 using Numicon. 


In Year 1 this week, the children have followed on from last week’s work and have been busy writing instructions for ‘How to make an Easter card’. They have also designed an Easter Garden using symbols of Easter.


This week in Year 2, the children were really excited to receive and open their new iPads and are looking forward to using these for their learning after the holidays.


In Year 3 this week, the children have enjoyed their Stone Age day. They came dressed as children from this period in History and enjoyed a range of activities including making Stone Age necklaces. They have also had a visit from Miss Hamlett’s dogs, Treacle and Oscar who have been promising to visit since September!


In Year 4, the children started off this week by unboxing and using their new iPads and pens. We took great delight in viewing the children’s work on google classroom. Who knew the teacher could lock your ipad! I think some parents would appreciate this feature. Our Maths focus has been decimals and the children were superb at dividing 1 digit and 2 digit numbers by ten. The children have finished their Escape from Pompeii diary entries and turned these into scrolls. They have also made Easter cards, played Easter Bingo and won Easter gifts in the raffle this week.


It’s been an eggciting final few days of the Spring term in Year 5. Our week began with a staggering surprise as the children entered the classroom to find brand new iPads, cases and stylus’ waiting for them in their places. They were each tasked with unpacking their own iPad and setting them up before exploring some of the features that will help us with our learning. We’ve already been using the Notes App to record our thoughts and instantly share them with our peers as well as embarking on a new Rainforest-inspired Apple Clips project.


Wellbeing Wednesday was a hit once again in Year 5; the children thoroughly enjoyed getting crafty during our screen-free afternoon session. They used the time to produce some 3D Easter cards and there were some brilliantly creative results. On Thursday morning, the children were delighted to find that the Easter bunny had visited and left us some eggstra special chocolatey treats and then the term was rounded off nicely with two rounds of Zoom Easter Bingo in the afternoon…Happy Easter everyone!


This week, Year 6 have been recounting the wondrous Land of Neverbelieve – an island discovered on their latest travel. Acting as naturalists, they have used their research skills to entertain and display their amazing writing capabilities. Through the use of carefully considered punctuation and vocabulary, the class are in the midst of writing some of their best work yet! In ICT, a culmination of this term’s coding unit has seen the likes of our computer programmers, I mean, students, create ‘Pong’ games – one and two player. Next half term, they are going to be looking at ways of advertising, marketing and selling their games as part of an enterprising/entrepreneurial task. This should be interesting…


It has been another busy and fun half term. Happy Easter! Have a lovely holiday and we will look forward to seeing everybody on Monday 19th April.


This week we have certainly started to see the first signs of spring and lots of classes have started to think about the events of the Easter story.


In Nursery this week, the children have been looking at frogspawn and the life cycle of a frog. They have been sequencing pictures to describe this life cycle. The children have also been finding out about Easter and have used printing techniques to make an Easter egg picture and created their own Easter bunny. 


This week in Reception, the children have been looking for signs of spring. They have seen the bulbs and flowers starting to grow and the blossom on the trees. The children have enjoyed creating observational paintings of the signs of spring and have been looking at our frog spawn to see what changes they could see.


In Year 1 this week, the children have been focusing on Easter and on Thursday they enjoyed making their Easter cards. Next week the children are going to use their Literacy sessions to write instructions on how to make an Easter card so they can follow them and make one of their own at home.


In Year 2 this week, the children have been honing their dribbling skills using a basketball. They have found this slightly more difficult than they imagined but by the end of the lesson their skills had improved significantly.


In Year 3, the children have enjoyed practising their throwing and catching skills during their PE lesson. They have also completed their daily mile in sunshine this week, which was great fun! They have continued their work on fractions and have been finding equivalent fractions to 1/2. During Spanish the children have been creating a learning wheel of everything we have been studying since September. They have been working very hard with their handwriting this week during our handwriting sessions and in RE we have looked at the events of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.



In Literacy, Year 4 have completed story maps to retell the narrative 'Escape to Pompeii.' They then posted their work on Seesaw and recorded their talk for writing. They then used the story maps to help write a diary entry from AD 79 and retold the story in first person. Their recounts of the eruption were really quite gruesome. In Science this week, they looked at evaporation, melting and condensation and the 3 states of matter : solid, liquid and gas. The children completed their own fair investigation on how to make ice melt fastest. In Maths, everyone has excelled with decimals and used manipulatives to represent tenths and hundredths and can show these as fractions and decimals.


It’s been another busy week in Year 5 and the children have thoroughly enjoyed delving deeper into the world of Twisted Fairytales. An anonymous letter arrived early on Monday along with a brand-new tale for us to explore: The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig. The children have loved working their way through this re-imagined classic and have been reflecting on the story by writing informal diary entries for some of the characters. The children then used Apple Clips and some rather hilarious memoji faces to record their diary entries in role as one of the helpless wolves or the brutal and menacing Big bad Pig.


In order to mark the National Day of Reflection this week, the children took some time out of their routine to reflect on the events of the past year. They created colourful lotus flowers with each petal symbolising a reflection and the centre detailing their hopes for the days to come. After coating their flowers with wax crayon, folding them up and letting them float on water, the children marvelled as they spontaneously opened before their eyes and revealed their reflections and hopes for the future to their friends.


When Year 6 first set foot on the island, they were immediately spellbound. There could be nowhere else on earth quite like this…

Year 6 have started to read a new text – The Land of Neverbelieve has been a topic of many a conversation this week. The children have been introduced to the island and have been working in mixed ability groups all week to research the many wondrous species and places and to educate and inform one another of their research findings. Lots of work has been done on their oracy and confidence skills with presenting and there have had been some fantastic outcomes of children learning from children. Next week, their recount writing will feature a fictional visitation and exploration of the island.

In Maths, curriculum coverage has moved onto Ratio and Year 6 will be looking at how ratio links with all other areas studied at KS2. In Science, we are continuing our light topic – looking at refraction and the colour spectrum and in topic, (typical Miss Harding) more maths has been on the cards – this time the Mayan Number System. We are also really looking forward to lots of Easter themed activities in the remaining days of Spring Term.


Please remember next week we will be drawing our Easter raffle and the children will be taking part in our annual Easter Bingo. Please see our Newsletter for further details. Have a lovely weekend!


Following our successful Science Week last week, the children have been busy learning and enjoying their time with their friends as they settle back into school routines.


In Nursery this week, the children have been reading the story of ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk.’ They have enjoyed a range of activities based on the story, including planting beans, sequencing the story using pictures, playing in the role play area pretending to be florists and creating their own beanstalks.


In Reception this week, the children have been ordering numbers to 10 using numicon. They have also been making a rain cloud in a jar as part of their Science Week learning.


In Year 1, the children have been looking at spirals as part of our Art club. They started with a drawing exercise using their whole bodies introducing the idea that drawing can be physical and develops co-ordination and introducing scale. This was followed up by drawing spiral snails and exploring colour and colour mixing.


In Year 2, the children have had an exciting week! On Monday when they came into school, the children found dinosaurs on their chairs in class and a book entitled ‘Captain Flynn and the Pirate Dinosaurs.’ They also found a pirate ship. They have read the story and then used iPads and the Seesaw app to take a photograph of the first page of the story and then used their inference skills to highlight key parts of the text that describe the character. They have also enjoyed making their own dinosaurs out of plasticine.


In Year 3, the children have enjoyed their Spanish lesson this week where they have been learning the vocabulary for pets. They have also been using dictionaries to find the meanings of some of the Year 3 and 4 common exception words. In Science, the children have enjoyed making lava lamps to investigate the density of gases.


This week, Year 4 have started the historical text “Escape from Pompeii”. They have identified sensory descriptions, collected and used powerful verbs and successfully described what happened during the earthquake. They wrote, rehearsed and performed their own poem, demonstrating the "Rumbling, tumbling" onomatopoeic language of the song-poem in the text. In Maths, the children have continued to practically apply their knowledge of fractions to find unit fractions and non-unit fractions of quantities. In topic, the children have been designing the Roman shields they will make and evaluate next week.


This week in Year 5, the children have continued their investigation into the case of the Three Little Pigs and worked their way towards a verdict: guilty or not guilty? By writing detailed and well-researched balanced arguments, they decided whether they thought the defendants should be imprisoned for boiling the Big Bad Wolf alive in their cooking pot or whether their defence was strong enough to reach an innocent verdict. They then made their own placards and took part in a protest complete with some hearty chanting and some cracking slogans, including: ‘wake up and smell the bacon’ and even ‘justice for the free little pigs’. Their discussions surrounding the trial came to a final conclusion with a spirited debate adhering to the rules that govern the Houses of Parliament. The children delivered persuasive speeches and argued their stance confidently and passionately – it’s safe to say, we may have a future Prime minister amongst our ranks!


The children have also been working hard to develop their understanding of fractions this week and it has been lovely to see the children growing in confidence as they’ve mastered some tricky vocabulary and applied their knowledge to increasingly more complex problems. In topic, they launched their new unit of work on the Amazon Rainforest by using the website ‘Mentimeter’ along with the iPads to share their knowledge and establish lines of enquiry in a collaborative and innovative way – they can’t wait to find answers to all of their thought-provoking questions!


Investigators, innovators, scientists, inquiry seekers, mathematically minded are just a few of the adjectives that could be used to describe Year 6 this week. Submitting their science week homework has been a massive eye-opener into the creativity and spirit of our class – the ‘Medidrone’, the ‘Shampooch’, and not least the turbo powered toothbrush was just a few of the wonderfully ingenious inventions they came up with (James Dyson would be proud!). Continuing with our inquisitive learning this week – the children have had the chance to investigate mathematical formulas of 2D shapes using their prior knowledge on both shape, measure, and algebra; it seems we are developing a bunch of very analytical and deep thinkers here in Year 6. Aside from their cross curricular literacy biographies on Thomas Edison, being completed, the children are settling back well into the frame of mind required for those final few months of primary!


We have some exciting Easter activities coming up before the end of term so please see our Newsletter for further details.


Please visit the Video Centre to watch our World Book Day video.

What a fantastic week we have had in school! Firstly, we were excited to welcome everyone back to school on Monday and all the children were happy to see their friends and be back learning together.


This week we have celebrated National Science and Engineering Week and this year’s theme has been ‘Innovating for the Future.’ The children have enjoyed finding out about famous scientists including Thomas Edison, Dr Jane Goodall, Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Macintosh. They have all enjoyed some exciting experiments or a scientific enquiry activity throughout the week and you will see how much they have enjoyed it when you look at the photographs above. The children have also been creating posters for the National Science and Engineering Week competition as part of their homework this week. It has been an amazing week!


In Reception this week, the children have been reading ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’ They have then planted their own seeds and are looking forward to watching them grow. In Math's they have enjoyed using nonstandard units to measure lots of different things.


In Year 1, the children have been continuing with the work introduced on World Book Day and have been looking at the text ‘Not A Stick’ by Antoinette Portis. The children have used their roleplay ideas with their sticks to create pictures using smaller sticks. 


In Year 2, the children experienced awe and wonder during their scientific experiments for Science Week. They watched the chemical reaction that occurred when they added vinegar to bicarbonate of soda and were amazed by what they saw!


In Year 3 the children have enjoyed researching Sir Isaac Newton as part of Science Week and have used the Keynote app to create their own presentations about him.  They have welcomed Senor Taylor back to class for their Spanish lesson this week where they were learning vocabulary for colours. The children had a welcome back party and enjoyed playing games with their friends. They have also been looking at different prehistoric creatures as part of their Stone Age topic in History and in PE, they have been learning to play Tennis and having lots of fun!


This week, the class have received an email from Manfred, from the story ‘Manfred the Baddie,’ asking them to help him find his bag that he lost in our playground. The children had great fun finding the bag and exploring what was in it. We then wrote a letter back to Manfred.


This week Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed Science week! They have researched Thomas Edison and his famous inventions, including the light bulb. They have made Clicker books to record his biography. The children then followed instructions to make their own torch out of household items. Their science investigation involved fizzy drinks and they investigated if gas has weight. The children had great fun shaking the drinks to make them go flat, comparing the weights of each drink before and after shaking. To finish science week, the children have looked at Wallace and Gromit's cracking contraptions manual and designed their own invention to change the world for the better.


In Year 5 this week, the children have thoroughly enjoyed Science Week, which they’ve linked to their rainforest topic. It began with a research project to find out about an inspirational scientist, Dr Jane Goodall. They have discovered that Dr Goodall made groundbreaking discoveries about humankind’s closest living relatives, she then made it her life’s work to teach the world about the urgent need to protect chimpanzees from extinction! The children have also been exploring how the Rainforest is such an important part of The Water Cycle; they investigated each stage of The Water Cycle and experimented with creating their own mini versions of this natural phenomena inside a bowl and a bottle.


In English this week, the children have immersed themselves into a new unit of work: Twisted Fairy Tales. They have used drama to retell the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ before exploring a unique alternative ending and writing their own balanced arguments to consider whether the pigs were actually wrong to boil the Big Bad Wolf alive! They are looking forward to holding a live debate next week to propose their arguments and make a final verdict…will it be a case of happily ever after for those three little pigs? It’s up to Year 5 to decide!


Year 6 have really enjoyed Science Week this week – cross curricular the name of the game. The children have been researching Thomas Edison using ICT methods. Honing their oracy skills by presenting their findings, the children have now begun to write a biographical piece in literacy. Aside from this, opportunities were presented this week to allow the children to apply some of their prior knowledge from their most recent home-based learning on light, into a scientific and mathematical enquiry which not only proved exciting but also a challenge! The children were asked to devise a contraption which would enable them to see round corners – minimal instructions and maximum problem-solving mindsets galore! Some great inventions were had.

We hope the children have enjoyed their first week back and we hope that families have been able to return to some sort of ‘normal’ as we look to better times ahead.


What a fun and exciting time we have this week. We have learned about Fairtrade by watching videos about this year’s theme ‘Climate, Fairtrade and You.’ The children have considered what they can do to make a difference to our climate and have completed activities around this theme.


On Thursday 4th March we celebrated World Book Day. All children were asked to make their favourite book character using a potato and we have been very impressed with the imagination and creativity that many of you have shown. There are some amazing creations including Mr Tickle, The Gruffalo, Fantastic Mr Fox, Peppa Pig, Paddington Bear to name a few. Have a look at our photos above and see which is your favourite!


The children have also enjoyed online story telling sessions including ‘Arabian Nights’ and a special Storytime session with their class teachers over zoom. We hope you have all enjoyed the day. Don’t forget if you haven’t received your World Book Day treat from school you will be able to get this on Monday.


In Nursery this week, the children celebrated World Book Day by coming dressed as a character from the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ and our photos this week will show you just how much they loved it!


In Reception this week, the children have been continuing with their number work and have been fishing for numbers in our outdoor area. They have also been making potato book characters including Elmer, the Gruffalo and the Mermaid Fish.


On World Book day in Year 1, the children had lots of fun looking at the text ‘Not a Stick’, by Antoinette Portis. Mrs Moorcroft read the text and shared some of her ideas for what the stick would be. It was a fencing sword, a hairbrush, a handbag and a moustache! The children then had a turn at role playing their own ideas with each other and they finished with a performance from each child acting out what their stick would be. The children had lots of ideas including a lead for a dog, a walking stick, a car, a kangaroo, a unicorn and an armchair. Their next job is to use their ideas and some smaller sticks to create pencil drawings of what their sticks are- just like in the book!


In Year 2 the children have enjoyed making their Fantastic Mr Fox potato characters from the story by Roald Dahl.


In Year 3 this week, the children have been learning about perimeter in Maths and have been finding the perimeter of different shapes, as well as solving problems involving perimeter in real life contexts. They have also been very active this week as part of their PE sessions and have completed the HIIT Fitness Bingo as well as playing tennis.


In Year 4 the children have been completing an analysis of the poem ‘The Listeners’ by Walter de la Mare. They answered questions about the poem, looked at language and structure and performed the poem with actions. In Numeracy this week, the children have focused on counting in fractions, addition of fractions and converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. As part of their Romans topic, the children used their Design & Technology skills to create their own mosaics. Wellbeing Wednesday afternoon was another huge success. The children have participated in Fairtrade Fortnight and have completed a range of activities and discussed the possibly of us purchasing Fairtrade uniforms for schools. For World Book Day, the children completed a range of activities and made some fantastic potato book characters at home. Well done mums, dads and grandparents for your help! The children received a fantastic book pack from school so we hope you have enjoyed that.


This week in Year 5, the children have enjoyed a spellbinding World Book Day! Their celebration of books began with a special delivery as they entered the classroom to find Hogwarts acceptance letters in their places as well as tickets to board the Hogwarts Express on Platform 9 ¾. The post was accompanied by servings of Owl Poo too (don’t worry, they were just chocolate raisins!). After reading an excerpt from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the children then each had the opportunity to don the Sorting Hat and discover which house they belong too! Once sorted, we teamed up with our new housemates to find out what makes Gryffindors so great, why Hufflepuffs are true heroes, what makes Ravenclaw the most intelligent house in Hogwarts and why Slytherins are so selfishly sly – just kidding, not all Slytherins are bad! The children then used all of their ideas to write some persuasive texts encouraging new students to join their houses, even Hermione Grainger would be impressed with the quality of our writing.


In Year 6 this week the children have had great fun in class making their potato book characters for World Book Day. Children at home also completed their potato characters – we had Nemo, Minions and the BFG to name a few – all of which were truly brilliant. The children have also been participating in Fairtrade Fortnight and have been considering the things most important to them and differentiating between ‘wants’ and ‘needs.’ They have also concentrated hard on their mental and physical health, culminating in a non-chronological report about the ways in which they can help themselves, tips and strategies to use and take forwards. In Maths, measurement has been the name of the game – lots of application of prior skills have been displayed this week. And in topic, our home learners have produced some amazing information sheets about Maya religion – rituals and Gods.


We are looking forward to having all children back in school next week. Have a lovely weekend!

Welcome back! I hope you have had a good rest over half term and been able to relax and enjoy the outdoors.


We were all thrilled to hear the announcement on Monday that all children will be returning to school on Monday 8th March and we look forward to welcoming you all back then.


In Nursery this week the children have been enjoying learning about Chinese New Year. They have been dressing in traditional Chinese clothes, watching videos of Chinese drumming and making their own Chinese drum.


In Reception, the children have been learning about the number 6 and have been using Numicon and counters to show 6. On Wellbeing Wednesday, the children enjoyed some mindfulness colouring.


In Year 1 the children have finished writing their stories about ‘Snail.’ The children thought carefully about sharing the moods within the story. Their stories then included thoughts and feelings, appearance, setting and actions.  The children really enjoyed sharing and reading their stories to each other.


In Year 2 the children have enjoyed another Wellbeing Wednesday afternoon where they have been learning origami skills and making chatterpixs.


In Year 3 this week, the children were pleased to welcome Mr Jepson back into school for their Music lesson and the children enjoyed playing a range of percussion instruments. Well done Mia for being our Music Star of the Week! The children have also enjoyed their Spanish lesson learning about how to write about their families. On Wellbeing Wednesday, the children enjoyed a range of creative activities including painting and collage.


This week in Year 4 the children have been using their Literacy time to sharpen their VIPERS reading skills, retrieving and inferring information about characters from David Walliams' "The Demon Dentist". In Maths, the children have been looking at equivalent fractions. In Science, everyone enjoyed learning about different states of matter and were able to act out how particles behave differently in solids, liquids and gases out on the playground. The children have also started their Romans History topic by researching where and when the Roman Empire spread, using maps to assist their learning.


In Year 5 this week, the children have been busy identifying the features of non-chronological reports and learning a vast array of ambitious vocabulary to spice up their writing. They then brushed up on their research skills to discover everything they could about tigers and a whole host of other Rainforest critters in preparation to pen our own non-chronological reports.

Wellbeing Wednesday was a hit once again in Year 5! Home learners switched off their screens and enjoyed taking some time for themselves, they read some of their favourite books, ate some delicious treats and paid compliments to members of their family. In school, we made some Potter-tastic origami howlers complete with hilarious hidden letters. The children thoroughly enjoyed performing their howlers much to the amusement of their friends and teachers!


Year 6 have settled excellently into their blended learning environment for this penultimate week of Zoom and Seesaw led activities. In Maths, the children have continued to tackle the topic of algebra and in English they have started a brand-new piece of writing where they are thinking about how to maintain both their physical and mental wellbeing, thoroughly researching our topic before commencing the writing process of producing a non-chronological report. Science learning has moved onto light; in History, the children are looking at the ancient civilisation of the Mayans and our RE topic this half term is studying the events leading up to the Crucifixion in the run up to Easter.

It’s been another busy week! Everybody has been working hard in school and at home.


This week in Nursery the children have been learning all about the Planets in our Solar System. Their favourite planet is Neptune because it is blue and icy and the furthest from the sun. The children have enjoyed making planet biscuits! They have also been learning about Valentine’s Day and talking about who is special to them and who they love.


This week in Reception, the children have been learning about Chinese New Year. They have been tasting traditional Chinese food and making Chinese lanterns. They have also been leaning about Valentine’s Day and making Valentines hats and cards. They thoroughly enjoyed making pancakes in preparation for Shrove Tuesday next week.


The children in Year 1 have been enjoying their Geography sessions. They have been recording the weather and have made a rain gauge to measure and record the rainfall. During this week’s Wellbeing Wednesday afternoon, the children had fun making some marshmallow hearts.


In Year 2 this week the children have been learning about Shape in Maths and have been making 3D shapes. On Wellbeing Wednesday afternoon, the children enjoyed making a den and watching a film.


In Year 3 this week, the children have enjoyed their Spanish lesson where they were learning how to talk and write about their families. They have also been designing their own Greek vase as part of their topic about Ancient Greece. They enjoyed their wellbeing Wednesday afternoon by doing some gymnastics with Lianne.


This week, Year 4 continued their Sound topic in Science and made string telephones to investigate how sound vibrations travel and deciphered secret messages. They also used tuning forks to show vibrations in water. To finish off their RE topic on Christianity, the children looked at special items common to a church and what they are used for. During Wellness Wednesday, the children completed timed Lego challenges and made stained-glass volcanoes out of cellophane. Home learners submitted some brilliant work including a persuasive letter, geography case studies of the Tohuku earthquake and showed amazing understanding of fractions in Maths.


In Year 5, the children have delighted us once again throughout another busy week with their commitment to learning both at home and in school. Our new English unit has seen us delving into the works of Benjamin Zepheniah and focusing on one of his most famous poems: "The British". The children have explored Zepheniah’s purpose for the poem, his use of language and the structure of his work, which was in the style of a recipe! They then used what they’d learnt to plan and write their own recipe poems based on our very own Micklehurst community – the results were simply delicious! The children have also been honing their division skills this week as they’ve learnt and practiced a range of new strategies for dividing increasingly larger integers – they’ve decided that the bus stop method is the most efficient and they’re ready to start applying this knowledge to some increasingly more complex problems and investigations.

On Wednesday, they switched off their screens and enjoyed another afternoon of wellbeing activities! In school, the children continued to work on their landscape art projects as well as taking part in a dance lesson with Lianne whilst the children at home spread kindness by complimenting family members, ate some delicious treats and went on some stunning wintry walks!


We have had so many fantastic examples of hard work sent through by Year 6 over the last 6 weeks, it’s impossible to show everything! We’ve had some beautiful literary descriptions, have written a narrative and this week, a newspaper report across the half term. In Maths, the children are now hitting the difficult ‘stuff’ in the form of algebra where the class have met complex mathematical terms such as expressions, equations and formulas. Science has been looking at how plants and animals change, Geography has focussed on water and climate and in our RE lessons, the children have been studying Humanism. All in all, an extremely busy and well received half term. Well done Year 6 – we are proud as punch!


Thank you to all our families for their hard work and support over the last half term, we know it hasn’t been easy. We hope you have a restful and relaxing half term and let’s hope we see some sunshine so we can all get out in the fresh air and have some fun!


We will look forward to seeing you on Monday 22nd February and hopefully during this week we will get some further information about the return to school for more children.


It has been another busy week! We hope you have enjoyed the first of our ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ afternoons and enjoyed some non-screen time and instead some fun wellbeing activities independently, or with your family. These will continue next week too!


Some of you will also have received your telephone/zoom call with your teacher and we hope it has been nice to check in with them and talk to them about your home learning and how you are finding things. If you haven’t yet had your check in with your teacher, these will continue next week.


In Nursery this week, the children have been continuing their learning in response to their Literacy text ‘Whatever Next.’ They have been making sandwiches and biscuits, practising their writing whilst writing a letter to their mummies, and designing space boots. On Wellbeing Wednesday, the children enjoyed some mindfulness whilst listening to some Disney music and they played a Peter Rabbit game.


In Reception this week, the children have been getting ‘creative.’ They have been making binoculars so they can look for dinosaurs and making dinosaurs in the playdough. They have also been using Numicon as they learn all about number 5.


In Year 1 this week, we have all enjoyed our Wellbeing Wednesday afternoon. In school the children could choose from lots of different activities and do as many as they liked. These included making a mindfulness mask, playing with the Lego, enjoying a plyboard games or doing a jigsaw. Then at 2.30pm the children tidied up and sat down to a hot chocolate with marshmallow whilst we watched ‘The Gruffalo’.


In Year 2 this week, the children have enjoyed making mountains and trees for their Baba Yaga displays using a variety of materials and techniques.


In Year 3, the children have also enjoyed their Wellbeing Wednesday afternoon. In school the children enjoyed choosing a range of activities including building with Lego and drawing, before they enjoyed their Gymnastics session. At home Charlie and Riley enjoyed a delicious ice cream, read a book and even helped with the hoovering!


In Year 4 this week, the children have been learning about square numbers and area in Maths and have been crafting dragons in response to their Literacy text ‘How to Train Your Dragon.’ They have also enjoyed their Wellbeing Wednesday afternoon with some artwork in school, whilst at home children enjoyed a walk, played Uno, enjoyed relaxing with some mindfulness and some mindfulness colouring.


In Year 5 this week, we’ve once again been blown away by the efforts and achievements of both our in-school and home learners - they’ve certainly done Micklehurst proud! Following our research last week about the inspirational activist, Harriet Tubman, the children organised their thoughts and penned a biography detailing her life and legacy. The end results were simply stunning! They’ve now turned their attention to new subjects, each selecting a thought-provoking individual to research and write about, our subjects include the likes of Sir Captain Tom Moore, Albert Einstein, Emma Watson and Christiano Ronaldo!


Wellbeing Wednesday was a big hit in Year 5, amongst the children and grown-ups alike! We put away our screens and took part in different activities designed to enhance our wellbeing. In school, the children enjoyed getting arty and using different techniques to create colourful landscapes before an active gymnastics lesson with Lianne. The children at home also took part in a range of wellbeing activities from dog walking, eating delicious cheesy pasta, getting active and dancing to their favourite tunes!


Learning in Year 6 this week has continued with our daily ZOOM sessions including finishing off our Balanced Arguments and an introduction to algebra in maths.  A lovely interruption to this week was in the form of Wellbeing Wednesday – where all children at home or at school were asked to ‘down tools’ and walk away from their screens to do something mindful for the afternoon. We had a variety of activities chosen, from bike rides, to den making, reading a book, art and even a game of Monopoly!


Have a lovely weekend everyone!