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All the children and staff are now fully up to speed with the new regimes and arrangements and are enjoying being able to access the full curriculum again, including music lessons, Spanish lessons and after school clubs.


In Reception the children have been enjoying counting and recognising Numicon and counting out various amounts in Maths.  They have also been creating patterns using finger paints in readiness for their writing.  The children have been having lots of fun and are enjoying continuous provision in class.


In year 1 the children have been combining their Geography and Science projects and looking at seasons and weather.


In Year 2 the children have been incorporating ICT into their lessons.  This has included learning how to use the Seesaw App to video each other.  Children filmed each other labelling a  picture of the seaside with physical and natural features, they had lots of fun!  They have also been exploring outside to look for different uses for materials as part of their Science work.


In Geography this week, Year 3 have been using the atlases to locate Italy on a map.  They have also named and labelled all the continents and oceans in the world.  On Wednesday they had a special visit from "Wise Owl" and the children were able to see lots of different species of owls and learn all about them.  They saw a Little Owl, a Barn Owl, a Tawny Owl, a European Eagle Owl, a White Faced Owl and a Harris Hawk.  They looked at the eye colour of the different owls to see whether they were nocturnal or diurnal.  The children really enjoyed the visit and were also able to hold the Little Owl.


In Literacy, Year 4 have been changing elements from their key text, "The Egyptian Cinderella" and designing a story map in preparation for writing their stories next week.  They have continued their learning about Ancient Egypt by using talk frames to discuss scenes of how Egyptians lived their everyday lives.  


This week, Year 5 were thrilled to find out that they were going on a mission to Space!  Children donned VR headsets and found themselves exploring the solar system with a virtual reality tour of each of the planets, including our own.  It did make us feel slightly dizzy but it was well worth it for the trip to space.  The children are now going to use what they've found out to write about each of the planets that they visited.


In Science this week, Year 6 conducted a practical enquiry which looked at the adaptive trait of camouflage .  They had the chance to experience what it was like to identify prey and "swoop" for it.  It was a great session with loads of scientific discussion and vocabulary used.  Year 6 also capitalised on the sunshine on Thursday and choose to do a spot of mathematical problem solving with negative numbers outdoors.


In Nursery children have been telling us all about their families, what they like to do at home, who lives with them and all about their friends.  They have drawn portraits, painted faces, made family trees and talked about all their friends in Nursery.  Nursery's story for the past few weeks has been "The Colour Monster" by Anna Llenas.  It is all about feelings and we have learnt that our feelings can have colours.  Yellow is happy, blue is sad, green is calm, red is angry, black is scared/worried and pink is love.  However, sometimes our feelings get mixed up just like the mixed up colour monster.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed this story and have made hats, sensory bottles, puppets and have retold the story with our story spoons.

This week has flown by and all our new Nursery and Reception children have now started with us.  everyone has settled in really well and have adapted brilliantly to our new systems and routines.


We had our first Zoom Collective Worship on Wednesday with Father David, Father Ian and Brian being zoomed into classrooms via our interactive white boards!  The classes really enjoyed seeing each other and waving to friends and teachers in other year groups.


Key Stage 2 stared their Spanish lessons and welcomed their new Mossley Hollins teacher Mr Taylor to school.  Mr Taylor made quite an impression on all our children and they really loved their lessons which included lots of laughter and fun activities.  Music lessons with Tameside Music Service have also resumed this week and the children have loved taking part in these sessions.


In Reception the children have been getting used to their new routines and have enjoyed getting to know their new friends.  They have been enjoying various activities which have helped them to settle in and are looking forwards to learning lots of new things in the coming weeks.


In Year 2 the children have been doing some cross curriculum writing linked to their topic of "The Seaside" and have written descriptions about a seaside setting.  In Science they have been on a "material hunt" and have been identifying uses of different materials.


Year 3 have had a fantastic second week back at school.  They have been learning about Owls and had lots of fun reading all the books about owls in class.  Next week they will be having a visit into school from the Owl Man who will be bringing in real owls and other birds of prey.


Year 4 wrote a letter to their future self and buried them in time capsules to open after their SATS in Year 6.


Year 5 have had an exciting week!  After receiving a letter from the mysterious Wesley, children wrote back with lots of advice about how to solve his dilemma - he had no friends and didn't like the same things as his classmates.  The children were thrilled to see the next day that Wesley had written back to them and sent them some clues about what he did to solve his problem …. a selection of pictures, secret codes and some seeds!!  They planted the seeds and used their inference skills to detect clues in the picture before the answers were all revealed .... another package from Wesley containing a book called "Weslandia".


In Year 6 the children have been getting to grips with their new topic "Earthquakes", using the ICT suite to research facts about a famous earthquake ready for the earthquake reports next week.  Following strict COVID-19 hygiene standards Year 6 took this very seriously and wiped down all the equipment and surfaces ready for the next class to use.


Weekly photos for Nursery will be included going forwards once we have all parental consent forms returned to school.

It has been so lovely to be able to finally welcome back all of our children and staff.  It seems a very long time since we have been together but now that we are again we will be making the most of it.  It is remarkable to see how calmly and resiliently children have settled back in to school despite the new routines and ways of working.


Thank you to all our families for their patience and understanding as our whole community start to get back to some sort of "normal".


The children have enjoyed a range of activities this week.

Week Ending 27th March

Its been a very strange week at school and I am sure you have found it equally strange at home.  School has remained open for key worker children and staff have been working on a rota basis to ensure that everyone stays safe.  Despite this staff and children have had a wonderful time in school taking part in lots of fun activities.  We've had children taking part in a boxing work out with Dan from 'Little Rockys' (he'll be running a weekly after school club when everything is back to normal), and they have been making dens and undertaking Commando Joe missions to keep themselves fit.  They have also made clay models, a rainbow for the front of school, an Easter Tree for our reception area and have tidied up our outside learning area so that it is ready to use. 


Thank you for families that have sent in photographs, it is lovely to see children learning at home and taking part in fun activities with their parents/carers.  Please continue to send your photos in to teachers via Seesaw or Dojo.  Please use the link below to look at what our children have been doing in school.


We hope that you are managing to keep well and safe.  The office is open from 8.30am to 3.30pm daily should you need to speak to anyone.  There are also some emergency contact numbers to be used in an emergency only, these are 07709 653261 or 07858 343314.  These will be answered by a member of our Safeguarding Team.


We will not be issuing any further work until after Easter.  This will be on-line and under the Covid-19 section of the Key Information section on this website.


We are currently able to issue a daily packed lunch for any children entitled to free school meals.  If you are not already collecting a packed lunch and you wish to do so please call the office.


Please continue to keep your families safe and I hope to see you soon.


Miss Trelfa

A Message To NHS Workers

Thank you to all our parents, carers and families for your continued support this week during these difficult times. Here at school we are thinking of you all and hope that you and your families remain safe and well.


This week in Nursery the children have continued their learning about spring but have also learned about germs; what they are and how they affect us. They watched a video about germs and how we need to make sure we wash our hands. The children have been very concerned about the Corona virus and have been asking lots of questions. They used pepper and pretended it was a germ and then watched how the pepper ran away from the soap. The children all enjoyed having a go at this experiment. Their germ hands have also been popular this week as they scrubbed all the germs away whilst singing "Happy Birthday!"


In Year 4, as part of their topic work, the children played a game using playing cards. The cards showed fun facts about the Roman gods, which the children were able to use as a basis for their research into specific gods of their choosing. They then presented their research beautifully in their topic books. In literacy, the children have been generating and sharing descriptive ideas to aid their non-chronological writing. Finally, the children were able to share their fantastic science posters during an informative speaking and listening session.


We would like to say a big "well done" to all children who entered the science poster competition. A special "well done" goes to our winners: Ava Gibson in EYFS, Amelia Ashton in KS 1, Juliet Furey, Zachary Austin and Leon Jones in KS 2. The posters were brilliant; very imaginative and creative.

The week has flown by and it has been another busy week in school! Thank you to those parents, carers and family members who were able to join us for our Achievement Assembly this morning and for our reading morning. The children enjoyed sharing a book and reading with you!


In Nursery this week the children have been learning about the signs of spring. They have made flowers, planted carrots and sung songs. They have also been very busy in their environment exploring loose parts and completing finger gym activities. On Thursday, they had fun learning about germs and how to wash their hands properly. The children are very good at singing 'Happy Birthday' as they wash their hands!


In Year 2 the children have been recalling their visit to Staircase House which has ignited their interest and intrigue into The Great Fire of London. The children really enjoyed acting out the events that happened during this great fire and they thoroughly enjoyed dressing up in the roles of the different characters. They have also finished their Science unit entitled 'Animals including Humans' by thinking about how they look after themselves. They really enjoyed their visit from the 'Tooth Fairy' who told them how to look after their teeth and how to clean them properly. She also gave them a new toothbrush to take home to help them keep their teeth clean and healthy.


Terror struck in Year 4 this week as an unidentified dragon ransacked the classroom, overturning furniture, clawing at displays and scorching precious items! The children pieced together what had happened and expertly wrote the incident up as a newspaper report. Once the excitement had died down, they were able to launch an investigation into how sound relates to distance as part of their science topic. They also used the ICT suite to record their data and make their own bar charts to show the results. The children have also been learning about the Jewish event of Shabbat in RE, role-playing a traditional Shabbat meal in class, and have used fact bricks to construct their own Hadrian's Wall as part of their topic about Romans. 


Year 5 have been busy writing in their Reflection Journals this week following our Assembly on Wednesday led by Father David. The children thought about the things they were thankful for during the period of Lent. The children have also enjoyed their reading morning today and have written book reviews about the books they have just finished reading. 


In Year 6 this week, the children have been investigating how light is reflected, observing angles of incidence and reflection and measuring them using protractors. They then went on to determine whether their experiment had obeyed the laws of reflection whereby the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. Some of the results can actually be seen in the pictures. 


Finally our Year 5 and Year 6 children took part in the finals of the Tameside School Games Dodgeball competition on Tuesday. They yet again played brilliantly and with skill and determination. Our Year 5 team came in fourth place and our Year 6 team came in third place. We are very proud of you all, well done!  


What a fantastic week we have had in school this week!  We have celebrated World Book Day, completed our work on Fairtrade and had success in the Tameside Dodgeball competition.


As part of our Fairtrade work we are hoping to achieve our Fair Aware award for the second time so some of our Y5 children visited Mossley Co-op again this week to support Mossley Fairtrade council to promote Fairtrade.  The children interacted with the general public and explained to them about Fairtrade products and why it is important to buy them.  We had some lovely comments from the public about how polite and confident our children were.  Some of our Y4 children attended 'The Big Brew' at Mossley Methodist Church on Thursday to share the fantastic work they have done in school about Fairtrade.  We finished our Fairtrade Fortnight with an assembly to share all the work the school has completed during the fortnight. Thank you Phyllis and Diana who came to celebrate our achievements.


On Thursday the children enjoyed World Book Day.  Some of them dressed up as their favourite book characters and they looked brilliant.  Staff have been so impressed with the story boxes that our children have made as part of their homework over the last couple of weeks.  They were asked to use a shoe box to create their favourite storybook and the standard of these was amazing! Thank you to all families who supported their child in making their boxes.  The imagination and creativity was excellent and it was very hard to choose winners in each class.


In Nursery the children have been learning about dinosaurs that are big and dinosaurs that are small.  They have also learned the new term 'medium sized.'  The children have also been marbling eggs, watching their dinosaur hatch and doing lots of mark making.  The children had fun on Thursday dressing up for World Book day and learning their 'Dinosaur Stomp' for the poetry slam.  Today they have been on a 'Dino Hunt' and the children acted as explorers with their clipboards and pens, hunting for the different dinosaurs on their sheets.


In Reception this week the children have been learning to combine two groups to find the total altogether.  They then tried to record some number sentences themselves.  Keep up the good work!


In Year 1 as part of World Book Day the children have used their favourite books to create a bookmark.  The class has also performed the poem 'Snowball' by Shirl Silverston.


In Year 2 the children have really enjoyed reading and then reciting the poem 'The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough.  They first worked in pairs and then as a class to learn the poem. During the school poetry slam on World Book Day they performed the poem to the rest of school.  They have also really enjoyed coming into school dressed as their favourite book characters.


In Year 3 the children received an email from Manfred, a character in their class text, who had lost his bag in the playground.  They managed to find the bag and look at the items that were inside it.  They then had to write a letter back to Manfred to let him know they had found his bag. The children have also looked at a number of books during World Book Day and have learned their own poem for the 'Poetry Slam'.  The children enjoyed sharing the story boxes they had made at home with their friends in class.  In Maths Year 3 have been measuring length and in RE they have started their learning about the festival of Easter, thinking in particular about Palm Sunday.


In Year 5 the children have been testing materials as part of their Science topic and enjoying using the library as part of World Book Day.


On Thursday our Year 5 and Year 6 Dodgeball teams took part in the Tameside School Games Dodgeball competition.  Both teams played brilliantly and won all their games, taking them through to the finals next week.  Well done and good luck for next week!

Welcome back to Spring Term 2.  It is lovely to see you all back in school and excited for this terms learning.  This week has been the start of Fairtrade Fortnight and our School Council lead our assembly this week all about Fairtrade. 


This week Nursery have been roaring around the classroom learning about dinosaurs.  Mrs Brown has been very impressed with the knowledge they have learned this week.  We now know all about meat eaters and non-meat eaters and the big words that describes them - CARNIVORES and HERBIVORES.  Children pretended to be palaeontologists looking for dinosaur fossils and had an amazing time digging, brushing and excavating the dinosaurs from the soil.  We got really dusty!


Nursery also joined Reception on Tuesday to celebrate Pancake Day.  They made the batter using eggs, flour and milk stirring it to get rid of all of the lumps.  It was hard work!  They poured the batter into the frying pan and flipped it as high as they could.  The children did so well and didn't drop any, then they got to taste them with different toppings.  Yum!


In Year 1 children have been busily working in Kagan groups to describe the 'Tigeroo' from the reading book 'Space Ant'.  This will help them to complete a non-chronological report about a 'Tigeroo'.


In Year 2, as part of their Geography work, children have been considering how living life in a Kenyan village is the same as and different to living in Mossley.  They enjoyed working with their partners to sort statements into the groups labelled 'same' and 'different'.  Then we discussed why we had placed the statements in the groups we did.  In Maths they have been developing their understanding of quarters and used counters to investigate which numbers they could find a quarter of and which they couldn't.


Year 4 have spent their week participating in a variety of Fairtrade activities.  After watching and discussing a video the children were able to put the parts of the Fairtrade process in order and also locate Fairtade countries using atlases and the class map.  Later in the week they also played some games of Fairtrade lotto to help remember some of the different sustainable products that are produced worldwide.  The children were even able to taste one of the end products of the Fairtrade process by drinking tea and eating biscuits at our Fairtrade tea party.


Year 6 paid a visit to a careers fair at Mossley Hollins where they had the opportunity to meet with people from many areas of work, from fire fighters to legal PA's, the construction industry to medical professionals.  The children found it very interesting and it gave them a lot to think about.  It was also nice to see former Micklehurst All Saints pupils helping to run the event and guide our children around the different areas.


We ended the week with our Attendance Assembly.  It was lovely to see how many children have achieved excellent and good attendance for last term.  Keep up the good work everyone!


On Friday afternoon some of our Year 5 children visited the Co-op in Mossley to support the Mossley Fairtrade Committee in raising awareness of Fairtrade.  They promoted the Fairtrade products sold at the Co-op and encouraged members of the public to sample a range of Fairtrade chocolate and orange juice.  Fairtrade activities will continue in school next week.

We have come to the end of another half term and our children have been doing lots of exciting things this week.  Our Y5 and Y6 basketball teams participated in the Mossley Carrbrook School Partnership competition at Mossley Hollins on Tuesday and played brilliantly.  They played four matches each and our Y6 team came in first place and our Y5 team came in second place.  We are very proud of them, well done everyone!


In Nursery the children have been thinking about people they love.  They have read a variety of stories and their favourite has been 'Guess How Much I Love You' by Sam McBratney.  The children have been busy making wreaths, cards, cutting hearts and decorating biscuits for the people they love.  They also wrote about why they love the special people in their lives.  Mrs Brown has been very impressed with the children's ideas and how thoughtful they have been.


In Reception the children went for a walk along the bridle path looking for ferns, lichen and moss. These are plants that were around at the same time as the dinosaurs. The children thoroughly enjoyed their walk and were able to find these plants and tell Miss Trelfa all about them.

They have also made some dinosaur cookies and measured the ingredients using tablespoons.


In Science Year 1 have been exploring their five senses in a number of fun activities including blind folded crisp tasting!


In Year 2 as part of their Geography topic 'Sensational Safari', the children have been looking at African patterns and have used this as inspiration for painting masks and colouring their African headbands.


Year 3 have been writing their reports about their mythical creatures.  They have worked very hard and have included lots of detail in their writing.  These will be on display in school soon.  The children have really enjoyed the topic about Ancient Greece.  In RE they have been looking at Saints and learning about Mother Teresa.


Year 4 have been busy practising their clarinets this week and the children are very excited to be taking these home to practice and show off their skills to family members.


In Year 5 the children have been working hard writing their non-chronological reports about animals from the Rainforest.  Some children have used Clicker7 to produce these and others have been trying hard to improve their handwriting.


Year 6 have been exploring the theme of 'Freedom' in the RE lessons this week.  They have researched historical events with emphasis placed upon the discussion surrounding the persecution of people.  The class came up with brilliant ideas which showed just how knowledgeable our children with world wide and significant historical events.

We have come to the end of another busy week! Our sporting teams have taken part in two competitions and although they did not win their events they played skilfully and showed their usual Micklehurst spirit and resilience. Well done everyone!


On Monday children and parents/carers joined us for Messy Church where we looked at Baptism. The children enjoyed a range of activities linked to this celebration. They decorated candle holders and made baptism pictures.


This week Reception have been palaeontologists. They have been exploring fossils to find evidence of dinosaurs. They have had a lot of fun and took their role very seriously!


In Year 1 the children have been making flags and linking their Literacy text 'Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates' to their artwork. They have been using felt to make the flags they have previously designed.


In Year 2 the children have enjoyed reading to the end of their story 'Who am I?' They really enjoyed the ending when they found out that the little creature was a chameleon. In their Literacy lessons they have then researched information about chameleons using the internet and have written letters to mother chameleon to let her know all about them.


On Monday Father David visited Year 3 to teach part of their RE curriculum. They looked at the different Saints and they found out about Father David's favourite Saint,  St Alban. They have also learned how God has had an impact on Father David's life.

In Literacy they have been writing their own Greek Myth. They are writing their own version of 'Theseus and the Minotaur.' They have used the thesaurus on the Ipads  to find more interesting word choices.


 In Year 4 the children have been practically making shapes of a specified area in Maths and generating starting ideas of how sound is made in Science.


In Year 6 this week's Spanish lesson saw them discussing and sorting foods into healthy and unhealthy categories... La comida basura! Mr Childs was super impressed with the children's knowledge of vocabulary and also their confidence at speaking Spanish in front of the whole class.

Everyone has been working very hard this week and I have been really impressed with the quality of learning I have seen taking place.


Year 1 have been looking at primary and secondary colours. They had great fun making a colour wheel where they mixed primary colours (red, yellow and blue) to make secondary colours (green, orange and purple).


Year 2 have enjoyed writing a non-chronological report about a fictional animal.  They have been focusing on using different conjunctions and varied sentence openings.  Some children have been using Clicker to help build sentences for their reports and already they are becoming confident using this new programme.


Year 3 have been writing their own version of 'Theseus and the Minotour', having developed a plan and their own myth and creating their own designs on Greek pots.  In Maths they have been dividing two digit numbers by one digit numbers.  They have also continued with their work on healthy eating by making wraps for the class


Year 4 have continued their work on rivers by designing and building bridges to withstand a flood.  In Maths they have been working hard dividing two and three digit numbers with remainders, using counters as a support.


In Year 6 following our Healthy Schools Week, children have been exploring and discussing the attributes of healthy and unhealthy relationships.  Using their best 'graffiti' style during an art session, children painted a chosen attribute in a colourful style.  Children also enjoyed attending a cooking session at Mossley Hollins.  The class prepared a healthy dip and learnt how to safely slice vegetables and baked some cheese and herb scones.

This week we have celebrated Healthy Schools Week.  Children have been completing their Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) lessons from Year 1 to Year 6.  The whole school have also been focusing on what makes a healthy and balanced meal and bringing in healthy snacks and packed lunches.  Children on school meals have been eating a range of vegetables and fruits as part of their meal.  All classes made healthy snacks to be sold at the snack shop at playtime.


Year 1 have been completing their 'No Nonsense Phonics' programme as well as creating portraits of themselves as part of their SRE work where they have been naming parts of the body.


Year 2 had great fun making super fruit smoothies which were sold at the snack shop.  The children really enjoyed preparing the fruit and then mixing it in a blender.  The smoothies were a great success and sold out really quickly.


Year 4 have had a very busy week.  They have been writing instructions using Clicker 7, ensuring they included the features of instructional texts.  They have also been composing and performing their own rhythms during music.  Year 4's school councillors also fed back to the class about their meeting which was discussing and reviewing the schools anti-bullying policy.  As a class they also discussed their ideas for celebrating World Book Day and Fairtrade Fortnight.


As part of Healthy Schools Week Year 6 prepared a healthy snack of tomato and basil pasta for the snack shop to sell.  Our super chefs are now looking forward to their food technology session on Monday at Mossley Hollins.

This week has been a busy week!  On Thursday we welcomed Sue and Mary, representatives from the NSPCC, who came to lead assemblies for Reception, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children entitled 'Speak out. Stay Safe.'  The children really enjoyed these assemblies and I was really impressed with their interaction and responses to the questions they were asked about keeping safe.  They have a wealth of knowledge and know who they can talk to if anything is worrying them. Sue and Mary also led workshops with Year 5 and 6 to look deeper into this area and the children have taken a lot from their workshops.


In Reception the children have been finding out about different dinosaurs.  Children found out that they lived a very long time ago. They chose their favourite dinosaur, looked at it very closely and drew these fabulous pictures.


In Year 1 children have been enjoying their Golden Time fun with some colouring and Lego.


Year 2 have been looking at different sunsets in Art and discussing the colours they could see. They then painted an African sunset using hot colours. They painted the colours on their paper in three blocks with the hottest colour at the top.  After that, they merged the colours into each other using a dry paint brush.  Later in the day when the paint had dried they then added the animals and they had to be very careful when cutting out the silhouettes.  This art work links into their work on Kenya in Geography.


In Year 4 the children have been mixing an invisibility potion in preparation for their instructional writing unit.  They have been writing instructions focussing on the use of adverbs, imperative verbs and elevated vocabulary.  They have also completed their wands for Wizard School!  In Geography they have been looking at how to prevent flooding.


In Year 5 the children have been writing Maths stories for multiplying 3 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers.  They have received their new set of books from the Mossley Carrbrook School Partnership's 'Wondrous Book Club' and they are excited to get started on their new books which are based around the theme of family.  Children found some interesting places to read!  One child has completed some amazing Maths work this week and will receive a Praise postcard home to congratulate her on her hard work in Maths.


In Year 6 the children have been using their new found knowledge of some of the different types of figurative language and have been outside to explore our school setting.  They thought about each of their five senses and wrote down things they could hear, see, taste, touch and smell. This activity was to help the children generate ideas in order to write their own settings description.


To end our week we were pleased to see so many parents join us for our 'Achievement Assembly' on Friday.  Children received Bronze, Silver, Gold and Top of the Tree certificates for their hard work and effort over the last half term.  We also shared and celebrated our children's individual success and achievements outside of school.  Well done everyone!

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you have all had a good Christmas and are ready for the exciting term ahead. Welcome to our new Nursery children and families who started school this week. They have already settled well into life at Micklehurst All Saints.


This week our Nursery children have been learning about their new topic 'Winter'.  The classroom has been set up as a 'Winter Wonderland' as children have been finding out what animals live in cold countries and they are looking forward to finding out about penguins.  Children have also been telling each other about their Christmas breaks and what lucky girls and boys they have been.


In Reception this week children have started their new topic all about dinosaurs with a visit from a mysterious creature. The children have loved discussing who it might be using the clues that the visitor had left in the classroom. They wrote their ideas on the footprints that were left and then practised their cutting skills by cutting the footprints out. They have been busy practising their fine motor skills through a handwriting activity. In their Maths work they have been learning about pattern and making their own patterns using the peg boards and pegs.


In Year 1 children have been very bust learning about their bodies and labeling body parts.


In Year 2 the children have been working in groups to sort books according to whether they are fiction or non-fiction texts and have discussed how they arrived at their decision. They have also worked in pairs to read different non-chronological reports, identifying features that were the same across the books. From this activity they were able to identify the WAGOLL (What a Good One Looks Like) for their new unit of work about non-chronological reports.


On Thursday Year 3 had the pleasure of attending Mossley Hollins High School's dress rehearsal for their production of 'Annie'. The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance and it was great to see two of our former pupils taking the roles of Annie and Mr Warbucks. Well done Kiah and Max, we are really proud of you! They have also been learning to multiply numbers by 10 and 100 in Maths and solving a maze relating to their topic of Greek Myths.


In Year 4 the children have started making their own wands for Wizard School as part of their spell making they have been hunting for and classifying invertebrates that they have found in our  nature area. They have also been locating new vocabulary in their new text 'The Wizard' by Jack Prelutsky.


In Year 5 the children have started to read their new text 'The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig' and have retold the story through role play.


In Year 6 the children have been asking questions about the way in which animals are classified into different groups as part of their new Science unit of work. They have had fun looking at a selection of animals and played at being taxonomists fir the afternoon, deciding which animals should be grouped and explaining why they were grouped in a particular way.


Finally, it was great to see so many children receive an attendance certificate in todays assembly. Our attendance is currently 96.5% so keep up the good work everyone!

We have had a very festive and hectic end to this term.  The children have been busy making Christmas cards and Christingles for our service today and have had lots of fun at their class parties. 


On Monday Key Stage 2 children, staff and parents walked up to St Georges Church for our shared Christmas Service with children and staff from the other Parish of Mossley primary schools, St Georges and Milton St Johns.  This was a joyous occasion for us all to celebrate and worship together.


On Tuesday children took part in "Micklehurst's Got Talent".  There were lots of amazing performances.  Well done everyone for entertaining us so brilliantly and being so confident and professional on stage.  On Thursday we enjoyed watching a pantomime in school performed by Chaplin's Theatre Company.  This Year the production was "Beauty and the Beast" which included lots of audience participation!!


Year 1 even managed to squeeze in a trip to Portland Basin where they experienced a Victorian Christmas which supports the work that they have been completing in class, and Year 4 wowed us with a showcase of their musical talents at their music assembly.  Everyone was impressed with their singing and progress in playing the clarinet.


As part of PSHE, Year 6 welcomed visitors to school to talk about the dangers of knife crime and keeping safe.


Finally, today we held our Ethos Group Assembly looking at traditions of Christmas around the world and then, later, came together to worship and celebrate at our Christingle Service where we were joined by Father David, Methodist Preacher Brian James, Governors and many parents, carers and extended family members.  It was a beautiful service and a great end to this term.


I hope that everyone has a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.  Wishing all our families peace, joy and love.  I look forward to seeing you all in 2020.  Miss Trelfa

Its been a very exciting week in school for Key Stage 1 and 2 as they have been performing their Christmas shows.  Year 1 and 2's show was "Its A Baby", the story of the Nativity.  Key Stage 2 performed "Straw and Order" which also tells the story of the Nativity.  It was lovely to see so many parents and carers watching the performances.  This year we have had the performances professionally filmed so you will be able to watch them again soon via our website.


In Year 4 our children have continued their science work on animals and have been classifying animals by their characteristics using our Clicker programme.


In Year 6 the children have started a new maths topic, position and direction.  They have been plotting coordinates in the first quadrant and had a Christmas themed diagram to complete.


Key Stage 2 are looking forwards to their joint Christmas service with Milton St John's CE and St Georges CE Primary Schools at St Georges on Monday 16th December at 1.30pm.  Everyone is welcome to join us there.  Children are also looking forward to their Christmas parties next week and the pantomime "Beauty and the Beast" which will be performed in school on Thursday 19th December.  We will finish the term with our Christingle Service in school on Friday 20 December at 2.15pm.


And finally, our Street Dance Team have had the most amazing week.  They participated in the Tameside Street Dance Competition at Copley on Wednesday.  There were lots of schools competing and the standard of dance was really high.  However, our team gave a brilliant performance of their routine and came first!  We are so proud of how hard they have worked and also how supportive they were in cheering on and encouraging the other teams.  You can view their routine in our Video Resource Centre under the Children's section of this web site.

This week our Reception children have enjoyed using our new story sacks which are part of our new initiative "Reading For Pleasure".  This initiative is looking at how we can further engage our children to read for a variety of purposes, talk about their favourite books and also share their love of reading with parents and carers.  These sacks will be sent home with children to share with parents and carers and include not just a reading book but lots of games and activities that relate to the text and that support early reading skills.


Year 2 have been busy innovating a story based on their class text "The Gingerbread Man".  Mrs Flint and Mrs Turner have been very impressed and pleased with their stories.


In Year 4 the children have been preparing for their musical performance on Tuesday 17th December where they will be sharing songs they have learned this term and playing their clarinets. They have also been classifying species of vertebrates in Science and talking about aspirations in their Spanish lessons with Senor Childs.


This week Year 6 have been working hard revising key Maths skills following a term of work on Number and Place Value.


Mrs Fernandez, our Year 5 teacher has had a busy week outside of school and has been part of the production of "Sleeping Beauty" at The George Lawton Hall. 


Today we are holding our Christmas Fair.  Currently children are enjoying the bouncy castle and having their faces painted.  They are looking forward to winning prizes on the stalls this afternoon and we will update you on monies raised later.

Our Nursery children have been super busy this week taking part in lots of activities relating to their Gingerbread Man story.  In Science they have been looking at the gingerbread man dissolving and they have been making gingerbread man shapes and cutting out gingerbread men.  They also made and tasted their own gingerbread men and even went on a hunt for a gingerbread man that mysteriously disappeared from class and left a trail of crumbs around school!


Year 1 have been producing recounts of their Penguin Party in response to their current class text "Lost and Found".


Year 2 have been working hard in Maths  on repeated addition by making groups and recognising groups to help understand the concept of multiplication.


In Maths, Year 4 have been creating their own word problems for multiplication and division of the 7 times table.  They have also been practicing their sewing skills, making Christmas pudding decorations for our tree at the Mossley Christmas Tree Festival at St George's Church.  They have also been continuing with their topic work on rivers by constructing bridges.


This week saw Year 6 come to the end of their class novel, "Holes".  They are now looking forward to watching the Disney film adaptation.  Year 6 have also been concentrating on their journalistic capabilities and have been writing a newspaper report in Literacy.  In order to do so they have been magpie-ing interesting vocabulary and sentence structures from "First News" and the internet.


And finally, all classes have started rehearsing for their Christmas plays.  This year we will be having our plays professionally filmed so that they can be uploaded onto our Video Resource Centre on this web site.  Hopefully this means that any parents and extended family members who cannot attend the performances will nevertheless be able to watch them.  We will also be selling CD's of the recordings.  We are also looking forward to using our new lighting set which our PTFA have bought for us.  Next week Mr Distin-Webster (Mrs Distin-Webster's husband) who is the Head of Lighting at the Royal Exchange in Manchester is coming in to school to give staff and children a master class in how to operate the system.

This week our resident author David Mason has been in school working with our Year 6 and Year 4 classes.  In Year 4 the children were working on their grammar technique writing poetry about rivers using personification.  They also looked at metaphors comparing Jesus to light.  Year 6 children were looking at the theme of Victorian children working in coal mines.  They were able to empathise with the plight of the main character using drama as a stimulus for their writing.


On Monday we held our monthly Messy Church.  Children heard the parable of "The Good Samaritan" and made helping hands and money boxes to reinforce how the Good Samaritan gave the Inn Keeper money to look after the injured man.  We then gathered for a short worship and a hot dog tea.


Governors visited school this week for Curriculum & Standards Committee and to review the new guidance on RSE.

Week Ending 22nd November

We started this week by laying a school wreath at the Remembrance Service at Mossley Town Hall on Sunday.  Thank you Annabelle (Year 2) and Lily Mae (Year 4) for representing school and laying our wreath.  It was lovely to see so many children and parents on this important day.  We also held a two minute silence in school on Monday 11th November at 11am and read the poem "In Flanders Field".  We ended our two minute silence by Mr Chesterman playing "The Last Post".  Zachary and Erin (Year 5) accompanied Miss Trelfa to a special service at Mossley Hollins.  As part of the service we remembered Joey Etchells a former Micklehurst All Saints and Mossley Hollins pupil who died whilst serving with the Lancashire Fusiliers  in Helmand Province, Afghanistan in 2009.  Erin read "In Flanders Field".  Headteacher Mr Marshall was so impressed with Erin's reading that he wrote to her to congratulate and thank her.  Well done Erin!  As part of Year 4 and Year 6's work this week they have painted Remembrance Day paintings.


Year 4 have had a busy week.  On Wednesday they visited Park Bridge Heritage Centre to complete a river study.  The children were so well behaved and enthusiastic and were a real credit to school.  The weather was kind to them and they had a thoroughly enjoyable day. 


Also on Wednesday school took part in "No Pens Day" which allows us to focus on key language and communication skills.  Year 1 undertook a Commando Joe mission which involved balancing on beams and trying to get the most balls in a bucket.  They had to work as a team and communicate the best way of doing it.  They also completed their phonics work on computers in the Computer Suite and painted pictures of penguins from their class text "Lost and Found".  In Science, Year 2 played a game of "whats in the parcel".  Year 6 fully embraced "No Pens Day" by focusing on some team building skills and were tasked with building a tower made out of only newspaper and sticky tape.


Year 5 have been making Shang artefacts using clay as part of their work on the Shang Dynasty.  


Finally we ended the week with our Achievement Assembly.  It was lovely to see so many parents today sharing all our children's achievements.  The children who received their "Top of the Tree" certificates are looking forward to choosing where they would like to go on their Reward Day.

Welcome back to our second half term of this academic year.  We have had a busy start to the term with Year 2 conducting experiments to investigate waterproof materials.  They have also read "The Sound Collector" poem which they then innovated on the theme of bonfire night.


In Year 3 this week children have been working on the column method of addition and in RE they have been retelling the story of Moses.


Year 4 have worked very hard this week, they have been finding interesting vocabulary in their review of this weeks "First News Paper".  They have also been finding the perimeters of rectilinear shapes and have been working on the "Green Ship" story innovation plans.  Next week Year 4 will be continuing their project work on rivers with a visit to Park Bridge to take part in a river study.


Year 6 began their Microsoft Excel spreadsheet module this week by familiarising themselves with cell referencing and building basic formulas to add, subtract, multiply and divide.  In guided reading they had a visit from "Tameside Loves Reading" who looked at how our guided reading sessions incorporated rich vocabulary.  The writing was so good that the children copied up their work for display.


This week we hosted our open morning and evening for the parents of prospective Nursery and Reception children for September 2020.  Some of our Year 6 children acted as school Ambassadors to show parents round and we had some amazing feedback on how professional they all were.  Well done you are a real credit to school.

To finish our first half term of this academic year Nursery have been making owls nests out of clay linked to their class text "Owl Babies".  They have also been creating autumn pictures using leaves that they collected as part of their home learning.


Year 6 have been reviewing recent current affairs and have been debating the motion of "Should all new cars be electric?" in preparation for the Mossley and Carrbrook Schools Partnership debating Society that took place on Thursday at Mossley Hollins.  Our debaters gave a great account of themselves but unfortunately we lost out to St Josephs on this occasion.  Well done St Josephs!


Year 1 have been working on some of our core values of team work and communication through an exciting and challenging Commando Joe mission.  They had to work as a team to decide which was the best material for making a house and then use their team working and communication skills to build it.


Year 2 have made cookies this week as they focused on instructional texts.  The children were able to choose alternative ingredients to chocolate chips to make the cookies healthier.


Year 4 have enjoyed tasting the vegetables that we have been growing in our school garden.  These included potatoes, beetroot, leeks and pumpkins.  Now that we have harvested all our crops and as we head into winter months, our gardeners will be maintaining our outside areas and getting them ready for planting in the spring.


Everyone has worked so hard this term and had great fun in their learning.  Have a restful and enjoyable half term and see you all on 4th November ready for another amazing term.

It's been another busy week.  Nursery have been accessing all areas of continuous provision in the classroom with a focus on Autumn as well as having a visit from Mossley Fire Station.  Year 6 produced some impressive posters that recounted journeys made by Jesus as detailed in the Four Gospels.  Year 6 have been focusing on evolution in science and learning how animals adapt to their environment including participating in an experiment entitled 'Battle of the Beaks'.  They also used marshmallows and spaghetti to simulate building structures and how engineering techniques can make structures earthquake proof.  In Reception children have been learning about different shapes and making shapes with different materials and resources.


Two of our sports teams competed this week.  Our Curling team took part in an event at Greater Academy in Ashton.  The whole team played really well and we were given two individual awards, one for standout player and one for self belief and determination.  The team had a great time and were brilliant ambassadors for our school in their behaviour, effort and sportsmanship.  Our football team took part in the Mossley & Carrbrook Schools Partnership competition at Mossley Hollins.  The team showed great skill and teamwork but on this occasion we did not win.  Well done Buckton Vale!


Year 4 have been learning about river navigation and were very proud to show off their hard work.



What a fantastic week we have had.  Year 1 had great fun learning about different types of construction materials while  building the Three Little Pigs houses, and they made their own little pig face masks.  Year 4 are learning all about the Egyptians and made their own mummies in class. 


On Thursday we celebrated World Mental Health Day with children raising money through the sale of yellow wristbands and participating in lots of well being and mindfulness activities. 


To end the week our Year 1 children held our Harvest Assembly.  The children worked really hard to present an informative assembly which told us about Harvest celebrations around the world and what happens at Harvest time.  They also role played the story of the farmer gathering his crops and told us about what happened at the mill and refinery and how these products then reach us. 


During the assembly our Spud Club showed us all the vegetables that they have harvested from our school vegetable plot.  Next week they are going to cook them all into some healthy meals that we can all try, yum!


Thank you everyone for your donations of food.  These are all gratefully received and will be donated to Mossley Foodbank so that they can be distributed to those in need within our community.


Well done everyone!