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The children have enjoyed another busy week in school. Year 2 have been busy completing their SATS tests and they have worked their way through some rather tricky papers and demonstrated a real willingness to succeed - we are so proud of them all.


This week in Nursery the children have been reading a new Eric Carle book entitled ‘The Very Busy Spider.’


The children have worked hard to write their own Busy Spider story.  The noises the animals made have made them laugh lots.  The finger gym activity this week was to make spiders webs on the fences, it was very hard work!  No wonder the spider was tired at the end of the story.

The children have enjoyed finding out why a spider’s web is sticky and had fun investigating how they could stop the flies getting stuck in the spiders webs.


Well done to all the children for their counting skills this week, some of them have been working on numbers to twenty and counting objects to match that amount.


This week in Reception the children have started to sequence the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar in readiness for them starting their ‘Talk For Writing.’ The children have also enjoyed writing adjectives to describe caterpillars.  In Math's the children have been learning about symmetry. They have enjoyed making symmetrical butterfly biscuits and have been exploring symmetry using a variety of activities.


In Year 1 this week, the children have made the most of the sunshine by playing whole class games to develop their social skills. They spent some of their ‘Golden Time’ going outside and playing games such as ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ and ‘Isn’t it Funny, how a Bear likes Honey’.


This week in Year 2, the children have completed their African lions art work, I’m sure you agree they look fantastic! They have also been exploring making African, clay masks which was a little tricky but they are looking great and we can’t wait to paint them next week.


In Science, the children have been learning about different habitats. This week they explored our garden and mindfulness area to locate a variety of mini beasts – we had a great time in the sunshine.  


This week in Literacy, Year 3 have been writing character descriptions for the characters from their class text and as part of this, the children have been discussing the characters personality and appearance.  In RE, they have looked at what happens during Holy Communion at church and the significance of the bread and the wine and what each represent.


In Geography, the children have been locating active volcanoes around the world. They have used google earth to locate these and then located them on a map.   

In Science, they have been looking at magnetic and non-magnetic materials. Each child had a magnet and went around the classroom and playground to identify magnetic and non-magnetic materials.


It’s been a fun week in Year 4. In Science, the children have been building complete circuits to drive motors. In their History work, the class have been researching, designing and making their own Roman shields based on designs sought from this ancient civilisation.


Money is the name of the game in Math's, Year 4 have been covering lots of money objectives. From ordering monetary amounts to understanding the decimalisation system of pounds and pence. In English, their diary entries are now finished and being preened in order to write them up for display – we cannot wait to see their amazing work up on display!


In Year 5 this week, the children have been using direct and reported speech in their writing and in Maths place value has been their focus. They have been multiplying decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. They have also enjoyed learning some new songs as part of the MCSP choral tuition.


It’s safe to say that the bard himself, William Shakespeare, would be impressed by Year 6’s writing skills this week! They were set quite the challenge when Puck, one of their favourite characters from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, requested their help to write persuasive adverts for his ground breaking, revolutionary new love potion. Despite Puck being somewhat of a mischievous troublemaker, they decided to offer their support and immediately started planning persuasive adverts to market his new product. The results were both hilariously funny and incredibly persuasive…watch out Athens, there’ll be lots of love in the air soon!


In Geography, they’ve been focusing on climate zones this week. The children recalled everything they’d learnt about our orbiting planet in Science last year in order to discover how climate zones differ from each other. They then located several different countries and described the typical climate and weather patterns of each location.


The children have also enjoyed the first chapters of their brand new class novel: 'When the Sky Falls!' They’re already gripped and really looking forward to finding out what happens to Joseph, a troubled youngster struggling to get to grips with his new home in London during the Blitz.

What a busy time we have had in school this week! We are very proud of all our Year 6 children who have completed their SATs and have shown perseverance, resilience and determination to do their best. Well done all of you!


In Nursery this week, the children have thoroughly enjoyed fruit smoothies. They have used some of the hungry caterpillars favourite fruit and fourteen of us enjoyed the smoothie and ten of us weren’t very keen! 


The children have also been very excited at how much the class caterpillars have grown, in five days they have become much bigger.  They are now waiting to see how long it will take for them to spin their cocoon.


This week in Reception, the children have been excited by the arrival of their tiny little caterpillars which they are looking forward to looking after. They have been watching them grow and drawing what they can see, using the magnifying glasses to observe their growth more closely. The children have enjoyed making caterpillars in the play dough area and have been getting creative making hairy caterpillars. They have been writing a list of the food that the hungry caterpillar ate and have been using the finger gym to thread the foods onto the caterpillar in the correct order.


In numeracy the children have been matching shapes, looking at different shape pictures and arranging and rotating shapes to make them fit the picture. They have also enjoyed using the multilink cubes to copy and make models.


In Year 1 this week, the children have been reading the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. This week they have been creating their story maps and using talk for writing to retell the story. The children will then use these to help them retell and write the story.


This week in Year 2, the children have had so much fun developing their art skills. They have learnt how to mix tones of colour by adding white – they then used their paintbrush to practice blending techniques to create African sunsets. After developing these skills, the children then created their own 3D African lions. They used different printing techniques to decorate the lion’s mane and they looked fantastic! They can’t wait to show everyone their finished pictures next week.  


In Year 3 this week, the children have been writing non-chronological reports on the monsters they have designed. In RE, they have looked at how Christians make a difference in their community through different  activities such as charity events and helping people in need. 


In Geography, the children have been looking at the structure of a volcano and its different parts and have labelled a diagram of a  volcano. In Science, they have been looking at the different poles of a magnet and investigating which ends repel and which ends attract.  


What a great week Year 4 have had! In History, children used the format of board games in order to recall important historical information about Roman Gods and Goddesses which they very much enjoyed, asking loads of questions to support their learning. In Science, children investigated the construction of circuits, including the use of switches which they made themselves from everyday conductor materials. What was amazing in this session was that children were teaching other children. A joy to watch! Then, in ICT, dinosaurs and meteors were the subject of one of the coding games made by one class member. A very entertaining (and historically accurate) concept which involved one dinosaur warning another about an imminent meteorite!


In Year 5 this week, their computing focus has been learning about online safety. The children have been finding out about the age limits on certain apps and why age limits are assigned to apps in order to keep children safe. They created their own posters using Canva to get the message across to the rest of the school. 


The children were also pleased to receive their achievement certificates this week!


If there’s one thing we can be sure of this week, it’s that Year 6 have absolutely blown us away with their winning attitudes towards SATs. They’ve shown resilience and determination whilst working their way through some rather tricky papers and demonstrating a real willingness to succeed - we couldn’t be prouder of them if we tried! The children have also thoroughly enjoyed coming in to school early for a breakfast feast of toast and cereals this week – who’d have thought that an even earlier start than usual could be such a treat!

They’ve also been using last week’s visit to watch ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, performed by the Young Shakespeare Company, as inspiration for another project: Shakespeare inspired documentary making. The children used a range of online secondary sources to research everything there is to know about the playwright himself, William Shakespeare. They discussed the most important lines of enquiry before working together to create a collaborative padlet of findings that included details of his early life, his most notable works and some of the many words and quotes that he has become so famous for. In small groups, the children then used Apple Clips to produce documentaries about Shakespeare’s life – they combined moving images and voiceovers to produce some extremely professional productions.

We hope you enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend and those families celebrating Eid had a good time. It has been another busy week in school and the children have enjoyed a range of learning activities. Year 6 have been to Mossley Hollins to take part in Shakespeare’s 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream Workshop' led by the Young Shakespeare Company. The children had a fantastic time.


On Tuesday, Miss Trelfa and Amelia in Year 6, alongside a whole host of other members of the community, attended the ‘Big Lunch’ celebrations at Emmaus in Mossley to celebrate their 25th anniversary.  We were joined by HRH Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. It was very exciting to meet her and talk to her about how our school get involved in the community events that Emmaus lead.


What fun the children in Nursery have had this week celebrating Eid.  They have learnt about all the customs that Muslims have and how they celebrate Eid together.  The children have enjoyed dressing in traditional Muslim clothes and using non-fiction texts to find more out about Eid.

At the end of the week, they have carried on with their minibeasts topic and have seen the arrival of some caterpillars.  The children are looking forward to watching them grow and turn into butterflies.


This week in reception the children have started their new topic ‘In the Garden.’ The children met a caterpillar in their outside environment who was very upset. The children discussed why the caterpillar might be upset and wrote their own speech bubble to say what they thought the caterpillar might be saying.


The children have enjoyed making get well soon cards for the caterpillar. Their writing has been fantastic. They have been writing sentences and words independently and have made their cards beautifully. This has really cheered the caterpillar up.


The children have been introduced to our focus text for this half term ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and they are excited about getting to know this text. Over the next few weeks, the children will be exploring the non-fiction text ‘From Caterpillar to Butterfly’ which will help them explore the life cycle of a butterfly. They are hoping to have a very special delivery which will enable them to have hands on experience of the life cycle.


The children have also been enjoying our continuous provision activities - cutting and making caterpillar masks, using the dough to make caterpillars and playing in the garden centre. In maths they have been exploring numbers to 20 and making these numbers using numicon and tens frames.


As part of Science Week, Year 1 planted a sunflower seed. They have enjoyed measuring it and recording its growth over the last few weeks. Last week when we measured it, the plant was 76cm tall.  On Thursday, we tidied up the planting area ready to plant our sunflowers. Watch this space and fingers crossed it will continue to thrive outside.


In Year 2 this week we have been learning about all things to do with measures. We have enjoyed using balancing and weighing scales to measure mass and then using different containers to compare volume. In Music, we have been learning how to appraise music, follow a beat, perform a song and play along to the beat with a percussion instrument – we found this a little tricky!


This week in Literacy, Year 3 have created a setting description from the book they have been reading. They have received a letter from the author John Fardell, asking if they could design a character for his book so the children have written a letter back to him and designed their own monster. 


In Maths, the children have been looking at tenths. They have been counting in tenths, finding tenths of shapes and looking at tenths as a decimal. 


In RE, they have been looking at how a church would look at different times throughout a week. They have looked at all the different activities that happen in a church such as Sunday service, Sunday School, Bible study groups and choir practice.


In Geography, the children have been looking at the Ring of Fire – finding out where most of the world’s volcanoes are located and learning that there are 452 volcanoes on the Ring of Fire.  


In Science, the class have been looking at forces and have been testing how a car moves on different surfaces and looking at which surfaces have more friction.


This week, Year 4 have been getting practical with decimals, using physical manipulatives to understand how whole numbers can be broken down into tenths and hundredths. They could compare decimals and order decimals in both ascending and descending order and could use inequality symbols. Continuing on with our text, ‘Escape from Pompeii,’ the children have completed some very well written, exciting sensory descriptions. They were also able to identify a poem within their text and then write and perform their own poems.


In RE, they have started to recount the story of Moses – the children very much enjoyed a choral account of the famous biblical narrative and have now began recording their own recounts.


In Year 5 this week, the children have learned all about Isaac Newton’s theory on Gravity in Science. They used Newton Meters to measure the amount of gravity acting upon different objects.


This week the children have received their Wondrous Book Club delivery box. They were very excited to open books and start reading! This box’s theme is humour so I’m sure the children will love them!


This week, our Year 6's were introduced to the world of Shakespeare when we were treated to a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by the Young Shakespeare Company. The children were immediately enthralled by the show’s humour and mystical setting as the actors brought to life the characters and the plot in their unique twist of this treasured classic. Before long, the children themselves were playing a vital role in the play, adding sound effects, actions and even taking on some of the different characters too - who’d have thought we had such Shakespearean talent in our midst? As a class, we’ve decided that Puck was our favourite character although the ass was a close second! By immersing themselves in the production, the children gained an incredible understanding of what is an extremely complex tale and we’re really looking forward to delving deeper in to the text over the coming weeks.


In Maths, we’ve been carrying out some final revision in preparation for our SATs next week with a focus on statistics and shape. The children particularly enjoyed recalling their knowledge by drawing and measuring a range of angles on their desks and then using this information to tackle some tricky reasoning questions calculating missing angles in different shapes. 

Welcome back after the Easter holidays! It has been lovely to see the children settle back into a new term and see them excited about the learning ahead. This week we have celebrated the winning entries to the National Science and Engineering week poster competition. The children had to create a poster all about ‘Growth.’ Well done to our school winners Violet and Eva in EYFS, Isabel in KS 1, Scarlett in lower Key Stage 2 and Lucy in upper Key Stage 2.


As part of our work within the local community the children have also been involved in designing a new badge for a competition run by Emmaus to celebrate 25 years in business. Our winning entries have been designed by Aela and Skyla in Year 3 and Lucy and Orla in Year 6.


In Nursery, the children have come back to school with lots of enthusiasm and readiness to learn.  Our whole school ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ theme has been enjoyed by the children, as kindness is our theme, we have been looking at how we can show Kindness to each other.   Our kindness bucket has been overflowing with acts of kindness from the children.


We have also begun to delve into our new topic, ‘In the Garden’ and investigate minibeasts.  The children can’t wait until their caterpillars arrive next week.


In Reception, the children have started their new topic ‘In the Garden.’ They have enjoyed playing in the new garden centre role play area and investigating the mini beast station, where they can explore various different mini beasts using the magnifying glasses and explore the characteristics they have.


In Maths they have started to look at numbers up to 20 and have been exploring what these numbers mean and how they can be represented. They have also ordered these numbers and played matching pairs. The children have amazed staff with how much they already know!


This week in Year 1, the children have enjoyed using the iPads to complete their coding work using the Discovery Education Coding program. The children have got a good grasp of coding and are doing really well.


This week in Year 2, the children have been learning how to measure in centimetres and metres. They were very excited to have their own metre sticks to measure various objects around the classroom. In English, the children have started their new topic based on the book, Biscuit Bear. They really enjoyed baking their  own biscuits as part of their lesson on writing a set of instructions.


In Year 3 this week, the children have been introduced to their new English unit and new text ‘The Day Louis got Eaten’ by John Fardell. They started by looking at a photo from the book and discussed and created some questions about the picture. They then made predictions about the text. After reading the book the children retold the story orally.


In Maths, they have been learning about equivalent fractions - ½ being the same as 2/4. The children have also been counting using fractions.


In RE, the children have been looking at how Christians live their lives. They have discussed how they do normal everyday things, but then certain things they do show that they are a Christian e.g. going to church, praying and singing songs.  


In Geography, the children have started their new unit on volcanoes. To start the unit, they discussed what is under their feet. They looked at the layers of the earth and made their own world with the different layers.  


In Science, their new unit of learning is Magnets and Forces. The children discussed what forces were and looked at the difference between push and pull forces. They went into the hall to see who had the most force by having  a tug of war. The children really enjoyed this!


In English this week, Year 4 have met a new text which links fantastically with their current topic work: Escape from Pompeii. The children have so far explored the use of figurative language and sensory elements and are now beginning to compose a description of the city of Pompeii.


In Maths, children have used manipulatives to deepen their understanding of place value including the decimal system. Computing has seen the class begin to code using their own algorithms – this week, we animated names with the eventual objective being to construct simple games.


In Year 5 this week, the children have become experts on the characters in their new book then worked as teams to share their expert knowledge. 


In history the children started their new topic ‘WW2’. They went down to the timeline to see the difference in time between their new topic and our old one the Shang Dynasty. Children also identified lots of history periods and events that they had studied in other year groups on the timeline!


Well done to Rio & Evie, our English & Maths stars of the week!


The children have enjoyed a brilliantly positive start to the summer term in Year 6! They’ve welcomed Miss Harding back to school and in to our Year 6 team and she’s already been impressed by the children’s enthusiasm for learning. Their main focus has been preparing for their upcoming SATs week and they’ve found a whole host of creative ways to revise and practise those all-important nuggets of knowledge that they’ll need to succeed.

On Wednesday, they embarked upon a SPAG hunt like no other as the children worked in teams to locate a range of hidden questions around the school. Each question, when answered correctly, provided a letter and together the letters spelt out a secret message. It took a lot of hard work and the children were required to recall lots of grammatical terminology in order to crack the code and reveal the message but in the end, there was success all round.

They’ve also been getting sporty with their revision and playing some active outdoor team games that have proven to be both great fun and a successful way to recall their knowledge. In class, they’ve utilised technology too as the children have been enjoying competing in online revision kahoot quizzes!

We’ve also launched a new focus for our collective worship assemblies this week: joy. In class, the children reflected on this fruit of the spirit by discussing what joy means to them and what lifts them up. The children worked collaboratively to create a piece of artwork in our reflection area celebrating joy and entitled: what lifts us up?

It has been another busy week in school and the children have been excited by all the Easter activities that have been on offer. The children in Nursery and Reception enjoyed decorating eggs and creating a range of egg characters for their egg competition and it was fantastic to see how imaginative the children had been. Well done to Joshua, Maisie and Tilly in Reception and Alissa, Oliver and Poppy in Nursery for their winning entries.


We celebrated our Easter Service in school on Wednesday and some of our Y6 children led the service and retold the Easter story. Children across school have made Easter cards and of course today, they have enjoyed our annual Easter Bingo event.


In Nursery this week, the children have been learning about the Easter story. They have sequenced pictures to retell the story and painted crosses. They have also enjoyed making bunny Easter cards and singing and dancing to bunny tunes.


This week in Reception, the children have been enjoying activities related to Easter. They have written instructions to make an Easter nest and then made their own Easter nest. They have written about the Easter story and enjoyed lots of Easter crafts.


In Year 1 this week, the children have completed their Access Art topic for this half term on the theme of ‘Creating Birds.’ The children had lots of fun, firstly completing observational drawings of feathers. They then manipulated the wire to create feet and cut out their bird’s body. Finally, they used their observational drawings of their feathers to collage onto the birds. Don’t they look amazing!


At the end of last week Year 2 had a fantastic theatre performance called ‘Tango’s Big Adventure’. The performance explored the importance of recognising that every family is different and that friends are the family you choose. The children loved meeting the different animals within the story. In PE this week the children have been exploring how to dribble using two feet and how to stop the ball using different parts of their body – they found this lots of fun! In Geography they have been using their binoculars to spot animals during our Kenyan safari. The children then used their map skills to design their own Nature reserve. Finally, in Science they have concluded their sunflower experiment and today they have used their powers of observation to observe and compare the differences in their sunflowers that have been grown in different conditions.  


In Year 3 this week, the children have been learning about fractions and non-unit fractions in

Maths. In history they have been finding out about Greek Gods and have enjoyed researching about each God carefully. In RE, the children have been learning about the Easter story.


This week Year 4 began the week by creating a story mountain to help plan their narrative writing. Using this, they were able on Wednesday and Thursday to write an independent narrative in the style of our key text, “William and the Missing Masterpiece”. After all their hard work this half-term, it was so genuinely pleasing to see the quantity and quality of the work that the children were able to produce in their final written piece. We are very proud of them. 


In Maths, the children have been enjoying learning about Roman numerals. They picked this up so quickly and by the end of the week were able to answer addition, subtraction and problem solving questions using Roman numerals. The children also enjoyed participating in the fierce Y4 Times Tables Rockstars battle which took place between our partner schools across Mossley this week. Well done to all those involved.


In Science, the children were able to make a working circuit as part of our Electricity topic and use this to test whether materials around the classroom were conductors or insulators. What an electrifying end to the half term!


In Year 5 this week, the children have investigated separating materials in science and had lots of fun judging the Easter egg competition.  They have also been using computing skills to create a documentary about Amazon Rainforest animals. They have filmed, used green screen and edited the whole video by themselves. 


As the term comes to an end, Year 6 have enjoyed taking part in a number of Easter events whilst also working studiously to produce their final piece of writing of the Spring term. We were incredibly proud of several members of the class who led our Easter Service on Wednesday morning and did so with both confidence and flair; they worked hard to rehearse their lines before delivering them to our entire school community. They’ve also been making Easter cards in class this week – they’ve gotten crafty with some fingerprint chicks and some humorous puns…Year 6 really do think they’re EGGstravagantly funny.


In literacy this week, the children were intrigued to hear that a job has become vacant on the Land of Neverbelieve and Norman Messenger has head hunted Year 6 at Micklehurst, believing that his perfect Island Guardian is within our midst. They’ve carefully planned and written formal letters of application identifying their experience and qualifications in order to convince Norman that they are the perfect candidate for the position. They’re looking forward to hearing who has been given the prestigious role!


For their final RE lesson in the run up to Easter, they’ve been considering the role that ‘free will’ and ‘determinism’ played in the crucifixion and debating whether Jesus had free will or not. They’ve made comparisons with key elements of their lives and considered what things they have control of and what is pre-determined for them. The children asked some brilliantly intriguing and thought-provoking questions which sparked quite a debate and as ever, we were extremely impressed by their ability to debate and question others views in a mature and considerate manner.



What a busy week we have had in school. The children in Years 2, 3, 5 and 6 enjoyed their visit from author Christopher Lloyd who took them on a whirlwind adventure through his new book ‘It’s Up to Us’ which highlights the issues created by climate change and how we must all remember we are part of nature.


On Thursday, the children welcomed Imam Ghulam Moyhuddin from Ashton Central Mosque, who delivered an assembly about Ramadan.


Today, Years 1 and 2 have enjoyed the performance of "Tango’s Big Adventure". This performance linked to some of the work the children have completed in their PSHE and SRE lessons.


In Nursery this week, the children have been looking at the different parts of a flower.  They painted their own flowers and then cut out and labelled the different parts. They have had fun practising learning how to write the sounds they have learnt, and it was amazing to see how the children have improved their pencil control.


At the beginning of the week, the children enjoyed the sunshine and played cooperative games together.


This week in Reception the children have been learning about Spring. The children enjoyed a spring walk where they looked for changes to the environment. They found lots of things and then used their ideas to write a recount.


They have also enjoyed being creative and have created observational pictures of daffodils and cherry blossom trees. The children have been exploring how to grow beanstalks in the sand tray and in numeracy they have been measuring various sunflowers using non-standard units of measure. They have also been learning to combine two groups together and have looked at creating number statements to match.


In Year 1 this week, the children have been learning about capacity in Maths. They have also been writing a set of instructions about how to make their Easter cards.


This week in Year 2, the children have been learning about time. They have enjoyed reading times on analogue clocks and moving the fingers on the clock to show the given time. The children were really excited about their author visit and were very interested in the books that he had written. They took part in their first book signing with Christopher and many had their own books signed with a personal message.


In Year 3 this week, the children have been finishing writing their Greek Myths. They have been working extremely hard with these and are getting them ready to display in school. Keep your eye out for their finished pieces of work.


In Maths, they have started their new unit looking at fractions and have also completed their length and perimeter assessment. The children have also been practicing their arithmetic skills.

In RE, the children have been learning about Easter Sunday and the resurrection. They looked at the story and the importance of new life and Spring.  In History, they have been comparing the modern Olympics with the Ancient Olympics and looking at who could take part in the Ancient Greek Olympics.  In PE, the children have really enjoyed practicing their striking and fielding skills during Rounders.


This week in Year 4, the children have visited Mossley Methodist church to ‘Experience Easter’. The children were impeccably well behaved all afternoon and were a real credit to the school. The children were split into groups and rotated around a range of stations which were associated with Jesus and Easter. The children were surprised to see our very own Brian on arrival at the church and were able to explain to the other members of the church that Brian leads our church assembly at school. The children experienced eating bread at the last supper, wrote their hopes and dreams on pebbles to make a pathway, learned about the servant king and were taught about how Jesus rose from the dead. The staff and children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and the children were rewarded for their hard work with juice and a biscuit.


In Year 5 this week, the children have been enjoying their science work which has included investigating which materials dissolve. The children have been able to explain what dissolving is, the difference between melting and dissolving and the factors that speed up the process of dissolving. In Maths, they have been finding fraction of different amounts.


This week in Year 6, the children have been expanding their science knowledge by testing Isaac Newton’s theory about the colour spectrum in light; the children produced their own colour wheels to explore whether Newton was right when he said that all colours are mixtures of red, green and blue light.


In literacy, they’ve been delving further in to the extraordinary Land of Neverbelieve as discovered by Norman Messenger. They’ve used his detailed recordings of the island and its rather quirky inhabitants to create their own lands of wonder and awe – they then wrote introductions to their islands in role as intrepid explorers. The children combined some superbly creative vocabulary with a whole host of literary techniques to bring their islands to life and transport the reader to their imaginary worlds.


They’ve also been continuing their unit of work on the crucifixion this week in their RE lesson. The children were introduced to the terms ‘free will’ and ‘determinism’ before exploring how these definitions may help them to view the events of Holy Week in different ways. They then discussed morality and played a game called ‘The Worst Things In The World’ that prompted some very deep discussion about the role of free will in determining how evil an action is.


We have had another busy week in school.


This week in Nursery, the children have busy learning about ‘Frogs.’  The children thought that they knew all about frogs but they have learnt lots of fascinating new facts, for example they didn’t know that some frogs are dangerous.  Their fact finding taught them that frogs could be poisonous, a word they hadn’t encountered before.


The children thought it was incredible that when they were born frogs didn’t look anything like what they do as adults. Learning about the lifecycle of the frog has been fun and they have learnt a new game where they pretended to be each of the different stages in the frogs life.


Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mummies, we hope you like your cards and flowers and are being looked after on Mothering Sunday.


This week in Reception, the children have been celebrating their wonderful mums. They have been writing sentences, making cards and writing lists of all the jobs their mums do. The children have been getting creative and making badges, portraits and cards in readiness for their special stay and play. They have sung lots of songs and learnt a poem to share with their mums. It has been a very special week!


In Year 1 this week, the children have been learning about mass and weight in numeracy. They have been comparing weights and using non-standard units to measure the weight of objects in our classroom.  


This week in Year 2, the children have thoroughly enjoyed watching their sunflowers grow. They have completed seed diaries and compared the growth of our seeds. In Geography, they used the iPads and worked in pairs to research what life was like in Kenya. The children then created their own fact files and enjoyed drawing the Kenyan flag.  


In Year 3 this week, the children have learning all about perimeter. They have been finding the perimeter of different 2D shapes. In Literacy, they have been writing their own version of ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’ but have used their own Mythical creature.  


In RE, the children have been learning about Good Friday. They looked at the story and created some beautiful art work showing the three crosses on the hill. In History, they have been comparing two cities from Ancient Greece and the children looked at how life is different in Athens and Sparta and decided where they would prefer to live.


This week in Literacy, Year 4 have been continuing on with their narrative re-write of William and the Missing Masterpiece. They paid extra attention to their editing this week because that’s what it shows in the two photos they mocked up and it was really good.


In Maths, the children have begun a whirlwind affair with decimals. They could write some tenths and their equivalent fractions and also write some decimal tenths on a number line and it was really good.


In Science, everyone enjoyed experimenting with the practical equipment as we made our first circuits. The children could explain what makes a complete circuit and why some examples of circuits did not work and it was really good.


In Year 5 this week, the children have been focusing on South American art, in particular the artist Frida Kahlo. They have created self-portraits in her style. 


On Thursday, Year 6 were treated to a full day’s workshop with our resident author, David Mason. The children were soon engrossed in a world of creativity as David used drama to transport them to an entirely new setting: the middle of the ocean. Before long, their creativity seemed to know no bounds and the children wrote their own narratives detailing their experience stranded on a boat and taking in the surroundings. The end result was very impressive and we clearly have some budding authors in our midst. Towards the end of the day, David treated us to a performance of some of his poems and then even wrote a poem to encapsulate his experience at Micklehurst!


The children have also been studying refraction in science this week by observing how light affects the appearance of a straw in a glass of water. They learnt that refraction occurs when waves of light pass from one medium to another and there is a change in the speed that the light travels.

This week we have been celebrating National Science and Engineering week. The theme for this year has been ‘Growth’ and the children have all enjoyed being part of our whole school challenge to see who can grow the tallest sunflower. The children have also been developing their scientific enquiry skills through a range of investigations and experiments and lots of practical exploration in EYFS.


In Nursery this week, the children have been learning all about spring. The children went on a spring walk to look for signs of spring and took photographs of what they saw. The children have also been measuring using nonstandard units to see how tall they were.


This week in Reception, the children have been enjoying Science week. They have been exploring beans, planting their own beans, comparing different sized beans and predicting how they will grow. They have also been labelling a bean plant and learning about its life cycle. The children have been learning all about Alan Titchmarsh and his work as a gardener. Alongside this, they have been studying the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’ The children have been retelling the story using props and masks and thinking about the setting and the characters.


In Maths, they have been exploring 3d shapes and their names, have enjoyed being a shape detective in our outdoor environment and have been using these shapes to print with so they could explore their properties further.


In Year 1 this week, the children have been looking at height and length in Maths. They have been comparing sizes and using non-standard units to measure objects and pictures. The children have linked this learning to their science week activities and have looked at how they change as they grow. They have then compared their heights to objects around the classroom, measured their heights and other body parts using both standard and non-standard units and used their feet to measure equipment in the playground.


This week in Year 2 the children have been learning about all things Science related. They have taken part in our whole school ‘growing’ competition; this has involved planting sunflower seeds in different conditions and monitoring how they grow. In Geography, they have been using various maps to locate the continent of Africa and then Kenya. The children enjoyed labelling a map of Kenya and they learnt about how to use compass directions and a key.


In Year 3 this week, the children have been looking at measurement in Maths. They have been converting mm, cm and mm. In Literacy, they have been writing diary entries in role as Theseus and Ariadne from our Myth Theseus and the Minotaur.


In RE, the children have been looking at Maundy Thursday and the Last Supper. They have looked at who was there and what happened during this time and then designed their own Last Supper and discussed who they would invite to their Last Supper and who is special in their lives.


In Science for Science week, the children have been looking at Wilhelm Roentgen, who invited the X-ray. They really enjoyed learning about him and they answered some questions and created some portraits of him.


In History, Year 3 have ordered a timeline of events from the Ancient Greek times and have designed their own Greek Pot.


This week in Year 4, the children have been writing some amazing mystery stories about William and the missing masterpiece in Literacy. They have used amazing techniques to create description and intrigue.


The children have also used their Fairtrade chocolate to make some really lovely gifts for Mother's Day. Mothers your gifts will be arriving soon so please act surprised.


In History this week, the children have been looking at Hadrian's Wall and have used different sources of information to find facts about when the wall was built, who built the wall, how long it took to build, and they also had the opportunity to build their very own Hadrian's wall within the classroom - ours didn’t stay standing for long!


In Maths this week, the children have started to look at decimals and have really focused on using equipment to investigate tenths and hundredths.


In coding, the children enjoyed learning how to move images across a screen, make the icons chase each other and disappear when clicked upon.


As part of Science week, the children have planted their sunflower seeds at home and have also set up an investigation in school to look at how temperature affects the growth of a sunflower. The children used the criteria for a fair test to plant their sunflower seeds and then have changed the temperature the seed will grow in by placing their pots in the freezer, the fridge, inside the classroom and outside in the playground. They can't wait to see if their predictions are correct and how tall their sunflowers will grow.


In Year 5 this week, the children have been celebrating National Science Week. They started a class investigation on the growth of sunflowers and are excited to see the outcome. 


The Wondrous Book Club books arrived this week and we have been excited to start reading our new books.


In Literacy, the children started a new book- ‘Leon and The Place Between’. Children have used their Literacy and Computing skills to create some very impressive missing posters with integrated eyewitness videos which I’m sure you will see on Seesaw. 


Year 6 have been demonstrating some fantastic learning behaviours this week whilst working their way through a full set of practice SATs. They’ve shown real resilience and a desire to succeed that will take them far and stand them in good stead to make us truly proud in May.


As well as striving for SATs success, they’ve also discovered what their new text in literacy is: The Land of Neverbelieve. They’ve been on a fascinating journey with naturalist Norman Messenger to discover some of the quirky inhabitants of this ever-changing island. The children worked hard to write detailed observations of the Multi-Winged Parrot before creating their own fantastical critters and adding them to Norman’s journal of discoveries.


In RE this week, they have been discussing the importance of ‘grace’ to Christians; the children explored the life of Martin Luther King, a famous Christian, and considered how he demonstrated grace in both his thoughts and his actions. The children made some excellently thoughtful contributions to our classroom discussion and enjoyed learning more about this inspirational activist.

This week in school we have been celebrating Fairtrade. The week began with an assembly where we looked at common products including cocoa, cotton, bananas and coffee and where they are farmed. The children identified the Fairtrade logo and we discussed how buying Fairtrade products can help the farmers to get a fair deal for their products. The children have also participated in a range of activities in class to find out more about Fairtrade and how we can support the farmers.


In Nursery this week, the children have continued their work based on the text ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk.’ They have been ordering the events of the story and making their own beanstalks. They have been ordering the days of the week, recognising numbers and counting leaves on beanstalks. Using iPads the children have painted their own colourful beanstalks that will be printed out and displayed next week.


In Reception, the children have been learning how to make ten. They have been using the numicon and tens frames to help them. The children have been learning about Fairtrade and completed a labelling activity and made flags. They have started their topic based on ‘Jack and the Beanstalk,’ enjoyed lots of activities in their continuous provision and have written letters to the magic bean seller asking him to send them some of his magic beans.

With the change in weather the children have enjoyed being outside this week. They have been using the chalks to create pictures and patterns.



In Year 1 this week, the children have been looking at Fairtrade. We have enjoyed looking at the different types of Fairtrade products and the difference we can make to farmers by buying Fairtrade products.


In Year 2 this week, we have dedicated our afternoons to Design and Technology. This has involved designing, creating, making and evaluating our own ‘top secret’ product. We learnt how to create our own mechanisms and used levers and sliders to make pictures move. We enjoyed looking at and evaluating different children’s books that had moving parts and used the inspiration for our own designs.  


In Year 3 this week, the children have been working hard learning about their new topic of Greek Myths. They have been retelling ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’ verbally and creating a story board to retell the story. They have also been asking questions of the characters and created a wanted poster for the Minotaur.


In RE, Year 3 have been looking at Palm Sunday. They have been reading the story and thinking about the feelings of the donkey that Jesus rode on.


In Maths, the children have continued to look at the topic of statistics and have been creating bar charts and reading tables. They have been working extremely hard as they continue to practise their 3, 4 and 8 times tables.


In Science, the children have been finding out about nutrient groups and the benefit these have on their body and in PE they enjoyed their tennis lesson.


For Fairtrade Fortnight, Year 3 have been looking at the impact of climate change on cocoa famers and how buying Fairtrade products ensure the farmers can get a fair price. The children have looked at a world map and located different Fairtrade products and where in the world they are grown.


In Year 4 this week, the children were stunned with the theft of one of their art gallery masterpieces! They searched for clues within the classroom to identify the suspect. The masterpiece was later returned (in disguise) to the gallery, but thankfully the astute children saw through this ruse and thwarted the cunning trickster’s plan to win first prize in their Art competition. The theft has led to some superb creative writing.


The children have enjoyed their Fairtrade activities this week and have completed crosswords, made fortune tellers and have designed a chocolate bar to be made with Fairtrade ingredients. They have learned all about the journey from bean to bar and how fair trade helps communities.


In Maths, the children have excelled when subtracting fractions and have drawn bar models to help them subtract fractions and find the difference between fractions and mixed numbers.


In Geography, the children used an atlas to identify cities within England. They were able to plot the route of Roman roads on a map and create a key. They could confidently describe how and why Roman roads were made.


Year 6 have enjoyed launching their new science topic this week: ‘light.’ In their first exciting lesson, the children have looked at several different sources of light: the sun, lamps and lightning. They were then tasked with creating their own periscopes, which were made from a cereal box and two mirrors. They learnt that periscopes work when rays of light hit the mirrors at just the right angle to cause it to be reflected twice.


They’ve also been celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight this week by looking at wants and needs. They considered their own wants and needs and those of farmers overseas that produce many of the products we love to consume. The children learnt that low wages result in many farmers being unable to meet their family’s basic needs and their situation is being made even worse by the impact of climate crisis. On Friday, the children gathered all of their thoughts on the subject and used them as inspiration for a Fairtrade rap in the style of Will Smith’s Fresh Prince – the children loved rapping to the beat and getting their message across in such a unique way!



We have enjoyed welcoming the children back to school after the half term holidays and what a week it has been! It has been exciting to celebrate Shrove Tuesday and think about Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. The children have focused on both of these special days as part of their assemblies and in some classes, as part of the RE curriculum.


The children have enjoyed lots of activities related to books this week as we have celebrated our love for reading and World Book Day. The children enjoyed coming to school dressed as their favourite book characters and staff also joined in and came dressed as characters from the popular Harry Potter stories. The children took part in a book hunt and have played ‘Book Bingo’ where they won a book as the prize for a full house.


What an amazing first week back the children in Nursery have had.  It’s been a busy one but they have had lots of fun.  They started the week by reading their new topic book ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’, the children loved how Jasper looks after his beanstalk and they can’t wait for next week to see what adventures he goes on when he climbs the beanstalk.


This week, the children have also celebrated Shrove Tuesday, an important part of the Christian calendar as it means the beginning of Lent.  They used up all the flour, eggs and milk to make their pancakes but the best bit was trying all the different toppings!  The winner for the children’s favourite topping was chocolate sauce, a clear favourite as they all had chocolate covered faces!


Also, this week the children have been enjoying lots of new stories as part of World Book Day.  On Monday they watched ‘Matilda’ live from the Cambridge theatre.  Thursday was their best day of the week as the children got to dress up as their favourite book characters.  All the teachers came as characters from the Harry Potter books and everyone loved it.  They went on a book hunt, following clues all around the school, made their own story books and they shared stories with their friends.  Mrs Brown and Mrs Larnder-Cox shared their favourite stories with the children too.


This week in Reception the children have enjoyed Shrove Tuesday and making pancakes. They tasted lots of different toppings and chose the one they liked the best. The children then created a pictogram to show which topping was the most popular. They have enjoyed writing about their favourite pancakes and cut out the toppings they enjoyed and stuck them onto their own pancake creation.


The children have also enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. They have been dressed as their favourite book characters. They took part in a book hunt in search of some new stories for them to enjoy in their classroom. They have also taken part in a world book day bingo to win bookmarks, book vouchers and lots of other reading prizes.


This week, Year 1 have had a fantastic World Book Day. The children have enjoyed coming into school dressed as some of their favourite book characters. They also enjoyed the whole school book hunt and finally the children enjoyed performing the songs we have been learning as part of Tameside Music Hub’s ‘Princess and the Pea’ performance.


This week has been fantastic in Year 2! The children have thoroughly enjoyed finishing off their shape topic, where they made 3D shapes with straws and also patterns. They are now shape experts! In Geography, the children have started their new topic all about Kenya. They have used the atlases to locate the different continents and oceans in the world. Finally they ended the week celebrating World Book Day, as you can see their costumes are fantastic and they had lots of fun taking part in various activities.  


Year 3 have had a great first week back at school. In Maths, they have been looking at statistics and the children have been making tally charts, creating pictograms and interpreting data from pictograms.


In RE, the children have started looking at the Christian festival of Easter. They have been looking at the celebration of Lent. They have discussed how Jesus spent 40 days in the desert and resisted temptation. They looked at how Lent is a time for prayer, fasting and giving. The children then decided what they might start doing in Lent such as more exercise or helping people and what they are going to stop doing during Lent such as eating unhealthily.


In Literacy, Year 3 have been celebrating World Book Day. They have had question and answer sessions with various authors including Holly Webb. They learned about her books and some of the inspiration she has had for writing her various stories. The children have also carried out a book hunt around school.


In Science, the children have been looking at what is needed for a healthy and balanced diet and have been looking at the different food groups.


In Literacy this week, Year 4 began their new text ‘William and the Missing Masterpiece.’  They pieced together the clues to work out who had stolen the missing ‘Mona Cheesa’ painting. They then produced their own masterpieces for our working wall and were able to complete story mountains about the text. In Maths the children have looked at mixed numbers and improper fractions, counted in fractions and have begun to add fractions.


On World Book Day, the children wowed us with their book character costumes. The Riddler, the Mad Hatter, Billionaire boy and Bruno from Encanto amongst others, joined the class for the day. The children enjoyed their book hunt around school, and it was lovely to see all of the children parade around the hall in their costumes.


In Year 5 this week, the children have been celebrating World Book Day and they looked fantastic as they came to school dressed in their favourite book character costumes. We had Maleficent, Tracy Beaker, Cruella de Vil and Minecraft characters join us in school for the day! The children also enjoyed the challenge of playing ‘Bananagrams’ as part of their reading activities and playing an enthusiastic game of ‘Book Bingo.’


Year 6 have had a fantastically magical week this week; they’ve celebrated the wonder of literature by immersing themselves in to the wizarding world once again and this time, it was Newt Scamander and his fantastic beasts that were their topic of choice. The children studied a range of fantastic beasts in guided reading before embarking on their own hunt for a new beast and producing non-chronological reports about them for a brand new volume of Newt’s best-selling chronicle of creatures.

On Thursday, Year 6 were quite the sight in their literary-themed costumes as we celebrated World Book Day and worked together to crack a range of clues and locate books hidden around the school. The book hunt saw them venturing both outdoors and indoors to find new books to add to their class library – they can’t wait to start reading them!

The children have also taken part in the MCSP annual Careers Fair this week; the children were given the opportunity to join Year 6s across Mossley and hear from members of two different professions in order to discover what it’s really like to be a scientist or a paramedic. They even had the chance to ask some of their own burning questions!

We have had a very exciting half term in school and this week the children have been working hard. On Monday, Year 3 enjoyed coming to school as people from the Stone Age era and loved taking part in activities from this historical period. Our Y6 children have taken part in Tameside’s Athletics competition, and they gave 100% in each of the events they participated in to earn points for the team.

We are waiting to see which team has made it to first place!


In Nursery this week, the children have been thinking about love and finding out about Valentines Day. They have been talking about who they love, why they might love and what they can do to show someone they love them. The children have made cards, have been on a treasure hunt to find hearts and have made their own cut out bouquets of flowers.


This week in Reception, the children have been focusing on measurement in Maths and have been measuring a range of objects using non-standard units of measure. The children have also been planting sunflower seeds and are going to see how tall they can grow.


In literacy, the children have been practicing their phonic skills and segmenting and blending sounds to read 'real' words and 'pseudo' words. They are getting really good at this!


In Year 1 this week, as part of their Science topic the children have been experimenting and exploring their sense of taste, smell and touch. They have had great fun guessing the flavour of crisps, guessing the smells of a variety of foods and using their hands to guess classroom objects found hidden inside the feely bag.


In RE the children have been looking at sacred buildings and this week they have been looking at the similarities and differences between Church, a Mosque and a Synagogue.


This week in Year 2, the children have continued learning about 2D and 3D shapes. They really enjoyed using the sorting circles to sort a variety of 2D shapes based on their colour, shape, vertices and lines of symmetry. They were then challenged to write their own criteria to sort the shapes!


In Literacy the children have enjoyed researching and creating their own non chronological report about meerkats. Their favourite section has definitely been the ‘Fun fact’ box.  


In Year 3 this week, the children thoroughly enjoyed being cavemen and cavewomen for the day. They finished their topic about the Stone Age by coming dressed as cave people and enjoyed a range of activities, including making clay necklaces, designing and making spears for hunting, studying and creating cave drawings and eating a stone age feast. They had a brilliant day!


In Literacy, the children have been writing a set of instructions based on the book, ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’. They have written their own instructions for how to wash different prehistoric creatures. They also enjoyed reading questions based on ‘Stone Age Boy’ in guided reading.


In Maths, The children have been learning about money. They have been converting pounds to pence, recognising different amounts and adding and subtracting money.


In RE, they used all the knowledge they have learned over this half term about why people pray and designed their own multi faith prayer room. The children made sure these included the different features they have looked at for different faiths such as: prayer mats, a Puja tray and Holy books.


This week in Literacy, Year 4 have written some brilliant non-chronological reports on their own type of dragon. They have been able to write about their appearance, diet, habitat and also include some interesting facts about their dragon.


In Maths, the children have used bar models and number lines to investigate equivalent fractions. They are becoming more skilled at identifying the numerator and the denominator and know that when the numerator and denominator are equal then the fraction is a whole and equals 1.


In R.E this week, the children talked about the message or moral code which Jesus Christ was trying to convey through the ‘Beatitudes.’ They considered real life moral conundrums and identified their importance.


Art this week involved the children using pastels, chalks and painting to create their own version of the Jabberwocky. These were really impressive but a little bit terrifying.


In ICT, Year 4 manipulated digital images of themselves dressed as Wizards/Witches. They manipulated the images to make them look ‘good’ and ‘evil’ using the Apple photos App. They investigated the effect of different colours and filters on their image and could explain why they made their choices.


In Year 5 this week, the children have been learning all about fractions in Maths. They have also been creating digital illustrations based on the text ‘The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig’ story and have written their own version of this story.


It’s become very clear this week that we have some budding web designers in Year 6 and they’ve utilised all of their ICT skills to design and create their very own websites. The children used the Google Sites platform to build their animal-inspired websites and then integrated a range of different features, including drop-down boxes and external links.  There’s also been love in the air this week in Year 6 as they marked Valentines Day by making cards in their Spanish lesson complete with Spanish greetings and some very eye-catching designs.

In their history lesson this week, the children ventured on a virtual journey back to the 9th Century in order to meet and interview Alfred the Great and discover what it was that made him so ‘great’. They used a range of secondary sources to enquire about this famous Anglo-Saxon king and his mission to defend Wessex from the vicious Vikings and their fearless leader: King Guthrum. The children then shared their findings in the form of an interview with King Alfred himself by using Avatarify to bring the legend to life! In RE, they’ve been learning about the Hindu belief in ‘Sewa’: a selfless service that is performed without any expectation of result or award from preparing it. The children really enjoyed linking their learning to last week’s lesson on Gandhi and they even created a word cloud inspired by his acts of Sewa.


We hope you have a lovely half term and look forward to seeing you after the holidays.


It has been a busy and exciting week in school! This week the children have celebrated Children’s Mental Health week. Our assembly on Monday introduced the theme ‘Growing Together’ and the children considered how much they have grown in the last 12 months. They thought of ways in which they can continue to grow together and how this can help us all to look after our mental health.

During the week the children have completed daily mindfulness sessions using the GoNoodle resources, which have included thinking about their breathing, how to destress and relax and how to grow strength and confidence from inside themselves, through stretching. The children have also focused on the five ways to wellbeing and other activities to promote good mental health and wellbeing.


 On Tuesday the children participated in Safer Internet Day, a day for promoting a safer and better internet for all users, especially children. Staff introduced the theme in their class assembly – ‘Together for a Better Internet’ and all the children have taken part in age-appropriate activities to consider how to stay safe on the internet.


In Nursery this week, the children have continued their learning about Chinese New Year. This week has been all about tigers, the children know that tigers are part of the cat family but they are much larger.  They love the black stripes on their orange coat and have found out that tigers have very big teeth and use them to eat lots of meat.

The ‘Year of the Tiger’ has lots of different characteristics and we have been learning about some of them.


This week in Reception, the children have been working hard in Maths using the whole part model to add two numbers together and looking at the different ways you can make the same number. They have also been making their own 3D dinosaurs which look fantastic!


Year 1 had a fantastic day as they celebrated Diversity Day.  They looked at the celebrity Elton John. The children worked hard writing facts about Elton and his life, then researching the clothes and glasses he is famous for wearing. Following this, the children designed and made their own ‘Elton John Style Glasses’.


In RE the children have been looking at sacred buildings and this week they have been looking at the features of a Synagogue.


In Year 2 this week, the children have been learning about all things to do with shape. Their focus has been learning the properties of 2D shapes. They have used the new ‘Geoboard’ app to create a variety of 2D shapes and have discussed the number of vertices and sides each shape has. They have thoroughly enjoyed using their high level mathematical vocabulary!  


This week in Year 3, the children have been working very hard writing an explanation for the invention machines they have designed. They have been using some formal language and a range of conjunctions. In Guided Reading the children have been concentrating on answering a range of vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summarising questions about their text entitled ‘Stone Age Boy’.


In Maths, they have been applying their prior knowledge and completing some Maths assessments.

In RE, the children have been looking at different reasons why people pray. They have found out how people can pray to say sorry to God, to ask for forgiveness, to ask for help or to say what they are thankful for. The children had lots of lovely ideas for what they are thankful for.


In History, they have created posters on Seesaw about the Stone Age using their knowledge gained through the research they have conducted.  In Art, they have been creating their cave paintings.


In literacy this week in Year 4, we had a dragon attack. The children came in on Monday to scorched walls and a ransacked classroom. They pieced together the clues to predict that it was a dragon. CCTV confirmed this and the children are now gathering information about dragons to write their own non-chronological reports.


The Year 4 children have been completing activities for children’s mental health week. They had a workshop where they learned about anxiety and developed breathing techniques to help them calm down and refocus. The children also drew their support balloons depicting the people who helped them to grow. After learning about mental health and how we can grow together, the children measured themselves before they went home and then in the morning, when they measured themselves again, they had grown!


This week in Year 5, as part of Children’s Mental Health week, the children have been learning some new techniques for mindfulness following some of the GoNoodle mindfulness videos.

Some of our children have also been excited to receive awards for ‘Swimmer of the Week’ and for taking part in the Tameside Ten Pin Bowling competition. Well done!


It’s been another busy week in Year 6! In literacy, the children put the final touches to their debate preparation for the MCSP Debating Competition and then used the green screen to film the children delivering their superbly written arguments from some very ‘wild’ locations.


As part of their discussions surrounding Children’s Mental Health Week, they have been focusing on the five ways to wellbeing: connect, take notice, be active, give and keep learning. The children discussed the benefits of each of the five ways to wellbeing and the effect these have on their physical and mental health. The children then produced informative posters on Seesaw and reflected on what each of the five ways would look like in action.


In RE this week, they began by revisiting their learning about the Muslim Ummah (community). The concept really sparked the children’s interest last lesson and they still have some questions so they’ve been in contact with Imam Ghulam Moyhuddin from Ashton Central Mosque who has agreed to answer them for us! They’re really looking forward to reading his responses. This week, the children were introduced to the Hindu concept of Ahimsa (harmlessness) and have studied the life of Gandhi in order to discover how the principle helped guide him. They produced a stunning collaborative piece of word art about this inspirational activist too. There was real excitement in the room on Thursday when the children journeyed back in time to become Viking reporters and interview Alfred the Great. The children wrote their own questions for the king and then researched what his answers might have been. They then used the iPads to bring Alfred to life and record him responding to our lines of enquiry!



It has been a fantastic week in school! The children have thoroughly enjoyed coming to school in non-uniform and celebrating Diversity Day. The children looked great in their bright rainbow colours and have enjoyed exploring the lives of a range of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists and activists, all of whom achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream.


On Thursday Years 4, 5 and 6 enjoyed participating in workshops led by Molly from ‘Give Racism the Red Card’ charity. They were able to explore and discuss the prevalence of racism within our society today. Years 5 and 6 then welcomed a team from Odd Arts who performed a play and workshop exploring the life of Manchester Boxing Legend Len Johnson, as a tool for challenging racial discrimination & celebrating our collective history.


In Nursery this week the children have had a very exciting time travelling to China. They enjoyed boarding the aeroplane and having their passports checked. They have learnt all about how Chinese people celebrate the lunar new year and finding out that this year it is the year of the tiger. The children have enjoyed tasting Chinese food, looking at and handling traditional Chinese New Year artefacts, making dragon crafts and playing in the Chinese restaurant.  


In Reception, the children have also been celebrating Chinese New Year. They have enjoyed tasting spring rolls, noodles and dipping their prawn crackers in sweet chilli sauce. The children have also had a go at writing their numbers in Chinese and decorating their own Chinese dragon.


In Year 1, the RE topic this half term has been looking at ‘Sacred Places’. This week the children have been looking at photographs and videos of a Mosque and have been finding out about the rules that Muslims follow when visiting the mosque to worship and socialise.


In Year 2 this week, the children have had a visit from a meerkat called Sunny! He left the class lots of clues about his adventures so far and gave us a fantastic book called ‘Meerkat Mail.’


In Science the children have enjoyed learning about the life cycles of various animals. They visited our school ducks to help us complete the life cycle of a duck. Mrs Willcox has been very impressed with the Scientific vocabulary that has been used in class this week, we have lots of budding scientists!  


In Maths, Year 3 have been working hard with their times tables and dividing 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers and they have been using a range of methods to do this. In Literacy, the children have been looking at explanation texts and have ordered a text, identified the features in the texts, designed their own inventions and created their plan for when they start writing their own explanation texts.


In RE, the children have been looking at the three main prayers for Christians, Muslims and Hindus. They listened to these prayers, read them and then compared them to identify any similarities and differences. 


In PE, the children have been enjoying practising their shooting skills and the class have had a few goals scored. In Art, they have been looking at Cave Paintings. The children looked at some examples of paintings in caves around the world and identified what was on the paintings. They have had a practice at creating some of these in their sketch books.


It has been a busy week in Year 4 this week. In Literacy, the children have planned and written explanations on ‘How a magic broomstick works.’ They watched Room on the Broom and tried out broomsticks in the playground, helping them develop their understanding and use of cause and effect sentences.


In Art, the children used different media to create six identical pictures. They experimented with shading and using pressure to create depth of colour.


In Science this week, the children were investigating sound, they marked distance in metres and then moved away from a ringing alarm. They had to stop when they couldn’t hear the sound. The children learned that sound gets quieter the further away you are from the source. The children were also able to send secret messages through string telephones.


Maths this week focussed on finding area by counting squares. The children used post it notes to create shapes with the same area - including rectilinear shapes - and could find the area of chocolate bars with missing pieces by using their understanding of multiplication.


On Friday it was diversity day. The children dressed in our rainbow colour (pale blue) and studied Harriet Tubman. We had a great time using Kahoot games to develop our understanding of why Harriet was so influential and produced some beautiful art work to celebrate her achievements.


In Year 5 and 6, the children have been delving into issues surrounding diversity this week and we’ve been blown away by the maturity the children have demonstrated and the thoughtful contributions they’ve made to classroom discussion.


On Thursday, they thoroughly enjoyed taking part in two different workshops on the theme of anti-racism – the workshops aimed to provoke thoughtful discussion and educate the children about the prevalence of racism in our society both in the past and in the present. The first workshop involved a group of actors bringing to life the true story of Len Johnson, a Mancunian boxer who battled racism throughout his career and beyond. His determination to stand up and make positive change through peaceful protest was both inspirational and fascinating and his bravery inside the ring and outside the ring gave us real food for thought - they’re now keen to find out even more about this local hero. The children were enthralled by the performance and were even given the opportunity to improvise and involve themselves in a scene set at a Black Lives Matter protest. Their second workshop encouraged the children to challenge different stereotypes and explore what racism actually is and what are its root causes. The children thoroughly enjoyed studying several high-profile sportspeople and working with a representative from the ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ charity to deepen their understanding and challenge their thinking.


Diversity Day was a huge success in Year 5 and 6. Year 5 used the day to study and celebrate local fashion designer Vivienne Westwood by launching their very own Project Runway! They used all the tools at their disposal to re-purpose old clothing in to brand-new fashion showstoppers – their creativity truly knew no bounds and we’re sure that Vivienne herself would be very impressed. Year 6 took their inspiration from Emmeline Pankhurst on Diversity Day. The children established their own lines of enquiry in order to find out everything they could about the Manchester-born Suffragette before writing their very own persuasive speeches and using the magic of digital art to travel back in time and deliver them in Edwardian Manchester.


The children have had a busy and exciting week in school. We have said a very fond farewell to Father David who is leaving Mossley to begin a new adventure in North Walsham, Norfolk. Father David has been a huge part of our school and the wider community and has been a source of support and a huge advocate for Micklehurst All Saints and the other Church Schools in Mossley. We are going to miss him very much and we know he will be a hard act to follow. We wish Father David and Mother Penny our very best wishes for their next adventure.


Our Year 4 and 5 children have enjoyed working with Freddy Fit to train to become a Play Leader so they can lead our ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ sessions each day and support our younger children on the playground at lunchtimes.


As it’s National Befriending Week, Year 6 have taken the opportunity to spread some kindness and share a smile with members of our local community this week. On Thursday, they zoomed in to Sandon House Care Home in Mossley, and treated the residents to a performance of ‘A Million Dreams,’ one of their favourite songs. It was lovely to see the reactions of the residents and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience!


In Nursery this week, the children have been continuing with their learning about keeping healthy and healthy eating. They have been tasting a range of fruit and describing the taste. As you will see from the photos in the gallery, lemons were not their favourite!


In Reception, the children have been enjoying learning about dinosaurs. They have been looking at non-fiction texts to find out more information about dinosaurs and playing with the dinosaurs in the small world area.


This week in Year 1, the children have been writing their own version of ‘Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates.’ They started the week with talk for writing and creating their own story map. We hope you enjoy their video which can be found on Year 1's class page.

In RE the children have been looking at sacred buildings and this week they have been looking at the features of a Church.


In Year 2, the children have worked their socks off! In History they thoroughly enjoyed learning about Florence Nightingale and her incredible life. They used our whole school timeline to identify when she was born and when the Crimean war took place. In Science, the children have been using their working scientifically skills to compare, group and sort animals based on their offspring. They found this quite tricky but it sparked lots of scientific discussion. In Numeracy they have strengthened their understanding of multiplication and division and they all enjoyed completing their number fact families.  


This week in Year 3, the children have been very busy writing their own versions of ‘Manfred the Baddie’. They have worked extremely hard to use a range of time adverbial phrases, adjectives, conjunctions, commas in a list and inverted commas for speech.


In Maths, the children have been dividing 100 by 2,4,5 and 10. They have also been practicing the column method for multiplying 2 digits by 1 digit numbers. In Science, to start their topic the children have had a competition to see who could build a model body the quickest. They really enjoyed this and it helped the children label the bones in the skeleton.


In Guided Reading, they have enjoyed reading ‘Stone Age Boy’ and learning all about life in the Stone Age. They have linked this to their History topic and the children have been doing some research about life in the Stone Age using the iPads.


In RE, Year 3 have been looking at how Hindus pray. They have looked at the Puja tray and discussed and compared their own special items, e.g. books, people and memories.


In Year 4 this week, the children have been investigating pitch. They made their own instruments and were able to identify that when you plucked a thicker/longer string on a string instrument, the pitch was lower, and when you plucked a thinner/ shorter string, the pitch was higher. They also found out that when playing a wind instrument, if you covered the holes and lengthened the air column the pitch was lower.


In assembly this week, the focus was ‘Love’, one of our fruits of the spirit. The children were able to reflect on how we know that God loves us and have contributed to our in-class reflection area. The children are beginning to write and read their own prayers in this reflection area.


In Literacy this week, the children have written brilliant and very technical explanations on how a wand works. I think we have some budding Harry Potters and Hermione Grangers. We are looking forward to writing explanations on our broomsticks next week.


In ICT, the children went outside and took photographs. They were learning to crop and manipulate images. They used effects to change the style and mood of the photographs.


In Year 5 this week, the children have been working hard to multiply numbers using the column method. In literacy the children have enjoyed writing their 'Big Bad Pig' speech and are hoping to animate this next week.


In Year 6 this week in RE, they’ve been considering the importance of ‘community’ in the Islamic faith and finding out how Muslims build their Ummah (community). The children studied the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and thought about why he is such an important messenger and how he has inspired generations of Muslims to play such active roles in the Ummah.


Their science focus this week has been all things MOULDY! They’ve studied different types of microorganisms and looked at which ones are helpful and which ones are harmful. The children then planned and carried out their own investigations involving many slices of bread hung in some rather unusual places around the classroom - they’re trying to find out what conditions cause mould to grow fastest so they’re monitoring the appearance of each slice over the course of the next two weeks.


It has been another busy and exciting week in school. This week we have celebrated Healthy Schools Week and the children have been learning about a range of topics and participated in a range of activities from the Sex and Relationships curriculum. The School Nurse visited school on Tuesday and led workshops on healthy eating and keeping teeth clean and healthy in Nursery and Reception. She then worked with Years 5 and 6 and led workshops on puberty and changes to the body during this stage. The children have really enjoyed these sessions and the School Nurse was fantastic with her responses to a range of questions.


The children have also had a virtual assembly and follow session based on the NSPCC ‘Speak Out. Stay Safe’ resources. Each class has taken part in this safeguarding programme which aims to help children understand abuse in all its forms and to recognise the signs of abuse in a child friendly way.


In Nursery this week, the children have had an amazingly busy Healthy Schools week.  They had a visit from the school nurse, Janette, who came to speak to them about oral hygiene.  She brought her friend Mr Dragon who showed them his fantastic teeth, his toothbrush was huge and the children practiced brushing their teeth properly.  School have also bought the children a new toothbrush and their own tube of toothpaste to help them look after their teeth.

In class the children have played in the role-play dentist area, they have thoroughly enjoyed learning about what keeps them healthy.  Their healthy snacks that they made were enjoyed by everyone and they all voted for their favourite fruit. The winner was melon!

Nursery are looking forward to learning more about being healthy next week as well.


This week in Reception, the children have been learning about how to look after their class dinosaur. They have been thinking about keeping healthy and how this will help their dinosaur and themselves stay healthy. The children have been learning about how to brush their teeth correctly and enjoyed a visit from the school nurse who told us lots of things we need to do to take the best possible care of our teeth. The children have been brushing the dinosaur’s teeth and have made him some healthy soup using lots of vegetables.


In our continuous provision they have enjoyed making dinosaurs with dough and have been trying to release the dinosaurs from the ice. They have completed a writing task about their favourite fruit and wrote a set of instructions about how to make dinosaur soup. In maths the children have been comparing quantities, looking at the composition of 5 and one more/fewer than numbers to 5. They have also been learning how to combine two amounts together. They have had lots of fun this week!


In Year 1 this week, the children have enjoyed ‘Healthy Schools Week’. They have been thinking about the people who are special to us and people who they can talk to about their worries. They have also been labelling their body parts.


Wow! Year 2 have definitely had a challenging time this week trying to create their own Jewish Mezuzah’s. With lots of patience and resilience they managed to create their own Mezuzah and some of them even managed to write their own prayers to go inside.  As part of their SRE lessons this week, the children have watched the NSPCC ‘Speak out. Stay Safe’ lesson. Following this the children learnt about the NSPCC ‘underpants rule’ and they worked in groups to piece together an underpants jigsaw! 


This week in Year 3, the children have been writing their own versions of ‘Manfred the Baddie.’ They have been working very hard to follow their plans and use lots of exciting adjectives. In Maths, they have been using the column method for multiplying 2 digit and 1 digit numbers and dividing using the partitioning method.


In PE, the children have been practising their throwing and catching skills and learning how to defend the ball. They have also had some mini games of basketball. In RE, they have been looking at how Muslims pray and have enjoyed designing their own prayer mats.


This week in Year 4, as part of Healthy Schools Week, the children have looked at topics such as puberty, bullying, stereotypes and peer pressure. In Science, they continued to look at sound and vibrations. The children learned that the louder the sound, the larger the vibration. They were able to label parts of the ear and explain how they hear sounds. In Maths, the children looked at concrete, pictorial and abstract ways to multiply and divide 2 and 3 digit numbers by 1 digit.


In Year 5 this week, the children have also been taking part in a range of SRE activities including a visit from the School Nurse, who spoke to them about puberty and the changes that will happen to their bodies as they grow. They have also looked at different family types.


In Year 6 this week, the children have had another busy week. As it’s Healthy Schools Week, they have been taking part in a range of SRE activities, which began with a visit from the School Nurse, who told them all about puberty and the changes they can expect their bodies to experience as they grow. They’ve also been learning about consent and saying ‘no’ to things that might make them uncomfortable and the children enjoyed sharing their understanding by making digital posters that will educate others.


In literacy, they’ve been honing their persuasive writing skills and constructing adverts for Jub’s Hole. The children used a range of features, such as rhetorical questions, powerful vocabulary and the subjunctive form to entice holiday makers to visit this luxurious retreat. They also discovered Jub’s fate by reading to the end of their new favourite book: The Lost Happy Endings! The children can’t wait to create their own villains and write new versions of this fantastical tale over the next few weeks

It has been a busy and exciting week in school.


In Nursery the children have been focusing on their new topic ‘Winter.’ They have been making penguins linked to the information book they have been reading and making snowmen. They have also said a fond farewell to Mrs Schofield who is moving on to pastures new. She will be greatly missed but everyone wishes her all good wishes. 


In Reception this week, the children have been so excited by a large egg that appeared in their classroom. After a couple of days, out of the egg came a dinosaur and the children have been engaged in lots of writing opportunities to predict what was going to be inside the egg and then how they were going to look after the baby dinosaur.


This week in Year 1, Nora sent the class a letter and a book all about herself. The children have enjoyed listening to the story of ‘Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates.’ They have been looking at and describing the character Captain Horatio Fleet. The children have shared adjectives to describe Captain Fleet and then they have used these to complete a slow write.


In Literacy this week Year 2 have been creating their very own pirate dinosaurs ready for them to join Captain Stubble on his ship. The children are going to spend next week creating their own reports about our dinosaur. In History, they have finished off their ‘Great Fire of London’ topic by learning the famous nursery rhyme ‘London’s Burning’. The children sang the song altogether and then as a round, they then worked in groups to create a performance with percussion instruments.  


In Year 3 the children have had another busy week! In Maths, they have been multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. They have done this practically first, using the base ten equipment, and then have introduced the column multiplication method to complete these calculations.

In Literacy, the children have been retelling the story of ‘Manfred the Baddie,’ writing a diary entry in the role of Manfred and writing a character description of him.

In History, the children have begun their topic all about the Stone Age and have been ordering a timeline of events from the Stone Age period. In Science, they have been investigating the permeability of soils. They had great fun looking at a range of soils and using their observation skills.


This week in Year 4, we have continued to develop our writing techniques through our Wizardology topic. We have created potions and written some brilliant instructions for how to turn ourselves invisible. The children have really developed their use of time adverbials, adverbs for how, imperative verbs and precise nouns. They have been trying extremely hard to neaten and join their handwriting too.

In Maths this week, the children have been investigating factor pairs and written multiplication strategies. They used manipulatives and factor bugs to aid them to find factor pairs. The children have also begun to investigate square numbers and prime numbers.

Our Science this week was based around the topic of Sound. The children used musical instruments and their voices to identify that sound was caused by vibrations. We had great fun using, tuning forks in water – some of the children were splashed by the force of the vibrations in the water. Year 4 also carried out a school sound survey and using a map of the school, they graded each area from 1 to 5 in terms of the noise level. Can you guess the noisiest area of school?


This week in Year 5 the ‘Wondrous Book Club’ books were delivered, and the children were really excited to open them! This half term’s theme is Humour and the children are looking forward to reading their new books.


What a brilliant week it has been for Year 6! 

On Tuesday, a mysterious sack, which was full of items, arrived in our classroom - clues for their new literacy book! Using their awesome inference skills, the children discussed what each of the items were, and predicted who they might belong to. The sack contained: a knitted hat, a multi-coloured scarf, one tiny t-shirt, a six-fingered glove (strange, we know!) and even a pair of pink undies! All of the items initially led them to believe that their new book must be set in the winter season, or in a really cold country. However, they would soon learn that the items in the sack actually belonged to Jub, a resident of an enchanted forest, whose job it was to sprinkle the happy endings in to the world each evening…that explained why she needed six fingers! They’ve since written to Jub to help her out of a sticky situation and the children’s solutions have been simply spellbinding.

The children have also started a new unit of maths, where they’ve been challenging themselves with some tricky problems involving decimals. And in RE, they’ve considered the values that Christians hold dear and the concept of ‘a good thing spoiled’…they created their own trees depicting the values in action and the consequences of living their lives by following them.

Happy New Year! We hope you have had a good Christmas and a lovely break and that you managed to avoid any illness over the festive period. It has been lovely welcoming the children back into school and they have all been excited to see their friends and staff. Everyone is looking forward to the term ahead.


What a lovely first three days we have had in Nursery!  The children have started their new topic ‘Winter and what lives in the polar regions.’  They have read an information book all about Penguins.  Mrs Brown couldn’t believe how many facts the children have already learnt about Penguins.  In their number work they have been honing their counting skills and recognising numbers.  Their phonics lessons have been concentrating on their listening skills and what sounds they can hear, they have been ‘Faaaaaaaaantastic!’


Our Nursery class has also welcomed some lovely new children this week, we hope that they have enjoyed their first few days at Micklehurst and everyone can’t wait to get to know them better in the coming term.


In Reception this week, the children have been sequencing and following instructions to make sandwiches. They had a very sticky time!


In Year 1, the children have had a little surprise on their return to school on Wednesday. On the class whiteboard, there was a lost poster about a lost key. After a good search of the classroom, they were able to find the key and have since been busy writing a letter to Nora to let her know we will keep it safe. The children are also going to ask her a few questions too to find out more about her!

In Year 2 this week, the children have started their new literacy unit based on the text ‘Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs’ by Giles Andreae. The children have had lots of fun  making pirate dinosaurs out of plasticine.

This week in Year 3, the children have started their new literacy unit based on the text ‘Manfred the Baddie’ by John Fardell. The class received a note from Manfred, who had lost his Swag bag in the playground. They went on a hunt to find the bag and once the bag was found the children had a look to see what was inside and discovered it was all scientific equipment. The children then wrote a letter back to Manfred explaining the importance of being honest and not stealing. In Science, the children have been learning about Mary Anning and how she was a famous paleontologist and in maths, they have been consolidating their 2,4 and 8 times tables.


Year 4 have begun their very exciting Wizardology topic in Literacy. They have made their own magic wands and created a potion to turn themselves invisible.  The children have looked at instructions for how to drive a magic bus and highlighted the features of instructional writing - ready for their writing next week. In Maths, the children have used counters to consolidate place value of two-digit numbers and used partitioning to develop their understanding of the 11s and 12s times tables. The children have begun their new topic on Mountains in Geography and have used atlases to locate the 7 summits of world.


In Year 5 this week, the children have begun their new literacy unit based on ‘The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig.’ The children have enjoyed re-enacting the traditional story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ in preparation.


We’ve had a fabulous start to 2022 in Year 6! The children were confused on Wednesday when an intriguingly mysterious package arrived; it had been found on the path outside school by a member of the public and was addressed to ‘Year 6’. The package contained thirty gold pens that were labelled with the children’s names - we’re not quite sure yet what the pens are for but we’re looking forward to finding out next week and it’s certainly been fun trying to work out who left them for us. 


In literacy, the children have been brushing up on their visual literacy skills in order to make inferences and predictions about an image from their new text. They’ve also been introduced to the villain from their new text and they’re already busy building a character description of this intriguingly haggard and sinister-looking old hag. 


In RE this week, the children have been considering the concepts of fairness, justice, freedom and forgiveness. They considered different scenarios and used drama and role play to bring them to life in order to explore how different religions guide individuals to express their freedom of choice. 


What a busy week the children have had! They have thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas Bingo and Christmas parties. There was a lot of excited cheer running through school this week and some of our classes even had a special virtual visit from Father Christmas himself!


I would like to thank all our families for their support this term and especially over the last few weeks as we have collected all our donations for the fair stalls. The children had a fantastic time and we had plenty of prizes for them to take home.


In Nursery this week the children have had an amazing time! They have had their party with a visit from Father Christmas who knew all about what they have been up to this term.  He was very proud of the children and all the hard work they have been doing.


Nursery loved bingo, they were great at finding all the different Christmas pictures and guess what???? They all won!!! They finished all their Christmas crafts by making a bauble to hang on the tree. Rudolph won’t go hungry on Christmas Eve when he comes to Micklehurst because the children have made him some Reindeer food. What a fun week they have had!  All your teachers are very proud of you Nursery, well done!


This week in Reception, the children have been having some festive fun. They have been making cards and enjoying some Christmas crafts. They had a lovely time at their party where Father Christmas made a special appearance. He told us that the children were all on the nice list. The children are all very excited and looking forward to Christmas.


Year 1 had a great day on Monday. In the morning, the children made party hats and decorations ready for their party. Then in the afternoon, they had a great time at their Christmas party. They have also enjoyed getting in the Christmas spirit with a game of Christmas Bingo!


In Year 2 this week, the children have been making Christmas cards to take home to their families and have enjoyed making their Christingles. They have also been busy learning about arrays as part of their multiplication unit in Maths.


This week in Year 3, the children have been been getting into the Christmas spirit. They have made fantastic Christmas cards and calendars for next year and enjoyed their Christmas party. During the party, the children had a great time playing games, dancing, having food and receiving a Christmas present. They also had a lot of fun playing Christmas Bingo and there were lots of winners!


In literacy this week, Year 4 have written a persuasive letter to Santa to apply for the position of ‘Santa’s Little Helper’. The children put forward some very convincing arguments and Santa is going to have a very difficult job trying to decide who will get the job.


The children had a brilliant time playing Christmas bingo, they received prizes for getting a line or a full house and spot prizes were also awarded. Some children in Year 4 were extremely lucky and won multiple prizes! They made us proud by sharing with others who hadn’t won.


The children have had their Christmas party this week and looked gorgeous in their party clothes. They had lots of fun, games, and food at the party. They played pass the parcel, musical bumps and musical chairs. We finished the party with a game of Christmas Kahoot – the children were so competitive and had a whale of a time.


Our final bridge challenge of the half term was to build a bridge out of straws and sellotape. Again, we saw amazing teamwork. They were able to research, design, make and evaluate their bridges. Well done year 4 a very busy week!


In Year 5 this week the children have enjoyed making their Christingles for our Carol service. They have also been designing a sleigh to carry Father Christmas’ presents and using the Sphero balls to see which sleigh could hold and carry the presents successfully.


Year 6 have enjoyed a fantastically festive final week of term - their last Christmas at Micklehurst! They’ve been putting the final touches to their wintry narratives, in which the children have been writing in the first person to explore an alien’s first Christmas on Earth - they’ve worked exceptionally hard to use both ambitious vocabulary and a range of sentence structures in their stories to make them more interesting for the reader. 


They’ve also been getting creative in Year 6 this week - the children added their own touch to some traditional festive delicacies to produce some hilariously mischievous ‘Mince Spies’ Christmas cards that are sure to bring a smile to the faces of their recipients. 


Christmas Bingo was a big hit this week in Year 6 too - with some expert bingo calling from Mrs Lynch and a whole host of chocolates prizes at stake, the children’s eyes were glued to their bingo cards from start to finish! 


We like to wish all our families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Stay safe and enjoy a well-deserved break.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in school this week. The children have enjoyed their Christmas lunch and pulling crackers with their friends. There have been lots of Christmassy activities being done in classes and some fantastic Christmas displays can be seen around school.


In Nursery this week the children have thoroughly enjoyed being in Father Christmas’ Workshop.  They have been his little elves, wrapping presents, giving out toys and helping him to complete his jobs list.  Some of the children even made the elves Christmas pudding to enjoy.  Christmas dinner was a lovely treat on Thursday, the children really enjoyed the food, crackers and Christmas spirit.  This week the children have also been busy making lots of Christmas crafts for their families, we hope they are enjoyed when your special delivery comes home next week.


This week in Reception, the children have been continuing with their Christmas activities. They have been learning about the Christmas story, retelling the story using their nativity scene and have been thinking about what gifts they could give to the baby Jesus. They have also been enjoying a range of festive activities in their continuous provision, using the dough to make Christmas decorations, cutting out elves, making cards and Christmas reefs and playing in our Christmas shop. The children have had lots of exciting experiences this week and are looking forward to more Christmas fun next week.


In Year 1 this week, the children have been learning all about toys today and toys from the past. They have been comparing toys and looking at the similarities and differences. The children have also been finding out about special celebrations in different religions as part of their RE topic. The children enjoyed their Christmas lunch on Thursday and have been excited to complete a range of Christmas craft activities.


In Year 2 this week, the children have been spending some of their afternoons completing a variety of art projects. This has involved creating a beautiful Christmas window display using collage techniques and a fantastic Christmas tree door display made of multiple paper chains. They have all really enjoyed learning some new skills and their classroom now feels very Christmassy.  


This week in Science, Year 3 have been looking at the process of fossilisation. The children have ordered the pictures to show the process of fossilisation. In Maths, they have been learning their eight times tables and in Literacy, the children have been describing the characters from their story ‘The Weather Monster’.


In Geography and ICT, the children finished their posters about Italy which they have created using Microsoft Word. They really enjoyed their Christmas Dinner in class and they enjoyed listening to Christmas Songs whilst they ate.


In Literacy this week, Year 4 have been studying and writing poetry based on rivers. They have looked at the work of Valerie Bloom in particular. They have identified and used rhyme, repetition and personification and have written questions and answers, shape and acrostic poems.

In Science, the children identified positive and negative changes to local environments and could identify how this would affect habitats and animals. They were able to suggest ways we could help to combat these negative changes.


Geography this week focused on the characteristics of rivers. The children used FACTFILES of the longest rivers in the world to find out the length, location, source, mouth and uses of the river. They were able to find out their own interesting facts too.

The children really enjoyed their Christmas lunch on Thursday and everyone got to share their very ‘Corny’ Christmas cracker jokes. 


In Year 5 this week, the children have been finishing their book reviews for our Mossley Carrbrook Schools Partnership Wondrous Book Club. They have prepared some reviews to share with the next school who will receive the books, so they know what is in store for them in the New Year when they get to open their new box of books. They have also filmed their performance for the MCSP Christmas Musical Performance.


This week in literacy, Year 6 have been perfecting their narrative writing skills in order to produce some wintry stories inspired by John Lewis’ 2021 Christmas advert. They used a range of figurative language techniques to paint a picture of the festive scene in the reader’s mind before putting themselves in the shoes of one of the main characters to describe their first ever Christmas.

For their final piece of artwork this term, Year 6 have been combining all of the skills they’ve learnt over the past few weeks to create a masterpiece for our calendars. The children used their understanding of perspective to capture a picturesque Mossley landscape. They then used watercolours to bring their recognisable scenes to life, which even featured a well-known landmark: St George’s Church.

They’ve also been combining different ICT skills this week to put together their virtual Christmas concert. The children used iMovie and filmed various scenes using the green screen to produce their showcase of performance poetry – with that and our Christmas lunch too, it’s certainly feeling very festive in Year 6.


This week has been an exciting week at Micklehurst All Saints. We are pleased and proud to say that following our verification visit on Thursday, we have achieved the SENDIA award for our SEND practice in school. A huge thank you to Mrs Gorton, staff, parents/carers, pupils and Governors who supported us and took part in the process. We are looking forward to sharing our news with the Local Authority and our local community.


In Nursery this week, the children have begun to learn their nativity songs, the children are enjoying the new tunes and their favourite is "Flicker, Flicker". They have been discussing and learning about the birth of baby Jesus and how he is special for Christians.  The Christmas tree has gone up in the classroom and the children have loved making our Christmas cards for our families. The children have continued learning about patterns again this week to ensure that the knowledge is embedded and as you can see from their pictures they are doing very well.


In Reception, Christmas has arrived! The children have had fun in class this week as they have put up the Christmas tree, enjoyed Christmas crafts and wrote letters to Father Christmas. They have definitely got into the Christmas spirit and the children had lots of fun.


This week in Year 2, the children have been celebrating their success in their phonics screening check. All the children have worked so hard and all their hard work has paid off! We can’t believe some of the progress the children have made since they completed their mock screening check in October. Well done Year 2!


In Year 3 this week, the children have been  working in groups testing rocks to identify their different properties. They have tested the permeability, durability and density of each rock.

They have also been writing instructions for how to bake a cake in Literacy and in Maths they have been working hard learning their 4 times tables.


This week in Literacy, Year 4 have used their very best joined handwriting to present their ‘Green Ship’ stories in a book – just like published authors. We are so proud of them and have decided to display them around school. The children have also studied the features of poetry and have used talk for writing actions to perform Valerie Bloom’s poem, ‘The River’ linking to our Geography topic. In DT this week, their bridge challenge was to construct a bridge out of paper and paperclips that would hold 5 cubes. Once again, the teamwork was brilliant, and one group’s bridge even held over 100 cubes. The children are keen to know what next week’s challenge is and which group will be the winning team.


In their Maths sessions, they have moved on to multiplication and division and the children have used place value counters and place value charts to multiply and divide by 10 and 100. They have also been using their Math’s stem sentences to help them remember the methods for multiplying by 1 and 0.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Year 6 – the classroom has been cheerfully decorated with twinkling lights and there’s a real festive cheer in the air! The children have been enjoying learning some songs and putting together our piece of performance poetry for this year’s Key Stage Two virtual performance – we’ve even been watching the great Michael Rosen perform to pick up some tips from the expert. In Maths this week, the children have been tackling some increasingly more challenging fractions problems. They’ve even been working on their teaching skills and putting together explanations for the rest of the class about how to add and subtract a range of mixed numbers and improper fractions.


In their ICT lesson on Monday, the children continued to develop their 3D modelling skills as they were tasked with designing and building a virtual house, complete with doors, windows and a few additional decorations, including the odd swimming pool and some pretty impressive garden designs – our Year 6s clearly have expensive taste! On Friday, Year 6 took part in a live workshop delivered by The How People and designed to share with the children ‘Five Steps to Wellbeing Wisdom’. The workshop was an interactive and engaging opportunity for us to identify things that can trigger anxiety and develop a toolkit of strategies to help us regulate our feelings and emotions.