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It has been another exciting week in school! We welcomed visitors from the charity Show Racism the Red Card and Odd Arts who led workshops and a performance during the morning with Years 4 and 5 and after school they led training for staff on the theme of racism. This is part of a project Tameside are running and aims to raise awareness and critical thinking around issues relating to race discrimination. The children really enjoyed the workshops and it lead to some fantastic discussion.


Freddy Fit also visited school on Thursday and worked with our Year 4 and 5 children to lead some training to become a play leader. The children are looking forward to fulfilling this role.


What an amazing week the children have had in Nursery. They have had celebrating Chinese New Year.  They started off by going to the airport, checking in and taking a flight to China, Mrs Brown was the Pilot and Mrs Larnder-Cox was Cabin Crew.


The children have learned all about the different Zodiac animals and the animal who is being celebrated this year, the Rabbit. Most of the Nursery children were born in the Year of the Dog (2018) or the Year of the Pig (2019).  It was difficult understanding the Chinese language and they couldn’t read any of the Chinese writing in the Chinese newspaper. 


The food they tasted was lovely and they enjoyed the school lunch together, thank you Mrs Neville.


The week ended with lots of mums and dads coming to stay and play and they did lots of crafts and sang a song they had been learning.


Reception have been celebrating Lunar New Year! They have enjoyed exploring traditions and creating their own Chinese Lanterns. The children enjoyed tasting different Chinese foods, such as spring rolls, noodles, rice, prawn crackers and fortune cookies. They then had a go at drawing some of the foods and used their super phonics to write a sentence explaining which was their favourite.


Reception have also been looking at some new maths vocabulary- full, empty, heavier and lighter. They have enjoyed exploring these new concepts using practical resources.


In Science, Year 1 have been completing science investigations to find out why leaves lose their colour and fall to the ground in Autumn. The children have found out that in autumn the chlorophyll in the leaves breaks down allowing the other colours to shine through. The leaves need more sunlight to make chlorophyll.


In their investigations the children tricked a leaf into thinking it was Autumn and removed the chlorophyll from the leaves.


They also explored colours. To do this they have looked at felt tip pens and used filter paper and water to discover which other colours were hidden within them. It was very exciting!


This week in Year 2, the children have been consolidating their knowledge of different Continents and Oceans. They worked together in partners to match a variety of clues. In Maths, they have been learning about multiplication. They used counters to create different arrays – the children really enjoyed doing this!


In English this week, Year 3 have been working extremely hard writing their Greek myths! They have used inverted commas for speech, some fantastic adjectives and clear paragraphs. In Maths, they have been dividing 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers.


In Geography, the children have been looking at the features of volcanoes. They labelled a volcano and then looked at the features of a volcanic eruption. In PE, they have carried on with their unit on athletics and really enjoyed completing different relay races.


In Computing, Year 3 have been looking at different instruments as their sprites and creating a sequence of music using Scratch.


In RE, they have been looking at how Hindus pray. The children looked at ‘Puja’ and the contents on a shrine and a puja tray and then what special items they might put on their own shrines. In Science, they have been looking at a skeleton and answering the ‘big question’ of why they need a skeleton. They looked at the function of a skeleton, then researched which organs are protected by the skeleton.


Yet another busy week in Year 4.  The children have used Talk for Writing to help them to write recounts, started their new maths unit on measurement and perimeter and carried out further sound science experiments.  They used a new data logger app in science this week, which allowed them to accurately measure sound in decibels. 


In History, the children learnt about Roman soldiers and how well organised and disciplined they were and in RE they have been listening to, retelling and understanding the meaning of some of Jesus’ parables. 


And as if that wasn’t enough, they also enjoyed their ‘show racism the red card’ day.  The children learnt a lot about race, ethnicity and racism and left feeling really inspired to challenge discrimination as and when they see or hear it.


Year 5 began the week with a technical challenge as they were tasked with programming their Sphero robots to whizz about the school hall. There was a real buzz of excitement as the children got to grips with the coding app and learnt how to send the robots zooming in all directions.


On Wednesday, they thoroughly enjoyed taking part in workshops on the theme of anti-racism – the workshops aimed to provoke thoughtful discussion and educate the children about the prevalence of racism in our society both in the past and in the present. The first workshop involved a group of actors bringing to life the true story of Len Johnson, a Mancunian boxer who battled racism throughout his career and beyond. His determination to stand up and make positive change through peaceful protest was both inspirational and fascinating and his bravery inside the ring and outside the ring gave us real food for thought - they’re now keen to find out even more about this local hero. The children were enthralled by the performance and were even given the opportunity to improvise and involve themselves.


Their second workshop encouraged the children to challenge different stereotypes and explore what racism actually is. The children thoroughly enjoyed studying several high-profile sportspeople and working with a representative from the ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ charity to deepen their understanding and challenge their thinking. In the afternoon, it was over to the children…they were tasked with spreading the message about anti-racism as part of the Tameside Pledge and they certainly didn’t disappoint, there were posters, protests, poems and even some drama!


There has been lots of great work going on in Year 6 this week. In Maths, the class have been introduced to algebra, looking at expressions, forming expressions and substituting numbers for letters and vice versa. They are planning in English to write an alternative ending to their class novel – The Lost Happy Endings.


Combining both Computing and Geography, Year 6 have been looking at both physical and human features of North America and then zoning in on The Rockies, designing a website homepage to encourage people to visit.

This week in school we have been celebrating Healthy Schools Week. The children have been focusing on healthy lifestyles and trying really hard to ensure that they have a healthy snack and a healthy lunch box. Thank you to all parents and carers for your support and we hope this continues moving forwards.


The children have also been covering the SRE curriculum and learning all about Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World.


In Nursery this week, the children have been enjoying lots of learning about their bodies and what they need to be healthy.  They have discussed food that is good for them and what they should have in their lunch boxes or snack bags. The children enjoyed making and eating fruit kebabs, making yoghurt and muesli cups and making a fruit basket for our story ‘Handa’s Surprise’

With the unexpected snow this week, the children had fun running around and catching the snow in their hands.  Mrs Larnder-Cox even dressed up as Olaf the Snowman!


The children have had a fun filled week in Reception learning about how to keep healthy. Creating fruit and salad kebabs and eating them was their favourite part! They created healthy meals based on the eat well guide using paper plates, and talked about the delicious foods in ‘Supertato’.


Reception also had fun fruit printing using apples, potatoes and peppers. In Maths, they have focused on the composition of numbers to 5 and have been singing and acting out the song ‘5 Little Speckled Frogs’. In RE, the children continued their learning all about special places of worship and enjoyed looking at pictures and videos of inside a church. They have enjoyed playing in the snow and frost this week too as they continued to notice more signs of winter.


This week in Year 1, the children have been looking at the characters from the story book ‘Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates.’ They have completed ‘slow writes’ about some of the characters. Have a look at our photo gallery to see some of the work describing the baddie ‘Barnacle Bill’.


This week in RE, Year 2 have been learning about the importance of the Jewish Mezuzah. The children made their own cases and placed prayers inside in tiny little scrolls. During Healthy Schools Week lessons they have been thinking about how to keep safe – they looked at different situations and what the best course of action would be. The children also learnt about safe touches and not keeping secrets.


In Geography, they used atlases to locate the 5 oceans in the world. The children also recalled the 7 continents from last week’s lesson – it was very impressive!!


This week in Year 3, the children have been looking at the features of a myth in English. They have designed their own mythical creatures and then created a plan, ready to write their own Greek myths. In Maths, they have been multiplying 2-digit numbers by 1 digit numbers using column multiplication.

In Geography, the children have been looking at the difference between active, dormant and extinct volcanoes, identifying the ring of fire and locating famous volcanoes from around the world and seeing when they last erupted.  


In Computing, they continued with their unit using ‘Scratch’. They have been able to create new ‘sprites’ and make these move following a sequence. In RE, the children have been looking at how Muslims pray and they have looked at what is needed during Muslim prayer. They have also designed their own prayer mat.


In PE, the children have continued with athletics. They really enjoyed learning to do the long jump and practicing their skills on the speed bounce. This week, they have enjoyed carrying out different activities linked to the SRE curriculum including looking at the early warning signs and the effects on our bodies when we don’t feel safe, how to stay safe online, understanding the difference between good and bad secrets and understanding our own personal space.


Year 4 have been hard at work again this week.  In Maths, they have spent a lot of time exploring a variety of efficient multiplication strategies.  They are beginning to realise that you don’t always need to use a formal method of multiplication as there are lots of methods and tricks which can be used to help you tackle problems mentally.  They have also spent some time looking at the formal method of multiplication this week and are beginning to understand when it’s best to use this method.


In English, the children have looked at rhyming couplets and alliteration and used their knowledge of these to write their own poems.  They have also looked at powerful verbs within their class text, carried out some conscience alley drama and have started creating a Talk 4 Writing story map to help them with their recount writing next week.


In Science, the children have enjoyed planning their own fair test, where they explored how to make the best yoghurt pot telephone possible.  They worked in groups and altered variables such as yoghurt pot size, pot shape, length of string and material of string.  They really enjoyed working scientifically and are trying their hardest to use scientific vocabulary during their discussions.


The children have been very busy in Year 5 celebrating Healthy Schools Week. The children have been learning all about puberty and the changes their bodies will go through. They’ve also explored feelings and emotions and they enjoyed creating emotion ladders and anger sandwiches filled with strategies to keep themselves calm.


They also had a visit from three Police Officers, who came to talk to them about staying safe online and avoiding anti-social behaviour. Their presentation was both engaging and thought-provoking and even involved making a bit of a mess with a tube of toothpaste – the children discovered that it’s far harder to get the toothpaste back in to the tube than it is to get it out just like pictures on social media…they’re quick and easy to send but impossible to get back!


In English this week, they’ve been enjoying exploring their new text, a twisted fairy tale: The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig. The children have explored the characters and the plot and giggled endlessly at the creative twists on the original text. They’re now busy writing diary entries from the perspective of one of the key characters.


It has been a busy week in school and the children have been enjoying their learning and activities in their new units of work. They have also been excited to receive their achievement certificates in class.


In Nursery, Winter has continued to be the theme this week with the children learning about climates and animal homes. They have been learning about penguins and practised walking like them too. 

They have painted with ice, rescued penguins from an iceberg and looked at winter colours to paint with. Congratulations to the new Nursery children for settling in so well, making lots of new friends and for learning the new routines so quickly. Thank you to all our other Nursery children for helping them along the way.


In Reception, the children have been learning about seasonal change and observing Winter changes. They enjoyed their very wet Winter walk around school, observing the bare trees and evergreen trees, rain from the sky, birds, umbrellas, hats and gloves. The children ticked the Winter pictures off on their clipboards as they spotted them. They also used finger painting to design a beautiful snowy tree for our classroom display.


The children have been busy using their super reading to read the words on the fish and feed them to the penguin too. Reception enjoyed reading Jack Frost and creating a Wanted poster for his disappearance, using their fantastic phase 2 phonics knowledge to write a sentence to describe him. They also had fun using their fine motor skills to build a tower. Reception have also been artists this week, creating mosaic art by cutting lots of different coloured shapes and sticking them onto black paper. Another super week of learning!


In Year 1, the children have been excited to share the portraits they have created in their after-school Arts and Crafts club. Please look at the photos, they are fantastic!


This week in Year 2, the children have been creating their own Pirate Dinosaurs based on the story of ‘Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs.’ In RE, they have been looking at a variety of Jewish artefacts.


In Year 3, the children have really enjoyed looking at the Greek myth ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’ in English. They have enjoyed doing some drama and verbally retelling the story. They have also created a story board of the myth, created a wanted poster for the Minotaur and written a diary entry in the role of Theseus.


In Maths, the children have been using their multiplication knowledge to answer related questions and have been multiplying and dividing by 10.   


In Geography, they have been looking at tectonic plates and have been able to label a map of the world’s tectonic plates and which plate we live on.  


In Computing, the children continued with their unit using the programme ‘Scratch’. They have been able to create new ‘sprites’ and made these move. In RE, they have been looking at why people might communicate, and they have created a list of all the reasons why we communicate. They also looked at how we can communicate with God through prayer.


In Science, the children have been looking at the human skeleton and all the bones in the body. They have been able to use their scientific enquiry skills to conduct their own research to label the bones in the body. In Art, they have looked at a piece of artwork of Medusa, linked to our Greek myth topic, and they have completed some drawings of different parts of the picture.


Year 4’s first full week back at school has been jam packed!  The children have just begun their new science topic on sound.  They kick started this by carrying out a variety of fun experiments which really got them thinking about exactly how sounds are made.  They’ve started to understand that sound is caused by vibrations, but they still have so much to learn and they cannot wait! 


They also started their new history topic this week.  The children refreshed their memories on chronology, including the meaning of BC and AD, ordered key dates in relation to the Roman Empire and then looked at maps, which showed how much land they conquered during the height of their power.  They really were a force to be reckoned with and the children are excited to learn more about them!


Year 4 have also undertaken their daily Maths lessons where they have multiplied by 10 and 100.  They have done a really good job at carrying out some of the trickier reasoning tasks this week.  In English, they have explored more of the Escape from Pompeii text.  They have carried out thesaurus work, role play, work on inverted commas and performed a poem using the Reader’s Theatre technique. 


Our Year 5s have thoroughly enjoyed showcasing their scientific enquiry skills this week as they’ve delved deeper in to their Animals including humans topic. They’ve been looking at the development of the foetus during pregnancy and the children really enjoyed using fruit and veg to represent the size of the foetus at different stages – they were amazed by the fact that we all start out the size of a poppy seed! They also discovered at what stage the foetus develops lungs, joints and even fingernails. The children represented their findings in the form of a scatter graph and were very precise with the data that they collected.


In maths this week, they’ve been learning to subtract fractions including using mixed numbers and improper fractions. The children have been focussing on using a range of methods to find their answer and then discussing which is the most efficient for them – they’ve been impressing us with some fantastic mathematical vocabulary and some very accurate calculating too!


The children have had a lovely week in Year 6. In English, they have been perfecting their descriptive writing skills through their use of figurative language and expanded noun phrases. In RE, they have been building a ‘Code for Living’ whereby the class have been considering all the necessary qualities to allow a community to live happily and peacefully.


In Geography, Year 6 have been identifying countries in North America and in ICT, they are exploring what makes a good website.


Maths has been a massive highlight for the children this week. Having been introduced to a brand new concept – ratio, Year 6 have fully challenged themselves with some very pleasing problem solving abilities. They are really starting to build some resilience for the subject which is super exciting to see.


Happy New Year! Welcome back to a new term and a new year. We hope you have had a lovely Christmas and a nice holiday. It has been lovely to catch up with the children and find out all about the exciting things they have done over the festive period.


In Nursery, the children have had a lovely three day week back, finding out what they have been busy doing in their holiday and seeing if they had a very special visit from Father Christmas.  The children had a lovely discussion about their presents and wrote or drew pictures about them. They enjoyed listening to each other and asking questions about their gifts.


This week the children have also been looking at their names, focusing on having a go at writing them or working on the formation of individual letters.  They made snowmen using the letters from their names.


They are looking forward to the new children joining them next week as they begin to learn all about the season of Winter.


In Reception, the children have enjoyed settling back into school this week and they have used their super Phase 2 phonics to write a sentence sharing what Father Christmas brought them for Christmas. The number of the week is zero the hero and the children have been looking at the number zero in the environment, and sorting different numbers into the categories ‘0’ or ‘not 0’.


They have begun looking at seasonal change and what happens when Winter arrives. The children investigated melting ice this week and were mesmerised when they added salt to blue glittery ice and it made a crackling sound. A super-duper start to the Spring term!


Year 1 had a fantastic day on Thursday! As part of their History Unit on Toys from the Past they had a visit from a member of staff from Portland Basin Museum. This visit allowed the children to look at and play with toys from the past. They looked at how they have changed over the years and compared the toys with those they play with today. The children also had the opportunity to make a ‘Thaumatrope.’


In Year 2 this week, the children have been exploring where they are in the world. They enjoyed using atlases, globes and Google Earth to locate their town, county, country, continent and hemisphere. In English the children had a visit from a pirate dinosaur who trashed their classroom and left them a new book. They enjoyed reading Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs and they used their inference and prediction skills to answer a range of questions.


WOW in Year 3, the children have had a very busy couple of days back in school after Christmas. In English, they have started their new unit of work on Greek Myths. The children have looked at the myth ‘Theseus and Minotaur’ and they worked very hard to solve a maze related to this myth. They then watched a video of Theseus and the Minotaur and read a book about the myth. The children discussed the different characters and created different questions to ask them. They really enjoyed reading this myth.


In Maths, they have been completing their fluency and reasoning assessments and the children have worked extremely hard with these. 


In Geography, the children have started their new unit on Volcanoes and Earthquakes. They have looked at their knowledge organisers and discussed some of the key vocabulary they are going to be using. They then looked at the layers of the earth and were able to label them.


In Computing, the children have started their new unit of work using the programme ‘Scratch’. They learned about the different areas within the programme and we were able to create an animation making their sprite move, make a sound and they also changed the background.


Despite only having a three day week, Year 4 have managed to pack a lot in.  The children have started their new class text, Escape from Pompeii and have used their senses to write a detailed description of the streets of Pompeii.   They have also begun their new guided reading text ‘James and the Giant Peach’ by Roald Dahl and have even managed to complete some VIPERS questions on the first two chapters.


In Maths, the children have begun looking at factor pairs.  Their times table knowledge has really helped us with this.  In RE this term, they will be looking at how and why Jesus inspires some people.  The children started thinking about some of their heroes and why they inspire them.  And finally, they have also had their weekly Spanish and gymnastic lessons.  Busy, busy, busy!


The children have had a great first week back in Year 5! In English, they’ve immersed themselves in to the world of Twisted Fairy Tales. They began by using role play to recall the events of one of their favourite classics: The Three Little Pigs. This proved to be absolutely hilarious (they had some particularly expert wolf impressions!) and it gave them the opportunity to establish the key features of Fairy Tales. The children then experienced their first Twisted Tale as they watched a riveting news clip that cast doubt on the wolf’s guilt – they’re now fully engrossed in trying to work out who is the guilty party!


In their science lesson this week, they launched a new unit of work focusing on Animals including humans. The children especially enjoyed turning detective and asking different questions to determine their secret animal identity – there was some brilliant scientific vocabulary used and lots of prior knowledge recalled too. Their enquiry skill for this week’s lesson involved looking for patterns and they made predictions about the gestation periods of a number of different insects and mammals.


Happy New Year to Year 6! They’ve had a lovely first few days back – caught up, and then got straight down to their new learning. In both English and Guided Reading, they have been making predictions based on their new texts and using clues from both the front covers and blurbs. Lots of creative thinking to be done in the coming weeks.


In Science, the children have started with a greater emphasis on identifying enquiry types. Their new topic, Living Things and their Habitats has already drummed up a couple of great questions. In Geography, they will be looking at North America and comparing both the human and physical aspects of the continent. They are hoping this will link well with their digital literacy, as in computing, the children will be learning about how websites are developed. Busy, busy and all very exciting.








What a fun and exciting last week of term! The children have thoroughly enjoyed their fun morning of face painting and getting a go on the bouncy castle, as well as their Christmas parties, Christmas Dinner, Christmas Bingo and our Christingle and Carol Service.


What a busy and fun-filled week in Reception. The children were shining stars in their ‘Whoosp-a-Daisy Angel’ Nativity on Monday and enjoyed performing for their grown-ups. They had heaps of fun at their Christmas party; meeting Father Christmas was very exciting. The children have been using their super phase 2 phonics to write captions and labels for Christmassy pictures and played lots of festive maths games using a giant dice and mini Christmas trees. They have been counting down to Christmas with their felt advent tree and talking about what a special time of year it is for Christians.


This week in Year 1 the children had a great time at their Christmas Party.  They had party games, dancing, food and they also had a special visitor.


It has been a very crafty week in Year 2 this week. The children have made some fantastic Tudor houses. It was clear to see the children had really studied the key features of these houses and they have all made their own unique interpretations. At the end of their Design and Technology week they have also evaluated what they liked about the houses and what they would improve next time if they were to make them again.


WOW what a busy week Year 3 have had! The children started the week by having their Stone Age day to finish their history unit. They had a great day all dressed up and they enjoyed creating their Stone Age cave art using the skills they have developed using charcoal. The children then used clay to create their own Stone Age necklaces. Look how brilliant they are!


During Design and Technology, the children have been extremely busy with their sewing. They have made templates, cut out their material, applied their decoration and sewn their fantastic Christmas tree decorations. 


In RE, they have created their Christingles and learned all about the parts of the Christingle.


Well, Christmas is finally here!  Year 4 have had a lot of fun this week, finishing off their moving Christmas cards, enjoying Christmas dinner (served to them by the teachers!) and showing off their dance moves at the Christmas party.  They also enjoyed bingo, face painting and the bouncy castle.   Everyone is pretty tired now (especially the teachers) so they definitely need some time off to relax and enjoy some family time.  Happy Christmas Year 4!  See you in 2023.


Year 5 have been showcasing their impressive Design and Technology skills this week and in the true spirit of Christmas, the children designed and made mechanical toys to gift to family members and friends. They learnt all about gears, pulleys and cams before designing their own animal-themed toys with moving parts – they then worked incredibly hard to bring their designs to life and showcase a whole host of technical skills.


They’ve also been helping Year 1 to evaluate their Design and Technology projects this week too. The children were very impressed with their puppets and loved asking them questions about how they designed and made them.


As a special treat, they finished their Active Body sessions this term with a Table Tennis tournament in the classroom. There was definite improvement in their skill level by the end of the session and they had a brilliant time too!



What a fantastic week we have had in school!  It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas with Christmas Jumper Day and Key Stage 1 and 2 Christmas performances. What talented children we have at Micklehurst All Saints! Throughout each performance, the children spoke their lines clearly and confidently, sang beautifully and danced superbly.  They also thoroughly enjoyed performing to their families and friends. We are very proud of you all and we hope you all enjoyed it!


In Nursery this week, the children have been making candy canes, have enjoyed the Christmas café and have been busy writing Christmas cards. The children thoroughly enjoyed performing ‘Whoops-a Daisy Angel’ to the rest of school.


Reception have been full of festive cheer this week, enjoying their Christmas role play areas and completing the elves’ daily kindness challenge. After reading ‘The First Christmas’ Nativity story, they have worked super hard to paint their own stables and have been cutting, sticking and labelling all the nativity characters too.


Their phonics sound of the week was ‘b’ and they have been focusing on the difference between a ‘b’ and a ‘d’ sound and listening for the ‘b’ sound in words. They have also been working really hard with their Christmas Nativity and are excited to perform on Monday.


This week in Year 1, the children have been very busy in Design and Technology designing and making puppets. They have really enjoyed it and persevered with the tricky sewing. All the children have worked very hard. How fab do they look!


In Year 2 this week, the children have started designing their Tudor houses for their freestanding structure Design and Technology unit. They really enjoyed looking at a range of Tudor houses and they used these as inspiration for their own group design. The children can’t wait to make their houses next week!


This week in Maths, Year 3 have been looking at the 8 times tables and dividing by 8. They have been working very hard with their times tables and are really enjoying going onto TTRockstars on their iPads.

In Science, they have looked at the permeability of soils. The children have tested the soils to see which was the most and least permeability and they really enjoyed using their observations skills when doing this.

They have been working really hard during their Christmas production rehearsals ready for the production today and have really enjoyed learning the songs.

On Tuesday, the children really enjoyed performing to their parents and family members during their Music lesson. They were able to show their skills playing as part of a samba band and sharing the songs they have been learning.


Year 3 have also started their Design and Technology unit, where they have been given the design specification to design and sew a Christmas decoration for a family member. They have carried out some research and are ready to start designing their decorations.


Christmas has begun in Year 4.   The Christmas tree is up and they have been spending a lot of time rehearsing for the school play and practising their Christmas songs!

The class have just begun their design technology topic, which is to use pivots and levers.  The children have been given the challenge of designing and creating a Christmas card which uses loose and fixed pivots and which produces an oscillating output motion!  Watch this space!


Aside from all the Christmas madness, they have just finished off their multiplication and division unit in maths and have just completed their end of term maths assessment.  The assessment included questions on all units taught so far this year (place value, addition and subtraction, area and multiplication and division).  The children did exceptionally well and should be really proud of themselves.

In English, the children have been gathering powerful vocabulary and writing similes for our Kraken poems.  They have made a really good start on them, but will finish them off next week.



The children have really been getting in to the Christmas spirit in Year 5 this week…the stage was set and the spotlight was on as Key Stage Two wowed a packed audience on Friday with their performance of ‘Away in a Spaceship’! We’re really proud of our Year 5 choir - they raised the roof singing some traditional carols with a special sci-fi twist!

In dance this week, the children thoroughly enjoyed choreographing their own World Cup inspired dance inspired by this year’s opening ceremony in Qatar.


The children have also been getting to grips with the news this week; they’ve loved reading the First News newspapers and summarising key stories to share with their peers. Our Year 5 Top 10 Books collection is proving a big hit too – our enthusiastic readers are showing a real eagerness to work their way through each text and we love sharing with each other which books we’ve enjoyed the most.

In geography this week, our attention has turned to looking at the causes and consequences of deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest. We were horrified to hear some of the shocking statistics about the impact of logging on one of the world’s most fascinating ecosystems.


It has been a lovely week in school. The newly appointed digital leaders have enjoyed their first training session this week. They focused on Christmas challenges using Adobe apps; they made an animated Christmas card, a festive video and webpage. They will be teaching their classes what they have learnt in the coming weeks. 


On Wednesday, some children from Years 1, 2 and 3 really enjoyed their afternoon at Denton Community College where they took part in the Pentathlon multi-sport festival. On Thursday afternoon, our Key Stage 2 dance group took part in the Urban Street Dance Competition where they performed their dance superbly.


The children are so excited about performing their Christmas productions for parents/carers next week. Don’t forget it’s Christmas Jumper Day next Wednesday, 7th December so get ready to get festive and wear your Christmas Jumpers or other Christmas accessories and let’s get in the Christmas spirit!


In Nursery this week, the children have had so much fun as they have been introduced to the story of the Nativity. They have also enjoyed turning the classroom into a Christmas Workshop, Christmas Café and the writing area into a Post Office. The children have learnt about the importance of Christmas and the people that came to visit Jesus.  Our Christmas production is also coming along nicely and they cant wait to share it with you. 


This week in Reception the children have been been busy making some Christmas crafts (using lots of festive glitter!) They were so excited to find that two of Father Christmas’ elves- Jingle and Belle have come to stay with us until Christmas!


The children used their phonics to write a letter telling them all the ways they have been good this year. In Maths, they have been learning about the difference between day and night. The children have also enjoyed writing their tricky words in the Christmas glitter and playing in their elves workshop role play area.


In Year 1 this week, to celebrate their work on the story of Lost and Found, the children have had a penguin party. They will be writing a recount of their party to share next week. They had great fun making penguin hats, eating delicious food, going on a chocolate hunt and singing a snowman song.


This week in Year 2, the children have been completing their History unit based on The Great Fire of London. They really enjoyed finding out about how London was rebuilt and looking at some of Sir Christopher Wren’s designs. They then finished their topic by creating their information booklet which explained what happened before, during and after the fire. Next week, the children are going to begin their D+T project where they are making Tudor houses – they can’t wait!


In Year 3 this week, the children have been writing their own instructions for the Weather Monster’s birthday cake in their English lessons. In Maths, they have been looking at the three times tables and dividing by three.


In RE, they have been looking at Humanism values and in Science, they have looked at the famous paleontologist Mary Anning and why her work was important.


In History, the children have looked at the changes from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and how these developments have helped with technology. In Spanish, they have been learning how to talk about the weather. The class have been working extremely hard when practising their songs for the Christmas production.


The children have been super busy again this week in Year 4. They finally finished and self-assessed their character descriptions and have done some work on multiplying and dividing numbers by 1 and itself. Next week, they are going to be writing some poetry on the legendry creature, the Kraken and so the children have been gathering powerful vocabulary for this.  They have used thesauruses to find synonyms for non exciting words like ‘big’, ‘scary’ and ‘ugly’ so that we can use new vocabulary in our poems.


In geography, the children have been looking at how human activity can affect rivers.  In RE, they have continued learning about different celebrations, focussing on Judaism and Shabbat. They enjoyed learning about how Jewish people really value family time and use the Shabbat to spend quality time together.


They have also been busy rehearsing and learning the songs for the school production!


Things are looking particularly festive in Year 5 and they’ve enjoyed adding a little Christmas sparkle to the classroom. As well as perfecting their carol singing ahead of the KS2 Christmas Concert next week, they’ve also been making the final touches to their festive-themed Scary Tales. The teachers were truly terrified as they read their stories aloud and crowned their winning storyteller! Some of them were even given the opportunity to film themselves on the green screen reading their stories to a captivated audience – they’re busy editing them ready to share on Seesaw.


Towards the end of the week, the class showcased their drama skills as they brought to life the story of the Christmas Truce. They were able to take on a role, create tableaus and take part in occupational mimes as they learnt about what happened on No-Mans Land on Christmas Eve, 1914.


The children have also been very active this week – on Tuesday, they took part in a special gymnastics lesson exploring key steps routines and on Thursday, their Active Body, Active Mind sessions continued with an outdoor team building and communication session – they were tasked with finding new ways to communicate without talking, which was pretty tricky for some of our chatterboxes!


This week in Year 6, the children have had an intensive week and have practised a full SATs set up. One thing is for sure, the class have responded amazingly, and we are so proud of how each and every one of them faced it. Some fabulous outcomes too and certainly lots to build on.


Aside from the assessments, the children have continued their Highwayman unit in English. This week they have been writing diary entries from a character perspective. In RE, children have been finishing off their church designs and in science, Year 6 have been looking at building a working heart. Rehearsals for the Christmas Production are becoming super exciting now! The class have learnt lines and are considering their drama elements and cannot wait to perform next week.


This week has been another busy week in school.


In Nursery, ‘Patterns’ has again been the focus this week.  The children have been part of the ‘Amazing Elmer’s Band’ making patterns with instruments and making our own rhythms.

During phonics they have been listening to and repeating rhythms, the children have learnt how many syllables are in all their names and can clap them out.


They have enjoyed a variety of different matching games, finding pairs and explaining what is the same or different. The children particularly enjoyed the spot the difference game.


Reception have enjoyed their learning all about birthdays this week. They have sung happy birthday, made sparkly birthday crowns and used their phonics skills to label pictures of birthday celebrations. They used their cutting skills to make birthday cake hats for our teddies and made birthday cakes using playdoh.


Their number of the week is the number 5, and the children have enjoyed collecting 5 objects and putting 5 candles on their playdough birthday cakes. They enjoyed using their funky fingers and cotton buds to paint nail polish onto the fingers. Reception have also been super busy practicing for their Christmas nativity; they have the most beautiful singing voices!


Looking at our photos this week you may well wonder what Year 1 have been up to! They have been exploring light and dark and one of their tasks was to find equipment from inside their VERY DARK stockroom. The children found this difficult and realised that it was because there was no light to help them to see. They were then able to use torches to find their equipment. They had great fun playing with the torches too!!!


In Year 2 this week, the children have been learning about 2d shapes and naming and recognising their properties. The children were challenged to see how many pentagons they could make using 15 lollipop sticks. Well done to those children who used their prior mathematical knowledge of their times tables to work out that they could make three pentagons!


Year 3 started the week by having a special treat, the children enjoyed watching England play their first match in the World Cup and they loved cheering them on! 


This week during their English lessons, the children have been editing a set of instructions and improving them. They have also designed a birthday cake for the Weather Monster and started writing a set of instructions for how to make the cake.  In Maths, the children have been developing their understanding how to find groups and how to share numbers, they have also looked at the four times tables and dividing by four.


In RE, they have been finding out about Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The children looked at the Trimurti and the Gods. In Science, the children have looked at how fossils are formed and studied the stages of fossilisation and different types of fossils.


In History, they became archaeologists. They looked at clues and discussed how they knew what life was like in the Neolithic village of Skara Brae. In Spanish, the children loved learning all about Spain and the Spanish culture. They have been working extremely hard when practising their songs for the Christmas production.


It’s been another busy week in Year 4. The children have worked hard on their times table knowledge and have tried to apply this knowledge to reasoning tasks.  In English, they have begun writing their character descriptions.  The children are focussing on using powerful adjectives and conjunctions to extend sentences. 


Year 4 have had loads of fun learning about the different stages of a river too.  They watched videos, carried out research, drew pictures and tried to use geographical language to explain what happens at each stage of the river.  They also made up actions to go with geographical words to help us remember them.


This week in Year 5, they’ve been getting to grips with a new unit of work in maths: fractions! They began by finding out what the children already knew and using a range of manipulatives to create pictorial representations of what a fraction actually is. It’s safe to say that the children thoroughly impressed staff with their prior knowledge and their understanding of the related mathematical vocabulary – they especially enjoyed using strips of paper to identify different fractions and create their very own fraction walls.


In English, it’s certainly been a tense week as the children have continued with their efforts to compete in our scary story writing competition. They’ve used a whole host of techniques to develop tension in their writing and they’ve definitely been on the edge of their seats whilst reading each chapter…they can’t wait until the stories are finished and ready to share!


Our exploration of the Amazon Rainforest has continued this week too, with a particular focus on the indigenous tribes that call this unique ecosystem their home. The children were fascinated to discover all about these uncontacted tribes and worked in groups to become experts about one particular tribe before confidently sharing their findings with the rest of the class. 


This week in Year 6, the children have been working super hard, keeping on top of not only their work but also the added responsibility of learning lines and staging for the KS2 Christmas Play. They will be glad for a rest this weekend we think!


In both Science and Spanish, they have been exploring why exercise is important and how to stay healthy. Very impressive that the class can speak about this topic in not one but two languages. In RE, the children have been looking at examples of Christian architecture and are now designing their own church buildings. In maths, they are multiplying and dividing fractions and have also moved onto devising their own verses to the Highwayman poem in English.



It has been an exciting time this week as the children have been celebrating Anti-Bullying Week. The children marked the start of this week by wearing odd socks on Monday and our School Councillors lead an assembly to introduce this year’s Anti-Bullying Week theme: Reaching Out.


Classes have also started to get to know their songs and parts for their Christmas productions. Nursery and Reception are going to be performing Whoops -a-Daisy Angel, Key Stage 1 – The Nativity and KS 2 are performing Away in a Spaceship.


We have welcomed visitors from Safe Squad into school this week and they have worked with Year 6 to reinforce key safety messages, including online safety, learning how to administer CPR and personal safety.


Year 6 have also watched a performance about criminal exploitation led by the police. The children have had lots of things to discuss and consider which will help them to keep themselves and their friends safe.


In Nursery this week, the children have enjoyed learning all about being Unique, with the story ‘Elmer’ by David McKee.  The children linked their work with the anti-bullying week theme.  Their Mathematical development learning has been focussed on patterns this week; the children have tried very hard with making two step patterns, some of them becoming very proficient.


During iPad time this week, the class have enjoyed using the Chatterpix app, the children took pictures of Elmer and then used their own voice recording to make him speak.


This week’s topic of ‘friendship’ was lots of fun for Reception! They read ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers and talked about how they could be a kind and caring friend to others. The children enjoyed making friendship bracelets, friendship chains and writing cards for one another. In Maths, they have been learning about numbers 4 and 5 and the children have enjoyed exploring these numbers in provision and comparing them on 5 frames. Forest school was heaps of fun this week too!


During Anti Bullying week, Year 1 have been thinking about what makes a good friend. They have written a list of what a good friend does and how someone who is not a good friend might behave. They have also thought about their own friends, thinking about what they play together and what they do to help each other.


In Year 2 this week, the children have had a visit from the gingerbread men! They are still waiting to find out where they have come from.


In History, they have learnt about the events of The Great Fire of London and have created their own timelines. In Science the children enjoyed learning about how to make fabric waterproof – they explored how to use wax to create a barrier to the water. They couldn’t believe what happened and enjoyed recording their predictions and findings.


This week in Year 3, the children have been looking at the features of instructional texts during their English lessons and looking at quantities needed in the list of what you will need.  In Maths, they have been looking at equal groups, making arrays and understanding multiples of the 2 times tables.


In RE, the class have been considering what Muslims believe about God. They have looked at the names of Allah. In Art, they have continued to use charcoal and have been practising some Stone Age sketches using their hand prints and blending techniques.


In History, the children have looked at the periods of time during the Stone Age and the different changes that happened during these different periods. They really enjoyed their Active Body and Active Minds sessions again this week and they learned some more relaxation techniques during Yoga.


It’s been another busy week in Year 4.  The children have continued multiplying and dividing in maths, have designed persuasive posters in English and learnt about the uses of rivers in Geography.  In Science, they went on an invertebrate hunt outside.  Once they had identified several invertebrates, the children had a go at classifying them, using their observational skills and scientific language. 


Things are already looking a little festive in Year 5 as they’ve delved further in to the ‘spooktacular’ world of The Christmas Dinner of Souls! In the story, several gruesome dinner guests compete to deliver the spookiest tale possible in a bid to win the DEAD MAN’S JABBERERS and vanquish Christmas forever. Our Year 5s have created their very own scary personas and each received a bauble in preparation for their spooky storytelling…they’ll compete just like the guests in the story with their own festive-themed scary tales.


In RE this week, they’ve been investigating how Muslim’s care for the world around us. They looked at the teachings of Prophet Muhammed and discovered that he encouraged those of the Islamic Faith to care for the natural world and all of its inhabitants. The children then thought about some of the different ways that Muslim’s look after the environment today, including supporting Islamic charities that plant trees and by designing eco-friendly mosques, such as Cambridge Central Mosque. 


This week in Year 6, the children have had the blessing of two superb workshops which took into account our ever-maturing children, informing and teaching them about personal safety and any potential dangers they may face in society as they grow into young teenagers.


English became very analytical as the class began to look at ways authors like to manipulate their readers’ enjoyment through their use of language and structure. Using their text, they examined its use of figurative language and discussed how mood and suspense was created.


In Maths, the class have been progressing to answering multi-step reasoning questions involving adding and subtracting fractions. Science examined why our bodies need nutrients and how these nutrients are transported and in topic, they completed their piece about Mayan Gods. RE included both links to Art and Maths as the children looked at and produced their own examples of Islamic Art. Some very creative outcomes had!



It has been an exciting week at Micklehurst! On Thursday, some of our Year 5 and 6 pupils took an active in role in our annual Open Morning and Evening for prospective parents. They all did a fantastic job of showing our visitors around school and answering any questions they had. Our pupils were fantastic ambassadors for our school and we were all very proud of them.


In Nursery this week, the children have been learning about two mini themes.  At the beginning of the week, the class talked about bonfires they had been to and what they had seen.  They have used some amazing language when discussing the fireworks.


At the end of this week, the children have been learning about ‘Remembrance Day’.  They have enjoyed watching a BBC video which helped them to understand about what we are remembering.  The children have made poppies, roleplayed jobs that soldiers did and discussed how people would be feeling.


This week in Reception, the children have loved their learning which has focused on bonfire night and fireworks. They finger-painted fireworks using fluorescent paint and added lots of sparkles! They made 2D rockets and used their phonics skills to write sounds that fireworks make. The children made lists for a bonfire night party and drew fireworks using paintbrushes in sparkly sand. They made beautiful Remembrance Day poppies and used their handprints to make a class wreath.


Filling our marble jar meant they had a class treat, making edible sparklers and watching the Disney firework show. Forest school was a fantastic way to end our week, learning our forest school rules and exploring our forest area.


In Year 1 this week, the children have been enjoying their PE session with Tom, our Tameside Active sports coach. They have been practising moving in different ways and throwing and catching balls whilst they compete against other children in a number of races!


This week in Year 2, the children have been learning all about Remembrance Day – this has involved writing an acrostic poem, using Clicker on the Ipads to write a report and writing letters to thank the soldiers. In Gymnastics, they have been working with a partner to create a short sequence that involves different ways of travelling and a variety of jumps. The children then used 3 stars and a wish to provide constructive feedback for each performance.  


WOW what an extremely busy second week back Year 3 have had! In English, the children started the week by writing some brilliant poems relating to Remembrance Day. They then received a letter from Tom asking for ideas to cheer his friend up. The children have written a list of ideas and incorporated these into posters, they have made some sun shines to cheer him up and baked him a cake. The class really enjoyed baking!


In Maths, they have been using their estimating skills to make an estimate to check if their answer is correct when adding two 3-digit numbers.


In RE, the children have been looking at Holy Trinity and the three parts. They used this to create their own trinity linked to their own lives.  In Art, they have continued to use charcoal and have been practising some Stone Age Sketches in their sketchbooks. In History, they have looked at how life was very different in the Stone Age and how they survived.  


This week in PE, Year 3 have enjoyed their Dance session again where they created their own routines and they have also taken part in their Active Body and Active Mind sessions where they have carried out physical activity and some yoga.


The children have had another busy and fun-packed week in Year 4.  Linking in with their class book, Pugs of the Frozen North, they have been busy writing non-chronological reports on Pug dogs!  The children have been trying their hardest to use correct features of non-chronological reports as well as including some grammatical features such as fronted adverbials and arranging paragraphs around themes.


In Maths, they have been working super hard, looking at arrays, multiplication and division.  The children have been focusing on the 3, 6 and 9 times tables and corresponding division facts.  They have been looking at patterns and ways to help them to be able to quickly recall times tables and divide number facts.  They have carried out lots of reasoning tasks, as well as playing some fun games like Hit the Button!


In the afternoons, Year 4 have been up to all sorts of stuff; learning about how we classify living things, about the significance of Easter and how Christians celebrate it and the features of rivers.  Not only this, but they have had their usual PE, swimming, Spanish and music, computing and guided reading lessons!  It really has been a BUSY week!


The children have had another action-packed week in Year 5! Their computing lesson this week saw the children take to the outdoors to investigate different filming techniques. They explored a number of different shots and camera angles using themselves as the subject.


In English this week, they delved deeper in to Lemony Snicket’s haunting world of Laszlo and The Dark. The children looked closely at the dialogue in the text and then used a range of linguistic features to write their own tense conversations between the protagonist and the villainous ‘dark’. They also used drama strategies to explore the thoughts and feelings of Laszlo as he made his way down the stairs to the basement to meet his fate; the children created a conscience alley and each contributed their own ideas about what was going through his mind at this pivotal moment in the text.


It’s been another fantastic week in Year 6 – it’s great to see the children’s’ attitudes to learning week in, week out. Last week, the class began their latest text in English – The Highwayman and we have seen some absolutely fabulous Police Incident Reports completed. In Maths, the children have been practising their ability to add and subtract fractions including some rather tricky reasoning style question for some.


In RE, they have been examining the differences between Islamic and Christian art. Topic has also held religious undertones, this time, exploring the polytheistic beliefs of the Ancient Maya. To top off an eventful week – Year 6 had a go at building their own pumping hearts in science!

Welcome back! We hope you have had a good half term break and enjoyed the holidays. The children are very happy to be back and are thoroughly enjoying their new topics and learning opportunities.


In Nursery this week, the children have been celebrating Diwali.  The children have enjoyed learning about a new religion and have been fantastic at asking questions.  They have made clay diva lamps, Mehndi hand patterns, created firework printings and enjoyed making and tasting mango lassi. They thoroughly enjoyed their ‘Stay and Play’ session with parents, carers and grandparents.


This week in Reception the children have also enjoyed learning about and celebrating Diwali. They enjoyed their ‘Stay and Play’ morning and have been busy making mehndi patterns, rangoli patterns and reading their class story, ‘Binny’s Diwali’. They have also used apple printing to make mini pumpkins and enjoyed their first forest school session!


In Year 1 this week, the children have been working hard in Maths. On Thursday, they looked at addition using the ‘part + part = whole” model. They have been using practical apparatus to work independently to solve calculations and record them on the tens frame. The children have also used visual representations such as the part whole model before writing their number sentences.


In Year 2, the children have had a very busy first week back and have thoroughly enjoyed beginning some of their new topics. In Gymnastics, they have explored different ways to travel around the hall. In History, the children used their ‘giant timeline’ to locate The Great Fire of London. They then looked at and compared what life was like in the 17th Century with the present day.


This week in Year 3, the children have had a great first week back at school. They have been extremely busy with all of their learning.


This week in English, they have been looking at books by Julia Donaldson. The children have read the story of ‘Zog’ and written some brilliant sentences to describe Zog using the past tense and including adverbs for how. They have also created firework safety posters and written bonfire poems.


 In Maths, the children have been subtracting two 3-digit numbers where they have exchanged in the 10s and 100s columns. They have also been adding 3-digit and 2-digit numbers using the column method. The class have been working very hard with their times tables.


In RE, the children have been looking at representations of God. They have discussed if God was a colour or a letter in the alphabet or an animal what they would choose and why. In Art, they have been using charcoal and practicing using this in their sketch books.


This week in PE, the class have enjoyed their Dance session and have taken part in their Active Body and Active Mind sessions where they have carried out physical activity and some yoga to concentrate on their mental health and wellbeing.


In Science, the children have started their new unit of Rocks and Soils. They have looked at different types of rocks and looked at natural and man-made rocks. The children have used this information to look at different types of rock including metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous.


The first week back has been a busy one in Year 4.  They have started their new book ‘Pugs of the Frozen North’ and have started carrying out their own research in to Pug dogs, ready to write a non-chronological report on them next week.


In Maths, the children have had fun exploring the area of shapes, counting squares and comparing the areas of two shapes.


They have started their new topic this week too.  Their topic is all about rivers and so they started learning about the water cycle.  The children even learnt the words and moves to a water-cycle rap!


In Year 5, their week began with a spooktastic feast of scary tales! The children came to school on Monday morning looking quite the part in their pyjamas and slippers before getting themselves comfortable and cosy in order to be treated to a selection of spooky stories, read expertly by our resident spooksters: Mrs Fernandez and Miss Jarman. The children were truly on the edge of their seats as they listened to the tales and then eagerly took part in a performance of Ian Seraillier’s classic poem: The Visitor. The morning gave them the opportunity to launch their new Scary Tales unit in style and they can’t wait to get writing!


They were also thrilled to receive their Wondrous Book Club box from Mossley Hollins this week; the children were each treated to a wrapped up mystery book that they’ll enjoy this half term.


In PE, they took part in their first Active Body, Active Mind session this week with a focus on team work and communication; the children thoroughly enjoyed the team challenges and learnt a lot about communicating effectively with their peers.


It’s been a busy week in Year 6 this week! On Wednesday, six of our class represented Micklehurst in the MCSP Maths Challenge. All performed amazingly and we achieved 3rd place – couldn’t be more proud. Following that, after school on Thursday, four children buckled up for an exciting debate against other Mossley schools in a debating competition. Although the team did not win, they held themselves excellently, driving their arguments forwards and presenting themselves extremely professionally. In class, the children have started many new topics; they are looking at the Mayan Civilisation, the circulatory system and religious architecture. In English, they have turned themselves into detectives to report on some dastardly goings on…


On Monday our Ethos Group led our assembly about Diwali. This was the first assembly they have led this academic year and our new Ethos Group members did a great job. A great start to the week, well done everyone!


This week, some of our children in Key Stage 2 attended Tameside’s Ten Pin Bowling competition and really enjoyed honing their skills on the bowling lanes. For some, it was their first time bowling and they had a fantastic time.


Our Year 3 children have enjoyed their Modern Foreign Languages morning at Mossley Hollins where they consolidated numbers and colours through song and dance, learned about Spanish foods and had the opportunity to taste some of these, participated in a session about various Spanish festivals involving arts & crafts and learned to express their opinion in Spanish. They had an amazing time!


The final week for this half term in Nursery has been full of fun.  The children have continued to enjoy learning about Autumn.  They have learnt about nocturnal animals, their favourite being Owls.  The book ‘Owl Babies’ has been their book of the week.  The children have made an owl nest in clay and then collected bedding of leaves, twigs and feathers.


Fun was had baking a fruit pie, the children rolled the pastry, layered in the fruit and then put the topping on.  We are very lucky that Mrs Neville was able to cook the pie for us.  Lots of us tried the pie, we didn’t all like it!


Changes to the weather has meant the children have enjoyed running in the rain like superheroes, followed by their favourite dance, Superhero’s Unite.


In Reception this week, the children have been learning all about staying healthy. They have enjoyed trying some delicious healthy foods, using their cutting skills to create a healthy food plate, using their fine motor skills to brush and remove food from the plastic teeth and using their phase 2 phonics to write a healthy shopping list. Retelling the story of Jesus and Zacchaeus using props and photos was lots of fun too. They have very much enjoyed their first half term in Reception together!


This half term, Year 1 have been looking at materials. On Wednesday afternoon they spent time performing tests to see which materials would be best to build a new house for the ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The children decided that Lego bricks would be the safest as Mrs Moorcroft could knock down the houses made from paper straws and lollipop sticks easily. They also spent some time exploring magnets and finding our which objects/materials were magnetic and not magnetic.


This week in Year 2, it has all been about Art! The children have spent the week exploring the use of different media to create spirals. They have listened to a range of classical music whilst exploring how to create loud and quiet movements with their bodies to create different sized spirals. They have enjoyed using chalk on the playground to create larger spirals. Their final piece involved using chalk and oil pastels to create a dramatic snail spiral on black paper. The children really enjoyed blending the colours and picking a media of their choice.


In Year 3 this week, the children have been writing their own version of ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’. They have worked very hard to use a variety of sentence types.


The class really enjoyed their visit to Mossley Hollins on Monday where they took part in a Spanish morning. They had lots of fun learning about numbers, colours, Spanish food, cultures and festivals.


In Maths, the children have been adding and subtracting two 3-digit numbers using the column method, exchanging a ten and a hundred.


In RE, the children have been looking at the different uses of the Bible and how people may use the Bible in their lives.  In Geography, they have been looking at the culture of Italy and have looked at music, family, religion, food, fashion and carnivals. They have enjoyed looking at these different aspects of Italian culture.


Year 4 have had a fun-packed last week.  Not only did they visit a Hindu mandir, but they have also enjoyed ‘Art week’. The children weren’t able to take photos in the mandir, as it is a place of worship.  However, their guide did let us take a few of them enjoying the day and learning how to complete a Hindu blessing.


Their art week has been all about patterns.  They have created surface patterns by piercing holes in paper and patterns with rulers. The children have enjoyed learning about artists who use patterns in their work, such as Shaheen Ahmed, Morris Escher and Bridget Riley. Both Escher and Riley use tessellated shapes in their work.  The class have used their art-work to inspire their own. The children have made their own tessellation templates this week and have begun drawing around them.  After that, they added colour, using Riley’s vibrant tessellation art-work to guide them. 


The children have enjoyed being very creative in Year 5 this week; the children have been developing their art skills throughout the week by exploring mixed media land and city scapes. They’ve looked at several different landscape artists and explored their processes, discovering how they use their sketchbooks to sample different media and make marks that eventually inspire their final piece. The children loved using ink in different dilutions to practise mark making and explore various landscape features. They’ve also been using chalk pastels, biros and watercolour this week to compose their own landscape art and create front covers for the books they’ve been writing in their English lessons about their own unique civilisations – they can’t wait to put them all together and marvel at their final products.


It's been another great week in Year 6. In English, they children have conducted a debate to discuss the notion of ‘Should the voting age be lowered to 13’. In class, they are now recording their work in the form of a formal balanced argument.


Maths has been about deepening their understanding of how factors and partitioning can help them to become more confident with their arithmetic work. The children have also touched on division with remainders in the form of problem-solving questions.


In Science, the class have assessed what they have remembered from their evolution topic and looked at the advantages and disadvantages of adaptation and in Geography, they have written a weather report. Please enjoy our Art pictures as we continue our flowers unit, this week using clay and 3D modelling. Here’s to a restful and well deserved half term break!

It has been a very exciting week for our Y6 children who have spent three days at Crowden Activity Centre in Glossop for their Y6 Residential. They have had a fantastic time and have enjoyed the challenges of crate stacking, river walking, weazeling and paddle sport. They have all come back full of tales of their time at Crowden but extremely tired. They were all very well behaved and staff were very proud of everyone!


Our Y6 children taking part in their Junior Award Scheme for School (JASS) have also completed part of their award by delivering our harvest festival donations to Mossley Foodbank this week. The children helped to unpack the tins and packets, check dates and sort them into the right categories before replenishing the shelves for our community to benefit from.


Some of our Y5 children participated in the heats of the Tameside School Games Tag Rugby competition this week. They played brilliantly as a team and showed good skill but unfortunately it wasn’t enough, on this occasion, to get them through to the next round of the competition.


In Nursery this week the children have been learning all about Autumn and the changes that take place.  They had a lovely walk around school looking at the different things we could see that had changed.  They noticed that the leaves had changed colour and had fallen on the floor.


In class, the children have been learning some new songs about what happens to the animals in Autumn and how they need us to look after them. They also talked about Harvest and what happens during this time. They have made their own scarecrows and planted some vegetables.


This week in Reception, the children have been learning about their wonderful bodies. On Monday, they drew around Oliver and labelled his body parts using our phase 2 phonics skills. They enjoyed their ‘squiggle whilst you wiggle’ dance and have been using their fine motor cutting skills to snip spaghetti and to decorate a pirate.


The children have also been enjoying the new season of Autumn; they have used leaf rubbing and leaf printing to create an autumn scene and made repeating patterns using autumn leaves and conkers. Using heaps of glitter and shiny scales, the children have finished decorating their beautiful rainbow fish and have been learning about Jesus and his special friends by acting out the bible story of ‘Jesus and the first disciples’.


In RE Year 1, the children have been looking at stories from the Bible. This week they have shared and discussed the story of ‘The Good Samaritan’. The children have then worked hard and enjoyed acting out the story.


In Year 2 this week, the have been ‘scientists’ – they have used a range of working scientifically skills to investigate which materials can change shape. They then recorded their findings in a table and answered questions about what the data showed them. There are lots of budding scientists in Year 2.


In Music, the children have been listening and appraising the famous song ‘Eye of the tiger’ – the children loved it that much that we also added our own dance moves.


This week in English in Year 3, the children have been designing their own character for their own version of ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’. They have written plans for their stories and started writing the beginning of these.


In Maths, they have been adding and subtracting two 3-digit numbers using the column method.


In RE, the class have been to Mossley Methodist church where they took part in Experience Harvest. The children have looked at the link between harvest and the fruits of the spirit: patience, joy, peace, humility and generosity. They looked at five parts of harvest; harvest of the flock, harvest of the earth, harvest of the sea and harvest of the grain.


In Geography, the children have been looking at the human features of Italy. They have looked at famous landmarks in different cities across Italy. These have included Milan, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Colosseum and The Grand Canal in Venice.


In Science, they have been looking at the scientific language of transparent, translucent and opaque. The children have tested different materials to see if they are transparent, translucent or opaque and have discovered if they allowed some or no light through.


It’s been another busy week in Year 4. In Maths the children have been using the column method to subtract with exchanges.  It’s quite tricky, but they have really persevered and done a great job.


In English, the class finished off their amazing newspaper reports and have started their next writing challenge, which is writing instructions for how to cross The River Nile. They have had fun researching famous Egyptian landmarks and drawing their own maps to help them with this task.


Perhaps, their most exciting lesson this week though, was their science lesson.  Last week the children designed their own fair test and this week they set it all up. The test is to find out which liquids affect teeth and cause tooth decay.  The children have placed hard-boiled eggs in different types of liquid because egg shells are similar to tooth enamel. They are carefully observing the eggs on a daily basis to see what affect the different liquids have on them. 


This week in Year 5, the children have embarked upon a new unit of work in English: newspaper report writing. Our budding young journalists began by writing reports about their brand new civilisations inspired by our Weslandia text…from Dylanlandia to Evalandia to Jaydelandia, their reports are hot off the press and we’ve been very impressed by their catchy headlines.


On Wednesday, they took to the TARDIS to travel back in time to 1955 and meet Rosa Parks. They discovered how her brave stand against prejudice helped to spark change in the USA. The children wrote some stunningly emotional poems about Rosa and they’re now busy researching further in to the events that surrounded her arrest in order to write their next newspaper report.


In PE this week, the class have been honing their Tag Rugby skills; the children have been practising a range of passing and catching skills and learning how to effectively pull the tags from their opposition.


What a week! Year 6 have been on their residential this week at the Crowden Outdoor Activity Centre and what an experience it was for them. For many, a chance to be independent, packing bags, preparing equipment. For all, several challenges had. For some, the first nights ever spent away from home. We are super proud of how all the children conducted themselves and faced their fears with some of the activities such as crate stack, night walking, kayaking, stream scrambling and weazling. In terms of pictures, here are only a very small select few of the children really enjoying every aspect of the trip. Now they are back in class, they are writing thank you letters to the centre; they will also be reflecting on how physical challenges can positively influence their mental health and then next week, they will be writing a report, detailing the exciting adventures they faced.






It has been an exciting week in school. We were thrilled to find out that we have won the School Commitment to PE award at the Tameside Active awards ceremony. Gavin Browne from Tameside Active came to present the trophy and certificate to us on Tuesday and some of our Y6 children proudly received it.


The children have enjoyed our Harvest Assembly today and we would like to thank you for donating food parcels, tins and packets for our Harvest Festival. Some of our Y6 children will be delivering our donations to Mossley Foodbank next week so we can support those families in need within our local community.


In Nursery this week, the children have been reading the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man.’ They have investigated floating and sinking using a gingerbread man biscuit in the water tray. The children have also enjoyed baking their own gingerbread man and linked this learning to naming parts of the body.


The children have been learning about their five senses this week in Reception. They enjoyed getting messy in their oranges and lemons tuff tray and making patterns in our flour tuff tray. The used their sense of hearing to go on a listening walk outside and they drew what they could hear.

Their favourite activity was using their sense of taste to try different crisps and guess the flavours! In RE, the children have been talking about being a kind friend like Jesus and have been making some beautiful iridescent rainbow fish for their display.

They have been busy in phonics this week too, learning some new sounds N I and P and they are beginning to spell simple CVC words independently using their new sounds- Miss Austin is very proud of them!


Year 1 have been working hard this week in both Maths and English.  In Maths, the children have been working with a ‘Part Whole Model’ to explore addition. In English, they have been writing their instructions for ‘How to make a Pig Mask’.


In Year 2 this week the children have been ‘scientists’ – they have used a range of working scientifically skills to investigate which materials can change shape. They then recorded their findings in a table and answered questions about what the data showed them. There are lots of budding scientists in Year 2.


In Music, the children have been listening and appraising the famous song ‘Eye of the tiger’ – the children loved it that much that we also added our own dance moves.


This week in Year 3 the children have been writing a letter to Polly, who is Plop’s mum in the story ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’ and they have suggested ideas why they like the dark. They have also retold the story and described Plop.


 In Maths, the children have been adding multiples of 1 and 10 to 3-digit numbers crossing the next ten or hundred. They have used their place value chart to help with this. In RE, the class have looked at the story of ‘The Prodigal Son’. They have discussed the story and the message of forgiveness and times when they have been forgiven and times when we showed forgiveness.


In Geography, the children have been looking at the physical features of Italy. They have looked on a map and were able to identify the mountains and rivers. They have also named these features and looked at some information about the mountain ranges and the rivers.  


In Art, the children have been doing some printing using the brilliant leaf designs they have made.

WOW look at their certificates. They have been working very hard!    


It’s been another busy week in Year 4, full of lots of learning and laughter!  In Maths, the children have begun using the column method to add two 4-digit numbers together.  They learnt how to do this in Year 3 and so they are consolidating in Year 4 and completing lots of reasoning challenges. 


In English, the children have begun writing their own newspaper reports.  They are using iPads to do this as they want to make their reports look really professional.


The class have done so much more, including PE, swimming and improving their technique when blowing into their clarinets.  Perhaps most fun though, is the weekly Spanish lesson.  The Spanish lessons are full of songs, role plays and games and as you can see by the photos, there is always lots of laughter and smiles.


In Year 5 this week, the children have been looking at how the planets in our solar system move. Two children were able to demonstrate how planets orbit and rotate.


The children were super concentrated in this week’s handwriting and it’s beginning to show in their books. Well done everyone!


This week in English in Year 6, the children have been continuing their Jemmy Button text. The class have been realising how well it links with some of our other subjects, namely geography and science. They have been working on their use of figurative language, writing descriptions, and beginning their first Year 6 narrative.


In Maths, the children are growing accustomed to using concrete resources to deepen their number knowledge. This week they have used multilink and counters to represent both square and cube numbers. In art, they are looking closely at flowers, using 2B pencils to create texture and tone. In RE, as we near the end of their first unit, they are now comparing how two different religions, or world views differ in their beliefs about life after death.


It has been another exciting week in school with children enjoying looking at and buying books at our Book Fair and raising money for Macmillan through our cake sale.


In Nursery the focus this week has been the ‘Three Little Pigs’ continuing to speaking about homes and families. The children have looked at what houses need to be made of so that they don’t fall down like the house of straw and sticks.  They had lots of fun testing which materials might not be good for building houses, using a straw to blow the houses down.


The children have been amazing at re-enacting the story with masks and using the large construction bricks to build houses. Mrs Brown has been very proud of how hard the children have worked in dough disco and practising using scissors.


This week in Reception the children enjoyed a walk around the local area to see what different types of houses they could spot; Miss Austin is proud of them for being super sensible and grown up during the walk. Harrison said, ‘there’s a semidetached house because the two houses are stuck together!’

The children have also impressed with their phonics work this week, learning the sounds ‘c’ ‘a’ ‘t’ and ‘s’. They have used super ‘phoneme fingers’ and have completed lots of activities based on their sound of the week- the ‘C’ sound.


On Monday, Year 1 were busy following instructions to make pig masks. They had a great time and later in the week, the children were busy writing instructions of their own. They have also been looking at the greater than, less than and equal to symbols in Maths.


This week in Year 2 the children have been learning about ordering numbers and counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. They have enjoyed using number lines, base 10 and number squares to help with their counting.


In Computing, the children have been looking at what makes a good picture. They worked in pairs to take a variety of pictures and added them to the class Seesaw page. They loved taking selfies!


In Music, the class have been learning a new song all about friendship – before their singing session they warmed up their mouths and voices and this created some very funny faces!!!!


In Year 3 this week, the children have been working extremely hard in English and using all their owl knowledge to write a non-chronological report all about owls. They have found lots of facts about the appearance of an owl, types of owls, all about Barn owls and what owls like to eat.


In Maths, the children have been adding 1 and 10 to 3-digit numbers and using and applying their place value knowledge of 3-digit numbers.  


In RE, they have looked at the story ‘The Temptation & Fall’ (Genesis 3:1-24). They have discussed how the serpent tempted Adam and Eve and thought about what temptation is. They have created their own examples to show when they have been tempted.


In Geography, the children have been looking at the different countries in Europe and have created their own fact files. They have found lots of information about the different countries in Europe.

In Guided Reading, Year 3 have started their new text ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’. They have worked very hard in reading the first chapter and answering their VIPERS questions. We have used the dictionary to define some of the words in the text.


WOW look at their certificates. Year 3 have been working very hard!    


It has been another busy week in Year 4! The children have finished writing their Egyptian Cinderella stories and have begun looking at the features of newspapers, ready to write their own newspaper report.  They had some fun, pretending to be journalists and interviewing their friends, noting down quotes for their newspaper reports.


The children also carried out a very messy science experiment.  The experiment helped them understand the digestive process and what happens with the undigested food!


In Maths, they have been rounding numbers to 10, 100 and 1000 and have used number-lines to help them with this.


This week, Year 5 have been producing science work that’s simply out of this world! Our team of savvy scientists have been researching the features of the different planets that make up our Solar System and they’ve used a whole host of ICT skills to present their findings in the form of an interactive planet guide.


In RE this week, they’ve continued to consider why people may or may not believe in a God. In order to gather evidence for their investigation, the children formulated a range of thought-provoking questions to ask an atheist and a theist; they were then given the opportunity to interview Kevin, a Humanist and Brian, a Christian. Their answers were fascinating, and the children developed a brilliant understanding about why these two individuals have chosen to believe or not believe in a God.


The children have also been working hard to plan their very own narratives this week. They’ve been inspired by their class text, 'Weslandia', to create their own unique civilisations and they’re thoroughly enjoying innovating different elements of the story. They can’t wait to get writing next week!


It’s been a busy week in Year 6 this week. In Maths, the children have moved onto factors and multiples and looking at ways of dissecting numbers using multiplicative and divisive laws.


In English, we have seen excellent progress in the children’s abilities to write descriptively. ICT was one of our favourites this week as we did some group work, communicating only via the iPads – a fact file about a country is what they have been tasked to produce…we shall await the outcomes of this unfamiliar project.


In Geography, the children have been comparing the precipitation and temperatures of different climate zones and in Spanish, they are very much enjoying our Beat the Teacher sessions with Mrs Chapman from Mossley Hollins.

The children have had another busy week of learning despite it being a shorter week in school.


In Nursery the children have been talking about who lives in their house.  During circle time they talked about different family members that are special to them and how many people live at home.  The children counted all the people and then stuck them onto a picture, Mrs Brown wrote their names underneath.


Their self-portraits are brilliant, they thought about their eye and hair colour and talked about the shapes of their noses and mouths.  Can you guess who they are? Transient art also included making self-portraits, the children did make some funny faces in the mirror to copy and used lots of different objects for hair or eyes.


They have also created their class charter this week, they thought of the rules themselves and they are trying very hard to follow them.


This week, the children have had heaps of fun in Reception role playing as doctors and nurses after their visit from Nurse Ali. They have been mark making in the glitter sand. They have enjoyed looking at their baby photos and guessing who’s who and talking about the different stages of growing up.


Year 1 are very lucky to be the first class to enjoy Forest School with Mrs Distin Webster. During their first week of the sessions, the children had a great time exploring the Forest School area on the top field of our school grounds. They also came up with Forest school rules, set out the boundaries and enjoyed a juice and a biscuit. They are all looking forward to Week 2. Keep an eye open for future Forest School posts where the children can share other exciting activities that they have enjoyed.


This week in Year 2, the children have been learning all about the coast as part of our Geography work. They had a fabulous flash back to previous lessons where they discussed the human and physical features of the seaside. The children then moved on and worked with partners to research which animals they would find living in a seaside habitat. They really enjoyed working with different partners and they found some amazing facts and illustrations.


The children have had another great week in Year 3! In English, they have had a special treat and had a visit from a company called ‘Wise Owl’. They brought lots of owls for us to see. The children learned lots of facts and got to hold an owl. They then wrote a recount about their day. The children are going to use these facts to write a non-chronological report about owls.


In Maths, they children have been ordering and comparing 3 digit numbers and placing and estimating numbers to 1,000 on a number line. In Science, they have been looking at shadows and have investigated the question ‘does our shadow move throughout the day?’ They carried out an experiment to measure their shadows at different times during the day.


In Geography, the children have been conducting their own research to find out about Europe. They have used their iPads to research and find facts and have found out what is the largest country in Europe, the smallest country in Europe and the longest river in Europe.   


Year 4 have packed a lot in to their unusually short week! Not only have they successfully got to and from their weekly swimming lesson (no bus break downs this week!), they have also begun writing their stories based on the Egyptian Cinderella.  The children have done lots of shared and independent writing, focussing particularly on powerful vocabulary and fronted adverbials.  They have enjoyed their clarinet lesson and are really beginning to improve their technique when blowing into the reeds.  They’ve also been doing some really tricky Maths this week, plotting numbers to 10,000 on a number-line.  The children have coped fabulously, really persevering even when they have found it quite challenging. 


Year 5 have been journeying back in time this week in order to discover everything they can about the Vicious Vikings. Their focus has been on the Anglo-Saxon King, Alfred the Great, who bravely and heroically protected Wessex from the incoming Viking invaders. The children thought about what they’d have really liked to ask King Alfred and then used a range of secondary sources to try and discover what his answers would be…the children are now in the process of writing interviews with this famous English monarch. 


In Maths this week, they’ve been developing their place value knowledge by comparing numbers up to 100,000. The children enjoyed investigating using counters and place value charts as concrete representations to make and manipulate the different numbers.


Staff were very proud of our Year 5 poets this week too; during Collective Worship on Wednesday, they took centre stage in front of a very impressed audience to perform the poems that we’ve been writing in their RE lessons.  


This week in Year 6, the children have been writing letters to Jemmy Button – following their debates last week. Half of the class were writing to encourage Jemmy to leave for England; the other half, trying to persuade Jemmy to stay where he lives.


In Maths, their human number line has made another guest appearance, this time to represent negative numbers. The children have been using this to help them both add and subtract beyond zero. Giant number lines drawn out on the floor in the hall have also been utilised to cement our understanding in the context of temperature.


Science has also been super fun! Drawing on Darwin’s research on evolution and finches, the class have conducted an enquiry to find out what sort of beak worked best at picking up seeds. Laughter aplenty as Year 6 endeavoured to pick up chickpeas using tweezers, scissors and straws!


What a busy week it has been in school! The children have enjoyed a range of learning across school.


In Nursery this week, the children started reading ‘The Colour Monster’ story.  They loved finding out about all of the monster’s feelings and how mixed up he was.  They talked about their feelings using the colour monster book.


It was fun finding objects around the classroom that matched the colour monster’s feelings, the children then collaged paper jars in each of the feeling colours.  These look super displayed on our wall and they can use them to talk about their feelings when they need to.


The children have also been finding their names and printing them in paint for their special ‘We Are’ Nursery display. 


This week in Reception, the children have enjoyed making lots of mess hunting for sounds in the gellibaff. They have been talking about ‘special people’ and enjoyed Nurse Ali’s visit and then role playing doctors and nurses! They have painted beautiful self-portraits and have been showing photos of their families and drawing them too.


In Year 1 this week, the children have been working on the story of ‘The Three little Pigs.’ On Tuesday, they had fun visiting a construction site to find out how to build new brick houses for the little pigs. Following this, the children are going to write recount of what they did whilst they were there.


This week in Year 2, the children have been continuing their place value unit in Maths. They have enjoyed using the base 10 apparatus and the part whole model to partition two digit numbers. In Music this week, they were learning to move to a beat and use their voices to create high and low notes. As you can see from the pictures they really enjoyed making silly faces for the warm up activity.

In Computing the children have been exploring taking pictures – this has involved using the camera in both the portrait and landscape setting.


The children have had another great week in Year 3! In English, they have been creating some setting descriptions using prepositions using the story ‘Owl Babies’ and have enjoyed some drama to retell the story. They have looked at lots of books related to owls and enjoyed some reading for pleasure. They have also created some book reviews for these books.


In Maths, the children have been partitioning 3 digit numbers and representing 3 digit numbers in different ways. They have been continuing to develop their knowledge of the place value of 3-digit numbers.


In Science, they have looked at the sun as a light source and have looked at the positive and negative effects the sun can have. The children have learned how to be safe in the sun and how to look after themselves and then they designed a sun safety poster.


In RE, the children have been looking at the very first book in the Old Testament in the Bible. They have studied the creation story and what happened on each day.  


In Geography, they have focused their attention on the continent of Europe and looked at all the countries in Europe, labelling some of these on a map.  


The children enjoyed their Spanish lesson again this week and have learned some more greetings and practised their conversational skills in Spanish. In PE, they have been honing their skills playing Tag Rugby and Hockey, learning how to control the ball in different ways.


In Art, Year 3 have been doing some observational drawings of leaves. They did an amazing job!


This week in Year 4, the children have had lots of fun, carrying out their own independent research into the different parts of the digestive system and their functions.


In English, they enjoyed completing some drama in groups.  The drama will help them write their own versions of ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’ next week.


In RE, the children have started to look at how Hindus show their faith.  They explored a Puja tray with their senses.


Year 5 have been receiving some rather unusual letters and clues recently from a boy called Wesley and this week, the mystery has finally resolved itself as their new class text has been revealed! They’ve immersed themselves in to the world of Weslandia, a brand new civilisation created in Wesley’s back yard. They’ve now turned their attention to creating their very own unique civilisations and planning their own versions of this captivating tale! They’ve had great fun discussing the kinds of plants, games, foods and creatures that might be found in their new worlds of wonder. 


In RE this week, the children were faced with another big question that has really got them thinking? They’ve been discussing why people believe in a God and have been given the task of investigating ‘is God real?’ They began by exploring what the Bible tells us about God and why it’s difficult to draw and describe God. They wrote their own pieces of poetry after being inspired by the work of Maimonides, a medieval thinker who decided to describe what God is not rather than what he is.


In Year 6 this week, the children have been honing their debating skills – their class text is based on the true story of a boy called Jemmy Button who was brought to England to be ‘civilised’. The class have been debating whether or not that was a good idea in preparation for some more persuasive writing.


In Science, they have talked inheritance and have been developing their own Mr & Mrs Potato-head babies based on inherited characteristics. In geography, the children have been looking at the different types of climate in the world and understanding how climate zones are determined by lines of latitude and the positioning of the Earth in relation to the sun.


Maths has been fun this week too as we turned some children into a human numberline – working with numbers up to 10,000,000!


Welcome back to a new school year! We hope you have had a lovely summer and enjoyed the break. It has been lovely to welcome everyone back to school and see how happy the children are in their new classes. Everyone looks very smart. 


It has been a busy week settling into new routines, but the children have enjoyed their first week and have done some fantastic work.


In Nursery this week, the children have been getting to know their new friends.  They have had lots of fun playing games, painting, drawing, reading and learning new routines.  What a lovely group of Nursery children we have!


The children have all settled well and are beginning to learn some of our routines and rules.  They have had fun painting their hands and having their first day pictures taken for their special learning journey’s.  They have also measured themselves with some very special ribbon, they are going to keep it safe until the end of the year when they will measure themselves again and see how they have grown. We can’t wait to see what fun we will have next week!


This week in Reception, the children have had a wonderful week beginning their Reception journey. They have been playing with their new friends and enjoying their outside area. They have been using their cutting skills to make their own buzzy bee’s after reading ‘Bumblebear’ and have been practising writing their name.


In Year 1 this week, the children have settled well into their new classroom and class routine. They have worked hard to complete English, Maths and PSHE tasks and have created their class charter. They have also enjoyed a range of new experiences like our weekly church assembly and playtime on the top pitch. 


It has been a very busy and exciting week in Year 2 this week and it is safe to say that the children have all settled in very well! In Maths they have begun their place value topic and have been using base 10, bead strings and tens frames to represent two digit numbers. In English, the children had a very exciting discovery when they returned from their lunch – they found a variety of shells, sea creatures and a new book on their chairs! They have loved reading different sections of the book and have based lots of their writing around the main character ‘Erin’. This week they have also made their own ‘aspiration rockets’ and Mrs Turner has created a fabulous display in our classroom.


The children have had a great first week in Year 3! They have discussed their class charters and created their classroom rules. They have discussed their goals and dreams for the year and the future.


In Maths, the children have been representing numbers to 100, partitionbing numbers to 100 and counting in 100s. 


In Science, they have looked at light and dark and have identified light sources and non- light sources.

In RE, the children have been looking at the Bible. They have discussed how the Bible is used by Christians and have looked at the new and old testament and studied different books in the Bible.


In Geography, they have been looking at the world. They have identified the world’s continents and oceans, have located Italy and Great Britain and found the Equator.


In Year 4 this week, the children began their topic on Ancient Egypt.  They looked at some photos of Egyptian artefacts and used their historical skills to decide whether they were authentic or replicas.


The class also started their science topic on living things. They began by thinking about what happens to their food when they eat it.  They all ate a cracker and thought hard about what parts of their body were used in the digestive process.


The children had a brilliant start to life in Year 5 but it has definitely been a busy first week back. On Monday, they began by delving in to a brand new book: The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse. The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the world of Charlie Mackesy and were inspired by the images and the quotes in the book to produce their very own examples. They also used the ideas from the text to help them write their Class Charters. Their favourite character was the mole, whose love of all things cake meant they just had to sample some sweet treats themselves whilst working on their skills of inference and deduction. 


On Wednesday, the children received quite an unusual letter from a boy called Wesley…in his letter, he asked them for some advice and they felt compelled to write back. The children thought long and hard about how to help Wesley with his dilemma and wrote some brilliantly thoughtful responses - they’re hoping to hear back from him soon!


They also had their very first Spanish lesson with Mrs Chapman this week - they practised their greetings and enjoyed role playing as well as tuning their singing voices to perfect their pronunciation.  


The children have had a fabulous week and start to Year 6. Routines are starting to feel embedded already and the class seem to be thinking seriously about the responsibilities which come alongside being in their final year of primary. This week, they hit the ground running with place value in maths – working with numbers up to 10,000,000 and really focussed on their use of mathematical explanations.


In English, the class received a postcard from a stranger from a little-known place in the world – they are now researching and producing a persuasive piece to rebuild its tourist industry!


The children have looked at lines of latitude in Geography and have been introduced to the terms Evolution and Inheritance in Science. We are absolutely certain that the children are going to sleep well this weekend!


It has been an exciting week in school. Year 6 have enjoyed their leavers celebration with a morning HyperBowling at Denton Wellness Centre, followed by a feast of pizza and cake and a party to finish the day! Year 5 have enjoyed a day in the life of an evacuee and have prepared themselves for their trip to Stockport Air Raid Shelters on Monday.


It has been a week of musical performances earlier in the week with Years 5 and 6 treating us to a concert on Monday morning to showcase the amazing skills they have developed whilst learning to play their brass instruments. Then on Tuesday children in Year 3 performed for us and showcased the range of skills they have developed using percussion instruments and ukuleles. What a talented bunch we have. We were very proud of them!


Two of our Year 6 children received the Commonwealth Games Baton in school and then took part in the relay by carrying it to Buckton Vale where they handed it to two of their pupils to continue the relay.


In Nursery this week, the children have enjoyed the hot weather and found lots of ways to cool themselves down. They have had fun in the Spa and the ice lollies helped to keep them cool. The children have also enjoyed lots of water play and bubble play.


This week in Reception, the children have been reflecting on what has been a fantastic year. They have talked about some of the things they have enjoyed and talked about some of their favourite moments from this year. The children have written sentences about their favourite memories.


In Maths, the children have been solving problems based around the stories ‘Mr Gumpy’s outing’ and ‘How Many Legs?’ The children have really impressed staff with how much mathematical knowledge they have and how they can use this to solve problems. They finished off their week with the annual Beach Party. What a fantastic way to celebrate a wonderful year!


Following on from their Carnival work in DT, Year 1 have been very busy using their designs and the folding skills that they have developed to create their own collar ready for our Carnival next week. The children are very excited!


In Year 2 this week, the children have been writing their ‘Toys in Space’ stories and staff are so impressed with the final outcomes of these stories. Well done Year 2! In Maths, the children have been counting in fractions. In History they have been learning about the British astronaut Tim Peake and have enjoyed creating a fact file and a timeline of his life.


In Year 3 this week, the children have been looking measuring weight and capacity in Maths and have read scales and compared weight and capacity.


In Science, they have been looking at the job of the flower and have labelled the parts of a flower and looked at their functions. The children have also looked at the pollination process and the life cycle of a flower.


In Design and Technology, they have been designing sandwiches. The children have researched different bread types and fillings and have tested some different fillings and rated them. They then designed their own sandwich before making them. The children then went to the park and had a picnic and enjoyed their sandwiches. On the way home, they designed their own map of the route from the park back to school.


This week in Year 4, the children have been enjoying practical science! They conducted an experiment to investigate changing states of matter when a force of temperature is applied. In literacy, the children have written letters to the Tear Thief to offer advice and persuade our cunning character not to steal children’s tears. In Maths, they have continued with geometry, and have met the idea of symmetry this week. In ICT, our programming topic has led them to animate the letters of their names and write increasingly complex algorithms using Scratch.


In Year 5 this week, the children have thoroughly enjoyed their World War 2 style school day. The children came dressed in costume from this period and enjoyed a range of activities including making a box for a gas mask, making paper models of war planes and learning dances from the 1940s.


Our Year 6's have thoroughly enjoyed a very busy final full week at primary school – we can’t quite believe that they only have two days left and we’re expecting a tear or two when they wave goodbye on Tuesday!


During their final week, the children were challenged to stretch their Maths skills by planning and budgeting for a family holiday. Our band of globetrotters set to work without hesitation in order to find the most cost-effective and exciting destinations, travel options and accommodation – they also planned some interesting activities for the holidaymakers to enjoy. Throughout the project, the children had to carefully price each element of the trip, take in to account time differences and explore the distance travelled - they then used their iPads to make short persuasive pitches to market their trip.


On Thursday, the children took a trip down memory lane as they dug deep in the school grounds to find their time capsule. They were thrilled to discover the notes they had written to their future selves back in Year 4 and it was great to reflect on the progress they’ve made and the experiences they’ve had over the past three years.


As a special treat for our school leavers, we visited Denton Wellness Centre on Friday for a HyperBowling treat – it was great to see so many smiles on faces as the children (and the teachers) competed to be bowling champions. After a pizza treat at lunch time, they showcased their dance skills in the hall as they celebrated with one final party at primary school!


The children have enjoyed another busy week in school. Some of our Key Stage 2 children have taken part in the Mossley Olympics at Mossley Hollins and many of them won medals for the events they took part in. It was very close in terms of points this year, but it was Buckton Vale who were crowned the winning Primary School.


In Nursery this week, the children have been very excited because they have had their first school lunch at Micklehurst instead of their packed lunch! They were very grown up as they chose their meal and collected their tray and cutlery. They have also been making bubbles and making the most of the sunshine and learning outdoors.


This week in Reception, the children have been learning about things that live under the sea. They have created their own little rock pools and have been writing about some of the creatures that live under the sea. In numeracy the children have been practising sharing in our challenge area and have been learning all about odd and even numbers. They enjoyed making an odd monster by putting odd amounts of features onto their bodies.


In Year 1 this week, the children have been designing collars for their Carnival Day. They have been working hard creating mood boards thinking about the colours, shapes and textures they would like to use to make their collars.


This week in Year 2, the children have been finding out about how germs spread. This has been part of their science work and the children have been finding out about Louis Pasteur and his work has influenced the importance of hygiene to humans.


In Year 3 this week, the children have been looking at properties of 2D and 3D shapes. They have also been looking at different types of angles including right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles. 


They had a great afternoon on Tuesday at the Mossley Olympics, where they competed in a range of events.


In Science, the children have been looking at how water is transported around a flower. They carried out an investigation to find out if different conditions affect how quickly water is transported around a flower.


In History, the children found out how Mossley would have looked during the Victorian era. They looked at the different mills and discussed how life would be for a poor Victorian child.


This week in Year 4, the children have started their unit of work based on ‘The Tear Thief’ by Carol Ann Duffy. The children have been looking at the figurative language within the text and have been writing character descriptions. 


In science, the children have been investigating how materials change state when they are heated or cooled and thoroughly enjoyed investigating the temperature at which chocolate melts. In Geography they have been identifying physical characteristics of the United Kingdom and finding out which are the highest mountains and the longest rivers.


In Year 5 this week, the children have been filling their journals with diary entries and newspaper reports. They have created a 3D pull up cuboid net to use as an evacuee suitcase. They even created tiny items of clothing and belongings to go inside! 


As the end of the term speeds towards us, Year 6 have been reflecting on their time at Micklehurst and working hard to prepare for their upcoming Leavers Assembly. The classroom has been filled with music as the children have come together to practise and rehearse a selection of songs that they’ll perform on their final day at primary school. We’ve also been using the green screen to produce a few additional segments for the assembly and we’re looking forward to the big reveal on the day…just where has technology taken Year 6 this time?

In our English lessons this week, the children have been writing in role as the protagonist from our shared text, The Matchbox Diary. Using an informal tone, they’ve planned and composed letters to the boy’s grandmother back in Italy detailing what life is like in his new home: New York City. The children considered what it would have been like to arrive in a new, unfamiliar country and settle in a city so different to the young boy’s rural Italian home - the letters were truly heartfelt and extremely thoughtful!

In their dance lesson this week, Year 6 have been bringing together everything they’ve learnt this term and showcasing their contemporary dance moves in some mini performances – they really are a groovy bunch. 

It’s been smiles all round this week as Year 6 have outdone themselves once again with some absolutely stellar SATs results! They’ve exceeded all our expectations and made everyone at Micklehurst extremely proud – all of the hard work and effort that the children have put in this year has definitely paid off and we’re thrilled by their achievements and by the fantastic progress made by all – well done Year 6!


The children have also enjoyed a visit from Freddy Fit this week and all classes have had the opportunity to move around stations and engage in a range of sporting activities.


The children in Year 6 who have taken part in the JASS (Junior Award Scheme for Schools) this year and the Year 5 children who have just started the scheme have really enjoyed their adventure day to fulfil the adventure section of the awards. They took part in climbing activities, archery and survival skills where they have been chopping wood and cooking smores on the fire.


In Nursery this week, the children have been learning about all about octopuses as they continue their topic ‘Under the Sea.’ They have been counting the legs of an octopus and looking at addition up to 8. They have also read ‘Octopants’ by Suzy Senior and Claire Powell and have been making collages of octopuses from the story.


This week in Reception, the children have been reading ‘Sharing a Shell’ by Julia Donaldson. They have created their own shell and written sentences to describe what their shell is like. They have also linked this work with PSHE and have been thinking about who they would like to share their shell with. In Maths, the children have been sharing amounts and objects into equal groups.


In Year 1 this week, the have continued their work about Islam and have been finding out all about the Muslim faith and their celebrations. The children have also really enjoyed their session with Freddy Fit.


This week in Year 2, the children have been developing their singing and instrument playing! At the beginning of the lesson none of the children had played a recorder before and by the end, all children could play two notes in time with the music. Miss Trelfa was very impressed with their performance and even played some tunes of her own! In History, the children have absolutely loved learning about the first moon landing. They imagined what it was like to be watching the landing in 1969 and wrote their own diary entries about this monumental moment in time. The children have also researched and watched numerous videos about what life is like on board the International Space Station.  


In Year 3 this week, the children had a brilliant Victorian day in class where they experienced life in a Victorian school. They were able to write with chalk on a chalk board, carry out drills, experience the daily routines of life as Victorian children and create a portrait of Queen Victoria. They had a brilliant day.


In Maths, the children have been looking at durations and how long things take and looking at start and end times.In RE, they have been looking at celebrations. This week the children have been looking at the Muslim festival of Eid and they looked at how the celebrations happen across the country.


In Science, they have been looking at parts of a plant and the job of each part. They have looked at different flowers and learned the name of some of them.


Some of our children took part in their Top of the Tree reward and had a great afternoon rock climbing, doing archery and learning some survival skills.


This week in Year 4, the children have been looking at a map of the UK and locating major cities, further building their mapping skills. In Maths, they have been looking at how line graphs tell us a story and of how trends and patterns can be analysed using the data represented. In RE, the children played a game with no rules to see how it would affect their relations with their peers and then discussed the benefits of living with a rule system. Coding continued in ICT, looking at infinite loops – they made lots of dinosaurs dance! A great week!


In Year 5 this week, the children have made WW2 inspired journals from scratch for their English and History topics. They started by creating the cover; they used brown paper bags, scrunched them up and added ink then glued them to card. Next, they tea stained lots of paper, cut to size and sewed them together. Then they glued everything all together and added finishing touches. The children have started their journals with a creative family crest and family tree. 


We had a very busy start to the week in Year 6 as the children made their way up to Mossley Hollins to take part in a Food Technology day. Throughout the day, they worked hard to showcase a whole host of newly acquired culinary skills by preparing a three course meal that would impress the likes of Jamie Oliver and it’s safe to say that their professionalism in the kitchen would even keep Gordon Ramsay at bay. The menu included homemade bread, a pasta dish and some deliciously jammy cookies and our Year 6's have promised that with their newfound skills, they’re going to be cooking tea more often at home now – you’re welcome parents and carers!


We also took to the streets on Monday to take part in a litter pick; the children worked incredibly hard to tidy their local environment, including the Sycamores and Mansfield Road, as they collected a grand total of six bin bags full of litter!