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The children have had a busy week in school and have really enjoyed choosing new books from our Book Fair, with their parents and carers. Thank you to everyone who has supported this event. We hope you enjoy reading your new books.


In Nursery this week the children have been reading the story of The Three Little Pigs and all their learning this week has been linked to this traditional tale. The children have been busy builders in the construction area, building a house and then seeing if they could blow it down just like the big bad wolf!


Reception have been learning about their homes and family this week. The children enjoyed sharing photos of their families and talking about who they live with. They then drew pictures of their families and labelled them.


The children have enjoyed messy play with gellibaff in the tuff tray and in Maths have been sorting natural objects into groups. Reception have learnt their first few phase 2 sounds in Phonics this week and have been writing letters in the sand and hunting for objects around the classroom beginning with the sounds.


In Year 1 this week, the children have been very busy writing a recount about their visit to a ‘Builders Yard’. They took great care to ensure they were safe by putting on their hard hats and jackets and checking their equipment. They also enjoyed looking at the designs and having a go at building a house for the three little pigs.


In Year 2 this week, the children have been learning about changing the shape of different materials. In Computing, they have learnt how to take a good picture and then used their editing skills to upload them to Seesaw. In Music, the children really enjoyed making silly faces as part of our warmup. They then listened and appraised a piece of music.


This week in Year 3, the children have been working hard when ordering and comparing numbers to 1000. They have also been super stars at counting in 50s. In English, they have been working extremely hard when writing their non-chronological reports on owls. They have included lots of facts and some brilliant grammatical features. In Geography, the children have created their own fact files about different countries in Europe by using the internet and information texts.


In RE, Year 3 have been looking at the story of Adam and Eve and temptation. They have understood the story and looked at the meaning of temptation and have discussed times when they might have been tempted to do something wrong or when they blamed someone else when they did something wrong.


In Design and Technology this week, the children have been practising and developing their sewing skills. They were all able to thread a needle and then practised the running stitch ready for their final product.  In PE, they have enjoyed participating in both Tag Rugby and Hockey.


This week, Year 4 have once again been super busy!  In English, the children have begun looking at the features of newspapers and planning their own. They have had a lot of fun using drama to help them gather quotes for their newspapers!  In Maths, they have continued with their place value work, rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.


In History, the children have enjoyed learning about how archaeologist, Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb.  They looked at different sources relating to this and used these to help them write their own diaries, as though they were with Howard Carter when he made his exciting discovery. 

In Science, Year 4 have been learning all about teeth.  They spent some time looking at their own teeth and identifying the different teeth that they have.  The children also learnt about their different shapes and functions.  After that, they looked at animal’s teeth and spent some time identifying the different teeth that herbivores, omnivores and carnivores have and why this is. 


They have also fitted in their usual Guided Reading, RE, Computing, swimming, dance, Spanish and Music lessons this week too.  Year 4 are particularly loving their Spanish sessions, where they have been learning the vocabulary for different countries and nationalities. 


The children have had a fun week this week in Year 5! In Art, they have been looking at land and cityscapes, the children had to use their photography skills to take a picture of the school building and sketch it using charcoal in books. They did really well and used different techniques to capture small details and shadows.


In English they have been presenting their innovated civilisations in front of the class, the children have been really brave and used amazing presentational skills to discuss their work with the whole class. In Science the children have been looking at the distance between planets in their Solar System, to represent this the children have made their very own ‘Pocket Solar Systems’! They look very effective and are loaded with facts about each planet! 


Year 6 have had yet another busy week! In Computing, the children further developed their understanding of IP addresses and were introduced to data packets. Writing their own data packets created lots of excitement and they can’t wait to see what next week’s lesson has in store for them.


In Guided Reading, they’re finding the drama and humour Holes even more exciting as the weeks go by! They’ve enjoyed getting to know Stanley Yelnats and learning more about the true nature of Camp Green Lake. The children have also been working hard to acquire new vocabulary, develop their summarising skills and answer increasingly more complex inference questions. 


It was lovely to welcome so many parents, carers and family members into school on Thursday for our Top of the Tree achievement assembly. The children were very excited to be back in a whole school assembly celebrating their achievements with their families. Well done to our certificates winners this week!


The children have also enjoyed having a sneak preview of the books that are available to purchase at our Book Fair next week so please check the timings on the newsletter or Seesaw detailing when you are invited to come and choose a new book with your child.


This week in Nursery the children have been busy learning about shapes.  They have looked around the school at the different shapes of objects and discovered the windows can be square and rectangular. Mrs Brown has been finding out what the children already know to help them on their learning journey.


They have also played lots of games with shapes, corners, pass the bag around the circle and used the interactive whiteboard to play eat the shapes and shape train.  All the children have worked very hard this week.


Reception have had another busy week filled with lots of learning and exploring through play. The children have been learning about ‘growing up’ and enjoyed sharing their baby photos with the class. They talked about what things they could do as a baby, compared to all the things they can do now and practised their cutting skills to sequence the stages of growth.

The rain hasn’t stopped Reception as they have been enjoying their Forest School sessions, making a fire, swinging on rope swings and hammocks, hunting for minibeasts and making gloop. They had heaps of fun.


On Friday, Year 1 enjoyed their first Forest School session of the year! They had gorgeous weather and the children enjoyed a range of activities that included drawing, litter picking, tree swings, tree climbing, a mud kitchen and Frisbee. They finished off the session with a drink of juice, a biscuit and a reflection.


In Year 2 this week, the children have been learning about different animals that live at the coast. They’ve researched their different habitats and created their own non-chronological report about them.


In Year 3 this week, the children have been working hard in Maths and recalling their 2,5 and 10 times tables and division facts. They have also been partitioning 3-digit numbers flexibly, adding 1,10 and 100 to 3-digit numbers and understanding hundreds, tens and ones.

 In English, they have been looking at the features of a non-chronological report. The children created a plan using all the facts and information they had learned from their owl and next week, they are going to be writing their own reports on owls.


In Geography, the children have been conducting their own research and answering questions about places in Europe. They used their iPads to conduct this research and they found out the highest mountain and longest river in Europe.


In Science, The children have been looking at which material reflects the most light. They made a prediction to which material they thought would be the most and least reflective. They then used an app which measured the Lux measurement and tested a variety of materials.


In RE, Year 3 have been looking at the very first book in the Bible. They read the creation story and watched a video and then they were able to create a story board to retell the creation story.


This week Year 4 have been busy as ever.  In Maths, they have continued with their place value work, looking at number lines and plotting numbers to 10,000 on them.  In English, they have begun preparing for story writing.  The children will be writing a story based on The Egyptian Cinderella and so they have done some drama and drawing to help them with ideas for this. 

In Science, they had a lot of fun carrying out a digestive system experiment.  They used food and a variety of apparatus to create the journey that food takes in the digestive system.  It was a lot of fun, but pretty messy!  In History, the children have begun looking at Egyptian pharaohs.  They already know a little about them because there is a pharaoh in The Egyptian Cinderella and they have discussed him a little. 


In RE, the class have looked at Hindu music and how it is used in worship.  They enjoyed listening to some songs and talking about how it made them feel and what instruments they could identify.  In our actual Music lesson, the children did more singing and continued to develop their recorder playing skills. 


They also had a lot of fun in their dance and swimming lessons.  The children have all been put into swimming groups now and will be learning a new skill each week, depending on their ability.  And lastly, in Computing, they have been looking at routes and exploring websites.  This builds on their work from last week where they learnt about how the internet is made of a variety of complex networks and the role of switches and routers within this.


In Year 5 this week, the children have been playing Tag Rugby in PE. They have enjoyed learning all the basics of this sport and will continue to learn more as the half term progresses.


They have been getting in to the swing of TTRockstars yet again with their 1st ever weekly baseline of 100 times table questions and the start of their daily Rockstars focusing on the 3 times table this week. The concentration levels were very high!!


In English, the children have been innovating Weslandia to create their own civilization. The children are now very eager to begin writing all about it!


Year 6 have had a very active week this week! The children threw themselves into their new P.E. unit which focuses on tag rugby. They thoroughly enjoyed playing different games to accustom themselves with their tags and belts. As well as this, they became more confident in passing the ball to a partner and later, passing the ball backwards to a partner too. In Dance this week, they worked collaboratively in their group to both learn and then perform a routine. Well done Year 6!


Learning about Charles Darwin this week also created enthusiasm. They loved asking questions about him and his work and then researched the answers themselves. Year 6 enjoyed testing which utensil would be best to move raisins from one cup to another. They repeated the test, discussed how to ensure the test was fair and then drew conclusions from their work. Charles Darwin would have been very proud of our budding scientists. 

We have had a busy week in school. On Thursday we welcomed Melanie Barratt into school to complete our SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) and she has asked me to share with you that she had a lovely day meeting staff, children, governors and parents and getting to see how we live out our school vision at Micklehurst All Saints. She will now write her report and I will be able to share this with you in the coming weeks.


Year 3 also welcomed some special visitors into school to introduce their new English unit which is linked to the story of The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark. The children were amazed to watch the owls fly across the hall and find out all about what they eat. They even had the chance to hold one of the owls. It was very exciting!


In Nursery this week, the children have been looking at the  story of the colour monster and how the different feelings associated with the colours help them to describe how they feel. The children have also been reading the story of Noah's Ark focusing on our key values of kindness and compassion.


Reception have enjoyed their first full week at school. They have been talking about what makes them special and the children have been looking in a mirror to describe themselves and painting self-portraits. Reception have also been listening for initial sounds and got creative decorating the initial sound for their name.


The children have been working hard with their new friends to make jigsaw puzzles and have been mark making and writing their names in the sparkly sand.

Reception enjoyed forest school on Thursday, exploring the new area and learning the forest school rules.


In Science this week, Year 1 have been looking at materials. The children have searched their classroom to find different objects and sorted them into the materials that they are made from.


In Year 2 this week, the children have continued to explore their place value unit in Maths. They really enjoyed using the base 10 and part whole model to partition numbers to 100 in different ways. In Science, the children began their new materials topic – they used their classifying and sorting skills to find and sort a range of different materials. In English, they have been learning about the story ‘The Secret of Black Rock’ and have used talk for writing actions to help us remember the key parts of the story.


Year 3 have had a great second week back in school. They have been extremely busy and have been completing lots of learning. In Maths, they have been reading, writing and recognising 3-digit numbers and partitioning these numbers into hundreds, ten and ones.

In English, the children have been looking at the story of ‘Owl Babies’. They have retold the story through drama and have been writing setting descriptions using a range of adjectives and prepositions. They have worked extremely hard with their writing this week!


As a special treat on Thursday, Year 3 had Wayne and Katrina from ‘Wise Owl’ in school to introduce them to a range of different owls and share lots of exciting facts. The children really enjoyed seeing the owls and had a great afternoon!


In Geography, they have continued to look at the continent of Europe and were able to locate and name a range of countries in Europe and label these on a map.


In Science, the children have been learning about light. They started their unit by looking at what dark is, so they made the classroom as dark as possible, and they found out that they needed light to be able to see. The children sorted light sources and non-light sources and had great fun doing this.


In RE, the children have been looking at the Christian Holy Book - the Bible. They have looked at the different parts of the Bible and were able to name different books. They have also enjoyed spending some time on their iPads and using the Pickatale app where they were able to read a range of different books.


Well done to our certificates winners this week!


The children have had another busy week in Year 4. In English, they have written diary entries in character as Rhodopis from ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’.  They have used lots of powerful vocabulary, fronted adverbials and comparative conjunctions in their writing.  In Maths, the children have continued their work on place value, plotting numbers to 10,000 on a number-line. and estimating where numbers might go on blank number-lines. 


In History, Year 4 have learnt about the location of Egypt and why The River Nile was so important to the ancient Egyptians.  In RE, they have begun looking in more detail about Hindu’s beliefs about God and how they worship, exploring a Puja tray and looking at the symbolic meaning of each item on them. 


They have also started a couple of new things this week: swimming, Music and their Science topic.  The children really enjoyed swimming at Copley Baths, loved singing in Music and had fun beginning their new topic on ‘Animals including humans’.  They have begun to look at the digestive system in humans, learning about the various functions of the different parts of this system.  The children used drama and actions to help them remember the different parts.


The children have been super busy in Year 5 this week! They received their very first delivery box from the Wondrous Book Club. Children were eager to unwrap their new books and delve in. This half term the focus of the books is ‘family’ and all the children have made a good start on them already!


In English they used visual literacy skills to investigate and make inferences about their new class book ‘Weslandia’, the children were very excited to finally read the story.

The children have finished their amazing ‘Wonder’ self-portraits this week and they look very effective. Well done to Year 5 for a productive week.


They’ve had another busy week in Year 6! The children completed their self-portraits and have finally worked out why they were gifted buttons the other day! They received another postcard thanking them for their brilliant persuasive pieces along with their new book: Jemmy Button. They’ve enjoyed the start of the book and are already intrigued by the central character and whether he should venture to a new land with the visiting explorers – they even held their own debate to consider the question!


In Science, the children started their new Evolution and Inheritance unit of work this week – they began by learning about the process of fossilisation and creating their own posters to detail each stage. They’ve already established some big questions to ask during the unit and are looking forward to exploring more over the coming weeks.

Welcome back to school everyone and a warm welcome to any new pupils that have joined our Micklehurst family this September. We hope you have had a lovely summer and enjoyed the holidays.


The children have had a lovely first week in Nursery, making new friends, learning new routines, finding out about each other and exploring the classroom. They enjoyed dough disco which helps to improve their hand strength ready for writing.  It has been lots of fun squishing and squashing the dough to music. The children can’t wait to meet more new friends next week.


Reception have had a wonderful week exploring their new classroom and playing with their new friends. 


They have read ‘The Bumble Bear’ and used their cutting skills to create their own bumblebees. Their topic for this half term is ‘Marvellous Me’ and the children have enjoyed using modelling dough and loose parts to create faces.


Reception have enjoyed role playing in the home corner and in the small world area. It has been a lovely week getting to know the children as they settle in their new environment.


Year 1 have settled well into their new classroom and class routine. The children have worked hard to complete English, Maths and PSHE tasks. They have also created their class charter and enjoyed new experiences like church assembly and playtime on the top pitch. Please see the photos above to see Year 1 completing a Maths task and exploring their classroom.


The children have had a wonderful start to Year 2 so far! They have enjoyed getting to know their new routines and have created their own self-portraits to decorate their classroom. In Maths, the children have begun their place value unit – they have blown Mrs Willcox away with their understanding of tens and ones and they have all enjoyed using different manipulatives to create two-digit numbers.


The children have had a great first week in Year 3! They have discussed their class charters and agreed their classroom rules. They have also discussed their dreams and aspirations for the year ahead and into the future.


In Maths, the children have been measuring different parts of their bodies, representing numbers to 100 and partitioning numbers to 100. In Geography, they have been looking at the world and have identified the world’s continents and oceans. They have also located Italy and Great Britain and found the Equator.


Year 3 have been voting in class for their Eco, Ethos, School and Sports council reps.


The children have really enjoyed their first week back in Year 4 which has been full of fun and learning.  They started their new history topic on Ancient Egypt this week and also began reading their class English text ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’.  The children compared this book to the original version of Cinderella and used comparative conjunctions to compare the main character, Rhodopis, to the servant girls.  Year 4 have also begun their Guided Reading text, 'James and the Giant Peach' and are really enjoying this book. 


In Maths, the children have been consolidating their understanding of place value of numbers up to 1000 and have used practical equipment and drawings to help them with this.  Their new RE topic is all about Hindus in Britain today and they have shown that they already know quite a lot about Hinduism because of their lessons in Year 2 and 3, so they will be delving deeper into this religion during this term.  Year 4 have also enjoyed their first dance lesson of the term, with the new dance coach Becky.  The session was great fun, but really hot!


The children have had a fantastic first week in Year 5. They have based some artwork around their Guided Reading novel, 'Wonder'. The children drew self-portraits in the same style as the book cover, used water colour paints to decorate, then they all thought of some positive words that described themselves and others to finish their portraits off.


In Maths they got stuck into Roman Numerals and Place Value. The children used the Place Value charts and counters to better visualise and understand numbers up to 1,000,000.

Children have enthusiastically chosen their first books of the year and have really enjoyed reading them in our reading area.


I think they are all excited to see where their learning takes them next week and throughout the rest of Year 5!


Year 6 have really hit the ground running this week and made a brilliant start to their final year at Micklehurst! They have showed some real creative flair already by using mixed media and a range of techniques to produce self-portraits that express their personality. They’ve also enjoyed working together to produce their class charter and setting their goals for the year.


In English, the children were intrigued to find that they had each been left a button in their places and a mysterious message in the form of a postcard had arrived from ‘J’. The message set a task for the children to research the idyllic location of Tierra Del Fuego in South America and write a persuasive advert to encourage more tourists to visit. Whilst they’re still not entirely sure what the buttons symbolise, they’re hoping to discover more next week.


It has been a brilliant week in school. On Monday some of our Key Stage 2 children took part in the Mossley Olympics at Mossley Hollins High School. Unfortunately, due to the weather the event took place indoors, but the children still enjoyed their events and competing against the other Mossley Primary Schools. Our children showed great sportsmanship and teamwork and I am thrilled to inform you that Micklehurst All Saints team won the Mossley Olympics this year! Well done everyone!


We’ve also been proud of our Key Stage 2 children who have led music performances in school this week. On Monday, Years 5 and 6 performed for the whole school and parents and carers and on Tuesday it was the turn of Years 3 and 4. We were so proud to see the progress the children have made over the year and we were very impressed with the concentration they showed and the overall performances.


Year 1 and Year 2 have been to visit St George’s Church this week and have finished off their RE units looking at the key features of a church. Year 3 have enjoyed being Victorian children for two days this week and have learned firsthand what school was like during the Victorian period.


In Nursery this week, the children have been playing games and learning how to take turns. They have enjoyed their ice cream shop in the role play and playdough areas and have been completing and sharing their learning journeys to celebrate their time in Nursery.


Reception have been learning about different modes of transport this week. They made a class bar chart to show the different ways Reception travel to school - the children noticed that most of the class walked to school. The children then enjoyed drawing a picture of how they travel to school and have worked hard labelling different modes of transport in their phonics challenge area. They have been singing lots of different transport songs and watching videos of vehicles, boats and aeroplanes.


In Maths, Reception have been talking about simple maps and enjoyed drawing maps of their journeys to school. The children also created their own obstacle courses, gave them a go and then had a go at drawing a simple map of their obstacle course.

In Year 1 this week, the children have been to visit St George’s Church where they looked at the features of the church and shared what happened during a baby’s baptism. We were very lucky to have baby Lily baptised whilst we were there.


Then they made the most of the nice weather and enjoyed a play in Mossley park with their friends.


This week in Year 2, the children have enjoyed their visit to St George’s Church where they have been looking at the different features of the church and finding out the purpose of a number of artefacts. They have also been using Chrome Music Lab in Computing to make different notes, exploring different tempos and the effect this has on the music.  


WOW what another busy week we have had in Year 3. The children loved our school fair last Friday and really enjoyed the bouncy castle and having their faces painted. This week they have been completing their Design and Technology unit which has involved conducting some research into different types of breads and different sandwich fillings. The children then used this information to do some taste testing and were able to try a variety of different fillings and express their opinions on these. They then designed and made their own sandwich which was lots of fun! The children demonstrated brilliant skills buttering and assembling their sandwiches. The best part was they got to eat them so they were able to self and peer evaluate the sandwiches. The children had great fun trying some new and different foods that they hadn’t eaten before. 


This week has also been Year 3’s Victorian days in class. The children had two days where they went back in time to the year 1894. Luckily the Education Act was established so they were all able to attend school, act in role and experience how life for children during this time would have felt. They learned about Victorian schools, Queen Victoria, advantages and disadvantages of the railways and then shared their homework projects.


The last full week in Year 4 has been really fun and full of seriously exciting activities.  On Monday, some of the children got to compete in Mossley Olympics, while the remaining children went swimming.   Both activities were so much fun! Then, on Tuesday, the children performed a variety of songs and recorder pieces to the school and their parents.  All the children’s hard work paid off, as the performance was a real success. 


On Thursday, the class had a lady come into school from The Blue Cross, who talked to them about taking care of pets and how looking after pets can help us to feel calm and happy.  In between all of this, the children have also managed to do some end of year Reading and Maths assessments and have also begun a Design Technology project.  They are all designing night lights which use electrical circuits!  Super fun!


Year 5 are getting very excited about their upcoming trip to Stockport Air Raid Shelters and this week’s history focus has been all about Operation Pied Piper. The children carried out research using secondary sources to discover why children were evacuated during the war, where they were evacuated to and what life was like for evacuees. They were also given the opportunity to explore the contents of an evacuee’s suitcase and it was fascinating to find out what children packed for their journey. 


The children presented their findings in the form of a poem. They thought about how parents and children would have been feeling at the train station and put these thoughts together to produce some very emotional poetry!


Year 6 have been busy this week preparing for their Leavers Service next week and are looking forward to performing for parents, carers and family members. Today they have enjoyed their end of year celebration - they have been to Denton's Wellbeing centre to play Hyperbowl and then enjoyed some tasty pizza and cake on their return. 





It has been another exciting week in school. The children in Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 finally got to enjoy their Sports Day on Tuesday and it was lovely to see so many parents and carers cheering them on. Our Cheerleading Squad took part in the Tameside Cheer Fest on Tuesday afternoon and performed a fantastic routine. We were very proud of them!


Representatives from Global Grooves came into school on Thursday to deliver workshops with our Y5 and Y6 children in preparation for the Blue Dot festival next weekend. The children enjoyed drumming, dance and art workshops. 


In Nursery the children were keen to look at the photos of their trip to Cockfield Farm and talk about their day. They have told Miss Trelfa all about the animals they met and fed. They have also enjoyed Science Week and have been looking at objects and predicting which ones they thought would sink and which ones would float. They were very excited to see if their predictions were correct!


Reception have enjoyed Science week and have been learning all about different animals and how important they are. The children watched videos of baby animals and chose their favourite to draw. They then wrote an adjective sentence to describe their animal. The children enjoyed making their own hanging spiral animal decorations to take home to their families too.


The children conducted their own science investigation this week with a water tank and different objects. They explored which objects floated on top and which sank to the bottom and recorded it on their clipboards.


In Maths, the children have been creating their own patterns and enjoyed playing number games by throwing beanbags into different hoops.


In Year 1 the children really enjoyed their Sports Day this week and loved getting stickers for the races they took part in. They especially liked the parents race!


This week in Year 2, the children have been creating their rainforest inspired python headdresses ready for our very exciting carnival day. They can’t wait to wear them!


The children have had another busy week in Year 3. They were finally able to have their Sport’s Day and had great fun participating in a variety of different events and earning lots of stickers! This week they have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes in Maths, looking at their properties and drawing and making some of these shapes.


In Science, the children have been considering the question ‘where does our rubbish go?’ They have looked at how they can reduce, recycle and reuse and looked at ways in which they can do this. They have also looked at how their rubbish can be made into energy. They had a debate of the pros and cons of different ways of getting rid of their rubbish.


In RE, Year 3 have been finding out about the Jewish festival of Passover. They looked at the story behind the festival and then looked at the way it is celebrated in the home. In forest schools, they  really enjoyed making their own dens and developing their team work skills, communication and problem solving skills all in one afternoon!


Some of the children from Year 3 along with children from Year 4 & 5, took part in Tameside’s Cheerleading competition on Tuesday and really enjoyed participating in this event and showcasing the routine they been learning at after school club.


Year 4 have crammed lots into this week. They have had lots of fun during Science Week, learning about how water is cleaned, the water cycle and why it is important to save water.  They have carried out lots of fun experiments and even made their own water butts.  The children also had a rather exciting Sports Day this week, completed their swimming assessments and did as many of their normal lessons as possible!


Year 5 have proven themselves to be extremely keen scientists this week! They have thoroughly enjoyed Science Week and have become experts on renewable energy sources. It’s perhaps safe to say that their favourite activity involved mining using chocolate chip cookies to simulate how coal is sourced. They have also been building their science capital this week by researching different careers in science. They discovered what becoming a zookeeper entails, what marine biologists do and what’s involved in being a toxicologist amongst other things – the children were particularly keen to find out about the different salaries too!


In history this week, they have been delving deeper in to their World War 2 study by focusing on the Holocaust and Anne Frank. They used a range of texts and some primary and secondary sources to find out all they could about Anne’s diary and the impact it has had on the world. The children have thoroughly enjoyed presenting their findings in creative ways in their history book and they have produced some outstanding pieces of work.


They have also been preparing for the upcoming Blue Dot Festival this week – the children have created colourful headdresses for the parade, brushed up on their carnival dance skills and enjoyed a drumming masterclass. They can’t wait for the festival now!


Science Week in Year 6 has been a blast so far and the children are looking forward to continuing it next week with a practical activity. Their unit was based on sustainability and affordability which has stoked up some super relevant discussion points.


Also, on Thursday, Year 6 joined up with Year 5 and got into the carnival spirit with preparing resources, groovy dance moves and drumming for the Bluedot festival at Jodrell Bank. As they near the end of Year 6’s journey they have been chatting about their primary memories, ready to present them at our Leavers Assembly and have even dug up their time capsule, buried in 2022. We are still waiting for its contents to dry off before looking through!




It has been another exciting week and the children have enjoyed a lot of activities in school. Year 4 enjoyed an afternoon at Bridgewater Hall where they played with the Halle Orchestra. It was amazing!


This week, nine of our Year 4, 5 and 6 children took part in the Brownlee Foundation triathlon. They had a great time swimming, cycling and running. Well done to our athletes. On Tuesday, eight Year 3 children visited the Priory tennis club, where they had a great time participating in a range of tennis activities.


This week has been a busy one in Nursery and Reception. The children have had a fantastic time on their trip to Cockfields Farm!


This week has been ‘French Week’ in Reception and the children’s learning has been centred around France. They found France on a map and have been learning some French greetings. Reception have been creating their own French flags and writing some French words. The children were very excited to listen to some French versions of Frozen songs.

In RE, the children have been recognising that our world is very special and looking at beautiful videos of nature. The children have learnt that God made the world in seven days.


In Year 2 this week, the children have been exploring music during their computing lessons. They have listened to the famous composer Gustav Holst and created their own pictures based on his music. They then used Chrome Music Lab to create music with different pitches. They enjoyed sharing and appraising each other’s music.


On Friday, Year 3 had a special treat and welcomed two fluffy visitors into class. Mrs Bradley’s dogs came to visit for some well-deserved cuddles. Oscar and Treacle loved all the cuddles just as much as the class.


In Maths this week, the children have been looking at angles. They have been able to recognise and compare right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles.  In History, they found out about some inventions from the Victorian era and then ordered a timeline of inventions from this time. In English, they have written a description of Bob the space man, created their own character and made a plan for their own version of the story.


This week has been a busy one in Year 4, full of new and exciting experiences.  On Tuesday, the children sang their hearts out and tooted their recorders along with The Halle orchestra at The Bridgwater Hall.  It was a truly special, once in a lifetime experience! On Thursday, the children had a ‘Moving up Morning’ where they got to meet their new Year 5 class teacher, teaching assistant and class fish!  The fish in particular were a big hit!


It's been a very exciting week in Year 5 and the children have thoroughly enjoyed their transition morning – they definitely rose to the challenge of being the oldest in school and were especially thrilled to find themselves sitting on the benches in assembly! During the morning, the children wrote Kennings about themselves made up of verbs and nouns to describe their personalities. They’re looking forward to working out who is who when we look back at our Kennings in September.


They also enjoyed exploring their personalities on transition morning – they found out all about Mrs Flint, Miss Jarman and Mrs Radley and then created personality bookmarks that they can use in Year 6. Their final task of the morning was to write a letter to their future selves – they summarised their favourite moments in Year 5 and wrote about what they hope to achieve in their final year at primary school.






It has been another exciting week in school. On Tuesday, despite some showers, Nursery, Reception, Year 5 and Year 6 enjoyed their Sports Day activities and the rest of school took part in curling. Our Year 5 and 6 children have taken part in the Tameside Swimming Gala and competed brilliantly to take third place, missing second place by only 2 points. Well done!


Some of our Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children have taken part in the Quad Kids athletic event at East Cheshire Harriers this week and thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the 400m, 600m, spring, vortex throw and the long jump. Both groups came 7th, which is amazing!! I have received so much fantastic feedback about how well our children performed and the sportsmanship they demonstrated.


Reception have enjoyed their continued learning based on the book, ‘Sharing a Shell’ this week. The children worked had to write an adjective sentence to describe the shell they had designed.

In Maths, they have been learning about even and odd numbers and sorting the numicon into groups of even and odd. They then made ‘odd monsters’ ensuring they had an odd number of eyes, arms, legs, noses and mouths. 

The children have been creative this week, painting shells and printing their name using letter sponges and paint. The children were also introduced to watercolours and painted an under the sea scene.


In Year 1 the children wanted to share some more photographs from Sports Week as they enjoyed Thai Chi, Curling and Mini stations. The children have also been designing Carnival Trucks as part of their final DT project. Watch this space to see Evie and Tilly’s final model.


In Year 2 this week, the children have been baking Biscuit Bears as part of our English unit. They thought the biscuits tasted delicious and they were so excited that they got to eat two of them! In Science, they have been completing a planting investigation. This has involved planting seeds in different growing conditions. The children are looking forward to observing the changes that take place over time. In Computing, they have really enjoyed using ‘Chrome music lab’ to create different rhythms.


The children have had another great week in Year 3. In RE, they have been looking at the Hindu festival of Diwali. They have looked at the story behind the celebration and how people celebrate Diwali. They then created some of their own blessings for themselves, friends, family, the local community and the world. In Maths, they have been looking at durations and have been working out how long events take and looking at different units of measure.  


In English, the class have read their new story ‘Man on the Moon,’ written a diary entry in role as Bob the spaceman and created a description of space. The children have enjoyed their swimming lesson again this week, continued doing their daily mile, participated in a curling session and enjoyed their weekly dance session. They had a special treat on Monday when they had a taster lacrosse session, which they loved!


In History, Year 3 have started their new unit the ‘Victorians’ and they located this era of time on the timeline and looked at how life changed during this time. They also looked at inventions and some significant people during this period.


Year 4 have been up to lots this week.  In English, they have been writing in role as Bobbie from ‘The Railway Children’.  The children have had a lot of fun writing persuasive letters, including using flattery and emotive language in them.  They used teabags on plain paper to make paper look old as when they have finished their letters, they are going to write them up in neat on them. 


In Maths, they have been learning more about different angles.  The children have done lots of practical activities to help them understand angles better.  In History, they have learnt about the growth of the railways and in RE, they have learnt about the Jewish Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations.  The class were supposed to have their sports day on Tuesday, but unfortunately the rain meant that it couldn’t go ahead.  However, they did do some orienteering and singing instead which cheered us up a little!


Sports Day proved itself to be a big hit in Year 5 even if it did start to rain! The children raced their way to sporting success and thoroughly enjoyed each and every race. There was of course the traditional egg and spoon race that tested their core balance as well as the challenge of the hurdles and the sprint.


They’ve also been delving deeper in to their history topic this week by researching two key pivotal events in 1940: Operation Dynamo and The Battle of Britain. They used a range of secondary sources to discover how thousands of British soldiers were rescued from the beaches of Dunkirk and discovered why the Battle of Britain became such a turning point in the conflict. In Guided Reading, the children have been enjoying Letters from the Lighthouse and this week it inspired them to look in to the life of Sir Nicholas Winton MBE who rescued hundreds of Jewish children during WW2 by creating the Kindertransport. His story was certainly a moving one and they’re so glad that he eventually gained recognition for his heroism during the war.

What a busy week it has been in school! It has been a fantastic Sports Week and the children have enjoyed a range of sports including dodgeball, cone it, Tai Chi, dance, athletics and activity stations. We are looking forward to Sports Day on Tuesday.


On Thursday we welcomed Christian Knight from Jodrell Bank to talk to the children in Years 5 and 6 about an exciting project they are going to be involved in - the Blue Dot Festival. Christian then explained some of the work that takes place at Jodrell Bank and some exciting experiements.


In Nursery this week, their learning focus has been all about ‘Cows.’ The children have learnt about milking and the process.  They have enjoyed having a go at milking, using plastic gloves as udders.  They have painted some amazing cow pictures, played farm games and enjoyed using the new ‘Farm Shop’.


The children have continued to enjoy Little Bikers this week with some of the children graduating to riding bikes with pedals.


This week, Reception have been continuing their learning on their text 'Sharing a Shell.' They have used collage technique to create their own shells using lots of different colours, patterns and materials. In circle time, they have been thinking about who is special to them and why. The children have used their Phase 3 phonics to write a sentence about who they would share their shell with.


The children have enjoyed all the Micklehurst Sports Week activities throughout this week and have been enjoying their little biker’s sessions, riding balance bikes round the playground.


In Maths, Reception have been learning about sharing into two equal groups. The children enjoyed having a teddy bears picnic and sharing the food equally between the two teddies.


During Sports Week, Year 1 have really enjoyed their mini athletics session with Gareth. They have enjoyed working together as a team and had lots of fun!


In Year 2 this week, the children have enjoyed participating in a variety of different sporting activities including, cone it, mini athletics and Tai chi. The children have also spent the week researching the European games. They thoroughly enjoyed using the IPads to research some of the more unusual sports that are taking place this year.  The children have shown fantastic sportsmanship and teamwork throughout the week.


WOW what a fantastic sports week the children have had in Year 3. They have been so busy doing lots of sports and being physically active. They are looking forward to counting up their minutes from the week and counting how many hours they have been physically active this week in school. The children have worked so hard during their daily mile each day to try and beat their previous scores and there were some children running two miles!


Year 3 started the week with an intra school dodgeball competition against Year 4! They had great fun in the sunshine playing and even winning a few matches! On Tuesday the rain stopped our Sports Day, however in class the children carried out some dance videos to keep active. On Wednesday, they started the day with a dance session where they did a variety of fitness dances. They then went straight out and did some more running and then finished the day with a rounders competition. They had great fun even when the rain came down! On Thursday, the children tried something new! Tai Chi! It was a fantastic session where they carried out a range of animal poses and really thought about their core strength. 


Amongst all this fantastic sport, Year 3 have been carrying out some research about the European Games. They have used this research to write a non-chronological report and have looked at the countries taking part in the European games, colouring in some of the flags.


This week in RE, Year 3 have been looking at the Christian festival of Easter. They have worked really hard remembering the main events of Holy Week and creating some work to show this. In Maths, they have been working really hard when looking at the months in a year and working out minutes and hours in weeks.


The children have been really active in Year 4 this week as it has been Sport’s Week.  They have done daily dancing, Smile for a Mile and loads of other fun PE activities.  As part of sports themed week, they have also enjoyed learning about The European Games which are being held in Krakow, Poland at the moment.

 In English the children have finally written their train themed poems, taking time to edit and improve them and write them up in their best handwriting.  In Science they made Solar Panel ovens, although they didn’t work very well as there wasn’t a lot of sun on the day that they tested them out.  Year 4 plan on testing them out again when the sun is out!  In history, the children have really enjoyed researching and learning about some of the earliest locomotives.


Year 5 have fully embraced Sports Week this week! In class, they have been researching the European Games – the children used their iPads to find out when and where the games are being hosted and which countries will be competing. They also discovered which sports will be being played at the games and who will be competing for Team GB. In order to present their findings in an interesting way, the children then used the Adobe Sparks Video app to create an animation all about the event.


They’ve also enjoyed getting active this week and taking part in lots of sporty activities. The children have completed multi-sports sessions and a dance workshop and have even had a go at Tai Chi! Our budding athletes have also enjoyed taking part in Smile for a Mile, which saw them complete fifteen laps around the top pitch each day!


Year 6 have had a particular busy week! This has included an inter-school dodgeball battle, swimming, dancing, smile for a mile, court battles, tai-chi, a debate, met the police, the fire service and learnt about drugs and staying safe, a science presentation from Jodrell Bank and attending a leavers service at Manchester Cathedral. They have barely come up for air! But it has been an thoroughly enjoyable time and everyone has maintained an extremely positive attitude to everything which has been thrown upon them. 


Welcome back after the half term! The children have enjoyed the holidays and have had a busy week in school. Year 4 have been busy learning their times tables facts in preparation for the Y4 Times Tables Check which they completed on Wednesday and our Year 1 children have been busy completing the Phonics Screening Check. The children have done really well and we are very proud of them.


Year 6 took part in the MCSP Maths Challenge on Wednesday. They got off to a fantastic start and were in the lead but classes from the other Mossley Primary Schools soon found their stride and the challenge soon heated up! Our Year 6’s managed to finish in fourth place. Well done!


Nursery have had a great first week back, finding out what they have all been up to in the holidays and beginning their new topic ‘Down on the Farm’. The children have enjoyed planting their new small world area outside and have played nicely with the new toys.

They have also had fun playing in the water in this hot weather.


This week, Reception’s learning has been focused on their new topic, ‘Under the Sea.’ The children have enjoyed reading their topic book ‘sharing a shell’ by Julia Donaldson and they have used different materials to design their own shells. 


The children have been learning about doubling in maths and have enjoyed creating double butterfly wings with paint and matching the double ladybirds together by counting their spots. 


In RE, the children have enjoyed recognising how special and beautiful our world is. They went on a nature walk around school and used their nature goggles to search for trees, flowers and butterflies!


The lovely weather has allowed Reception to spend lots of time in their outdoor environment this week and the children have enjoyed washing cars and trucks with different tools and soapy water, and have been staying cool with lots of water play.


This half term Year 1 are looking at the text 'Nat Fantastic' as part of their literacy work. On Monday they shared the story of Nat Fantastic then used role play to create ideas for the next problem that Nat was going to solve.  They had a great time and enjoyed presenting their ideas to each other!


In Year 2 this week, the children started their new History topic all about famous explorers. The children enjoyed being History detectives and they studied a variety of clues to work out why Christopher Columbus is a significant individual in History. In their computing lesson they listened and appraised a variety of music by the famous composer Gustav Holst. The children thought of different adjectives to describe the music and are looking forward to creating their own music throughout the rest of the unit using the iPads.


This week in Year 3, the children have had a great first week back at school. In Maths, they have been looking at time. They have been reading the time to 1 minute intervals both on digital clocks and analogue clocks. In English, the children have been designing their own spacesuit and completing some research on space. They then used this research to create a poster all about space.


In RE, they have been looking at celebrations. The children created a list of both religious and non- religious celebrations and discussed which are their favourite celebrations. They really enjoyed their swimming lesson this week as they were able to cool down in the swimming pool. In Guided Reading this week, the class went outside and read the next two chapters of their novel ready to answer some more VIPERS questions.


The children have also been making Father’s Day cards, so keep an eye out for your special card.


Year 4 have had a busy week back at school.  They have started their new History topic on the history of railways and their new Science topic on famous inventors and scientists.  Linked in with these topics, the children are using E. Nesbit’s famous novel ‘The Railway Children’ to inspire their writing in English.  This week, they have had fun reading and performing a variety of railway themed poems, including Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘From a Railway Carriage’.  They used thesauruses to find synonyms for train related words and then used some of these words to write their own train themed poetry.


They’ve had a busy start to the term in Year 5! The children have proven themselves to be quite the budding historians and have thoroughly enjoyed the launch of their new topic on World War Two. This week, they’ve journeyed all the way back to 1918 in order to establish the root causes of the conflict and of Hitler’s rise to power in Germany. The children used a range of secondary sources to develop their understanding and then created a documentary using the Adobe Spark Video app to explain their findings.


In English, they’ve enjoyed exploring their brand new text this week: The Wolves in the Walls. They began by recalling all the knowledge they have about the roles wolves usually play in stories before opening the book and delving in to the eerie world of Neil Gaiman. The children are fully engrossed in the text so far and they can’t wait to find out what happens next.





It has been another exciting week in school as many of our children have celebrated their Top of the Tree reward and have taken part in a slime workshop or have painted a cup at Doodle Pots in Mossley. 


Some of our Year 1 and Year 2 children have been to Mossley Hollins to take part in the Mossley Carrbrook Schools Partnership Cone It competition. The children played nine games and showed great skill and determination. They came in 3rd position, and we are very proud of their efforts.


In Nursery this week, the children have been reading and enjoying the story of ‘The Very Quiet Cricket’ by Eric Carle. They have made crickets and enjoyed moving like minibeasts.


Inspired by Alan Titchmarsh, Reception have enjoyed designing their own gardens this week. First, they created large garden models using artificial grass and natural objects, before using their cutting skills to complete a small scale garden design. The children have been writing some super sentences using their phase 3 phonics this week and were very excited to be learning their first trigraph ‘igh’.

In Maths, they have been focusing on manipulating shapes. The children have worked hard to create some fantastic shape rockets.


During circle time, the children read the story ‘Ted the Tiger Tamer’ and enjoyed talking about their big feelings. Reception then had fun creating faces using natural objects such as sticks, flowers, logs and leaves to show different emotions they may feel.


On Tuesday as part of their Science unit, all about plants, Year 1 enjoyed working outside looking at and identifying different types of leaves and flowers. They also enjoyed seeing the changes in the Forest School area where Years 2, 5 and 6 have planted new trees. On Wednesday they enjoyed completing the ‘Implementation’ part of their Design and Technology unit and made the fruit salads that they had designed. 


On Thursday the children created a map of Mossley showing the physical features that are in their town. It was a whole class effort and they had a great time making it!


In Year 2 this week, the children have been enjoying their Art week. This has included taking a familiar object (stick) and using their imagination to think about what it might become. They have then used their sketchbooks to create designs and generate ideas. Following on from this the children have used a variety of materials, including wool to create ‘stick people’. The children loved making their stick people, although it was a little tricky at times!


This week in Maths, Year 3 have been adding and subtracting money and finding change. They have worked very hard with this and applied their knowledge of the column method to find the answers to these questions.


In Science, the children have completed their ‘plants’ end of term assessment. They then went outside and found seeds in the school’s gardens and did some observational drawings of these. In PE, they have enjoyed an orienteering lesson, their weekly swimming lesson and their ‘daily mile, it was a hot one running in the sun!


In Guided Reading, the children have continued to look at ‘The Butterfly Lion’ and found out some more about Bertie’s life in Africa. Some parts of the book were emotional, but the children discussed the different feelings this had created.


In RE, Year 3 have looked at Rosa Parks and what she was famous for. They looked at how she stood up for herself and her rights, then they acted out the scene on the bus. As a treat for working so hard this week, the children had some fun in the sun playing on the tyre park and being physically active.


The children have had a busy and creative week in Year 4.  They started the week writing a magical description.  Although they had a good chat about ideas, watched videos and looked at pictures to help them, when it came to the writing, they just did it completely independently, showcasing everything that they have learnt in English and SPAG lessons so far this year. 


The children also finished off their money maths and then they began the fun-ART WEEK!  They have spent a lot of time exploring and appreciating the still life art-work of traditional and contemporary artists, including Cezanne.  They have used paint and collage techniques to create their own Cezanne inspired still life pieces. They have had loads of fun and produced some really impressive pieces!


In science this week, Year 5 have continued their exploration of forces with a closer look at air resistance. The children investigated the effects of air resistance by carrying out a fair test to discover how the surface area of a parachute affects the time it takes for it to fall to the ground. They soon discovered that the larger the surface area, the more air resistance there was and the slower the parachute fell – they had a great time investigating and using their enquiry skills and the children are becoming even more adept at recording their results and pattern seeking.


Their English lessons this week have focussed on narrative writing and they have been busy innovating the story of ‘FArTHER’. The children have employed a wide range of techniques to bring the setting and the characters to life and they have used dialogue to convey character and advance the action. On Friday, our master storytellers were excited to share their work with the children in Year 1 and it was lovely to see their writing captivate the audience. 


Year 6 have been busy putting the finishing touches to a range of pieces of writing for their portfolios this week because these will be moderated after the holidays. They have enjoyed a netball session today, led by one of our past pupils Ellie, who has worked with the class as part of her end of year assessment at college.

What a busy week we have had in school! Year 2 have worked very hard with their SATs papers this week and we are very pleased with how they have tackled each assessment. On Monday, we welcomed David Mason, our resident poet, into school and each class enjoyed listening to and retelling some of his poems.


The children enjoyed Outdoor Learning Day on Thursday; Year 5 taking part in Bikeability whilst Nursery, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 6 enjoyed their first session of Forest School. Year 4 completed some of their English work outdoors and Year 3 enjoyed exploring the local area as part of their Geography work.


We have also celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week and each class completed their PSHE session with activities relating to anxiety which is the theme for the week.


In Nursery, the children started their week with a visit from David Mason who read them a poem about Bertie the Bee. The children have then been learning about pollination and acting out how the bees drink the nectar from flowers and then pollinate the flowers. They have also enjoyed tasting honey on their honey sandwiches.


This week, Reception have been learning about plants and growth. They learnt that plants need sun, soil and water to grow and they labelled the different parts of a flower. Reception love singing so they had lots of fun singing their ‘flowers’ song and drawing pictures of their favourite colourful flowers. The children also used their super cutting skills to create their own spring scene with their choice of flowers, trees, rainbows and spring animals.  Reception have also been learning about Steven Brown’s McGoo cows and used pastels to create their own colourful cows. Subtraction has been our Maths focus this week; the children have been using 10 frames, numicon and toys to understand the concept and some have written their own subtraction number sentences.


In Year 1 this week, the children have enjoyed working with David Mason to retell one of his poems about a crocodile. They then acted out and retold the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. They have had a great session and the class shared how much they had enjoyed it!


This week in Year 2, the children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the outdoors this week. On Wednesday, they went on a special mission to collect ‘Y’ shaped twigs and branches for out Art project next week. The children loved doing this and they managed to find lots of branches! On Thursday, as part of outdoor learning day, the children had their first introductory lesson to forest school. The children loved playing in the mud kitchen, planting trees, climbing in the trees and relaxing in the hammock and they can’t wait to hopefully have more forest school lessons in the future.   


WOW what a busy week Year 3 have had! In English, they started the week by listening to a range of poems by David Mason. In Maths, they have been looking at counting in tenths and finding tenths as decimals. In Science, the children have been looking at seed dispersal and looking at all the different ways seeds are dispersed. They then made their own spinners and watched how they were transported. In Geography, the children have been on a walk around the local area where they identified human and physical features. They also looked at the ages of different buildings and houses and marked these on a map. They also looked at compass direction where they drew different pictures of what they saw at north, south, east and west. The children also used their senses and described what they could hear, see, smell and taste at different points.


For our outdoor learning day, they carried out a forest school lesson, where they had great fun learning in the outdoors. They planted some trees, played in the mud kitchen, climbed trees and made dens.

In Computing, they looked at making their own animation and made their own flipbook. In RE, they looked at how Christians can make a difference in their community and looked at the different things Christians can do to help other people.


The children have been seriously busy again in Year 4.  In English, they have been writing a non-chronological report on broomsticks which included subordinate clauses.  In Science they made ice-cream and learnt about how salt speeds up the freezing process!  The children were also really lucky to have a poet, David Mason, come into class, to perform some of his amazing poetry.


Year 5 have had a very creative week this week and have thoroughly enjoyed embarking upon a new project in art all about typography and maps. The children studied the work of artist, Louise Fili, and looked at a number of beautifully designed maps, including the Wizarding World’s very own Marauder’s Map. They then explored how designers work with fonts and layout (typography) and how we can use the way words look to help us communicate ideas and emotions. We are now busily using everything we’ve learnt to design and create our own maps of the United Kingdom complete with 3D artwork – they’re already looking incredibly impressive.


We’ve also been completing our Bikeability course this week; the children were very excited on Wednesday and Thursday to bring their own bikes to school and receive expert tuition from our Bikeability Instructors. The sessions began on the school playground and then the children ventured on to the roads around school to learn how to ride safely – it was lovely to see their confidence grow over the course of the two days!


Year 6 had a lovely finish to SATs week last week when the children ventured up to top Mossley Park with treats and fun galore. The fun continued into this week with an outdoor adventure where the class had the chance to reminisce on their younger years by playing with mud kitchens, den building and digging for worms. Year 6 loved their forest school session on Thursday and have already asked to do it again! In class, The children are working hard on their writing, this week and have been concentrating on completing their biographies on a scientist linked to our science topic – electricity. And in Maths, they have been examining value for money. Using a project from the White Rose scheme, they have been looking at how to get more for your money in terms of day-to-day life and shopping. This will continue nicely onto an enterprising activity where children will set up a make-believe baking business.


What a busy week! Year 6 have worked really hard completing their SATs this week and they should be proud of how well they have tackled them. I hope they get the results they deserve, despite some papers being particularly tricky. Other classes have continued their learning about King Charles’ Coronation and there are some lovely photographs to share.


In Nursery this week, the children have continued celebrating the King's Coronation and have had a class tea party.


Reception have been learning about King Charles this week in light of his coronation. They watched a video of the crowning and wrote sentences about King Charles’ and Queen Camilla’s special day. The children loved making their own King and Queen crowns using sparkles and gems, and they painted some beautiful coronation crowns too. The children have also been talking about London, finding it on a map and colouring in the famous landmarks.


Their Maths focus has been writing number sentences and adding 1 more. They made a bus and bus stop using chairs and enjoyed role play by counting how many children were on the bus and how many were at the bus stop.


This week in Year 1, the children have been writing their Jack and the Beanstalk stories and in Maths they have started their new unit on multiplication.


In Year 2 this week, the children have been learning to tell the time to the quarter hour. They enjoyed setting the times on their own individual clocks and are looking forward to the challenge of telling the time to five minute intervals next week. In Computing they have continued their pictograms topic and have gathered data using a tally chart, created a digital pictogram and interpreted the data.

In Year 3 this week, the children have been working extremely hard with their arithmetic, reasoning and reading assessments. In Music they enjoyed playing their ukuleles and learning a range of notes.


In Science, they have been looking at the pollination process. The children have looked at the life cycle of a flower and were able to order the pollination process. In Spanish, they have been looking at the Eurovision song contest, giving their opinions of the songs and rating them using their numbers in Spanish.


In RE, Year 3 have been looking at Holy Communion and the stages of Holy Communion in a church. In Guided Reading, they have continued to answer a range of VIPERS questions about their book "The Butterfly Lion' and are very intrigued to find out if the boy leaves the compound.


Yet again, Year 4 have had a super busy week!  They finally finished their invisibility potion instructions and, continuing with their magic theme, have begun learning about and planning a non-chronological report on broomsticks!  In Maths, they have continued to learn about decimal numbers, comparing, ordering and rounding them. 


In Science, the children had great fun carrying out experiments on melting solids.  They used a thermometer to measure the temperature of water and the melting points of different solids.  They learnt about how particles are arranged in solids, liquids and gases and what actually happens to these particles when they are heated and cooled.  The class had lots of fun pretending that they were particles! 


In Geography, they have been further exploring the physical and human features of the UK and in RE they have been learning about Humanist beliefs.  They’ve done loads more, including music, PE, reading and Spanish!  I’m not sure how they’ve managed to fit it all in, but they have!


The Coronation theme continued in Year 5 this week as they reflected on a spectacular weekend. Inspired by Michael Morpurgo’s new book, The Boy Who Would Be King, the children have written letters in role as Charles on the morning of the coronation to his younger self, a schoolboy struggling with life at boarding school. They thought really carefully about what he would want to say to his childhood self and the letters are really heartfelt, full of helpful advice and also quite humorous in places.


They’ve been carrying out a rather fascinating science experiment this week too in order to discover how changing the length of the string on our pendulums affects the length of time that they swing for. They ensured their investigations were fair by changing only one variable and carrying out three tests at each stage; the children then made conclusions using their scientific knowledge of forces. At the end of their lesson, they loved trying out a new experiment too…Antigravity Maltesers (they enjoyed eating the Maltesers afterwards too!).

We hope you have enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend! It has been another busy week in school.


In Nursery the children have continued their journey through Eric Carle stories about minibeasts, and this week they have been reading ‘The Very Busy Spider’.  The children have been rewriting their own story about the Spider’s Day.  They have thought of different animals and their sounds to go in the book. 


Friday started our Coronation celebrations; these will be continuing next week in Nursery.  The children enjoyed pretending to be King or Queen for the day, making crowns and a enjoying a fantastic whole school picnic.


This week, Reception enjoyed continuing their learning within their ‘In the Garden’ topic. They began the week by reading the story, ‘Mad About Minibeasts’ and sharing which minibeast is their favourite and why. The children then labelled some minibeast pictures and wrote some super sentences to describe them.


They have been focusing their learning on shapes this week and have been creating their own tangram animals using different sized rectangles, triangles and circles. 


The children were excited to see that their tuff tray bean seeds are growing tall and some of their sunflower seeds are beginning to sprout; they have been fantastic gardeners by ensuring the plants have enough soil, water and sunlight.


Although this week has been a short week in Year 1, the children have still managed to fit an awful lot in.  This week has been used as an assessment week, with the children undertaking tests in maths and reading. 


In Year 2 this week, the children have been busy learning about King Charles IIIs Coronation, making bunting for our big lunch and writing acrostic poems.


This week in Maths, Year 3 have been finding unit and non-unit fractions of numbers and have worked extremely hard with this.  In English, they have been writing their non-chronological report about their monsters that they designed.


In Science, the children have been looking at how water is transported around a flower and have set up an investigation to see how this happens.  In Art, they have been doing some drawings showing our natural world. In Spanish, they enjoyed learning how to say the different colours in Spanish. The children have been working very hard during handwriting sessions practising their letter formation and joining different letters. In Geography, they have been looking at the human and physical features of Mossley.


Although this week has been a short week in Year 4, the children have still managed to fit an awful lot in.  This week has been used as an assessment week, with the children undertaking tests in maths and reading.  The children all tried their very hardest and did amazingly well.  It hasn’t just been tests this week though. In English, the children worked incredibly hard on their invisibility potion instructions, using fronted adverbials, imperative verbs and adverbs as well as colons and semi-colons. 


In Geography, Year 4 researched the physical features of the United Kingdom and in RE they looked at the similarities and differences between The Ten Commandments and The Beatitudes.  The most exciting part of the week has to be the King’s Coronation celebrations though.  Year 4 created some amazing bunting for this momentous day and generally had a ball being part of the celebrations.


This week, our Year 5s have proven that they’re quite the budding scientists by taking on a pendulum challenge. Firstly, they recalled all of their knowledge from last week about different forces before learning about the findings of Galileo Galilei. The children then made their own pendulums and discovered how they could be used to measure time.


They’ve also been busy preparing for the King’s Coronation; the children have been making bunting to help decorate our school in preparation for the Big Lunch on Friday. We’ve also been enjoying Michael Morpurgo’s new Fairy Tale inspired by King Charles: The Boy Who Would Be King. We loved the illustrations and the links to another King we’ve learnt about this year, King Alfred the Great.


This week in Year 6, the children enjoyed taking part in a performance of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream at Mossley Hollins which was led by The Young Shakespeare Company. The class have also continued their science unit of work on electricity and have been using this week to get in some further practice for their SATs next week.


The children have had an exciting week in school. The School Council led assembly on Monday and launched our litter project, so the children have been busy designing posters to spread the message in our local community. Four children from our Ethos Council attended an Ethos Conference at St George’s CE Primary School in Hyde on Thursday and have come back bursting with ideas of how we can enhance some of our practice in school. Watch this space!


In Nursery this week, the children have been reading a new book by their author, Eric Carle. This week’s story has been ‘The Bad-Tempered Ladybird’ and the children have been counting the spots on each of the ladybird’s wings and counting the total number of spots.


This week, Reception have planted sunflower seeds and are looking forward to seeing them grow. They have talked about the different things plants need to grow and have been observing their bean seeds in the tuff tray- the children were very excited to see the roots and the stem beginning to grow in the soil.


Building on their class text, the children have used their text map to innovate ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story. They found it funny choosing new foods for the caterpillar to eat, such as mint sauce and Easter eggs!


They have also been consolidating their understanding of numbers to 20 this week and have been playing a race to 20 game using counters, a dice and a number track. 


Year 1 have been busy this week. In Geography, the children have been exploring our school grounds looking for features to complete our ‘I spy’ and ‘I spot’ hunts. They have also looked at some of the schools other exciting features including the tyre park, adventure playground, MUGA and garden.


In English, the children have been creating the story map of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, ready for orally rehearsing the story and writing their own version.


In Year 2 this week, the children have carried on their Geography unit and they were very excited to look at some artefacts all the way from Zambia. These had been brought in by Edgar and were from the 1970’s. They included fantastic wooden spears, bongo drums and a special tankard and plate made from copper.


In Computing, the children have been continuing their unit on pictograms. They enjoyed using the iPads to generate their own and then they answered questions about the data.


This week in Maths, Year 3 have been adding and subtracting fractions and finding fractions of amounts. They have worked very hard! In English, the children have written a letter and designed their own monster ready to write a non-chronological report about it next week.


In Science, they have planned their comparative investigation about the different factors that plants need in order to survive. In PE, they have enjoyed their swimming lessons and completing orienteering.


In Guided Reading, the children have enjoyed answering a variety of inference questions. In RE, they have been looking at the different activities that happen in the church during the week and linking these to passages from the Bible. In Geography, they have been locating the local area on a world map and a map of the UK.


Year 4 have been busy again this week.  In science, the children carried out some experiments, making predictions beforehand as to what they thought would happen.  They didn’t realise that if you mix white wine vinegar with Bicarbonate of Soda, it produces a gas.  The children carried out this experiment and the gas produced actually inflated a Latex glove! 


In English, they began writing instructions for ‘How to brew an invisibility potion’.  The children are writing their instructions using the Clicker app which has been great fun.  Perhaps the most fun thing this week though was our trip to Mossley library.  Lots of the children have become members and are really excited about being able to borrow books from the library.


Year 5 have been stretching their scientific minds this week by delving in to the world of FORCES. After recalling everything they already knew about forces, the children experimented with a variety of objects around the classroom – they eagerly pushed, pulled, stretched and dropped in order to identify the forces acting upon each item. They then researched Isaac Newton’s discoveries and used Force Meters to measure each force in Newtons.


In RE, the children have been asking the question: If God is everywhere, why go to a place of worship? This week, in order to investigate further, they discovered the differences and similarities between Baptist and Anglican Churches. By exploring each type of church, they were able to discuss some key beliefs and identify why places of worship are so special to people of different faiths.


Year 5 are also thoroughly enjoying taking part in Forest School this term – they’ve already explored our forest area, picked litter and climbed the trees and they can’t wait to see what’s in store for them over the coming weeks.

Welcome back! We are looking forward to another exciting term in school. It has been a very busy week as we welcomed our Ofsted Inspector into Micklehurst All Saints. The Inspector enjoyed speaking to our children, staff and governors to find out as much information as possible about our school. We are looking forward to receiving the final report and sharing it with you.


This week Nursery have enjoyed starting to learn about their class author Eric Carle.  The book they have been reading is ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.  The children have enjoyed painting, cutting and making caterpillars and butterflies. At the end of the week, they had a tea party with butterfly cakes and juice.


The new topic ‘In the Garden’ is in full swing in Reception. The class story is ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and the children have enjoyed creating and practising their text map to orally retell the story. Using their phonics, they have labelled the different foods the hungry caterpillar ate.

The children have been exploring their minibeast investigation area, using magnifying glasses to look closely at different insects and find them in nonfiction texts. Their garden centre role play area has been very popular this week as the children have been shopkeepers, selling flowers, seeds, plants, soil and gardening tools to their friends; they have loved using real money and role playing using the till and the phone.


In Maths, staff are deepening the children’s understanding of number by looking at the composition of teen numbers using numicon, 10 frames, tally charts and numerals.


Reception have been learning about seasonal change and what we might see in the springtime. This week, they went on a spring walk outside with clipboards and observed signs of spring. The children enjoyed listening to the birds tweet and noticing the new growth around them.


On Wednesday, Year 1 enjoyed their first dance session with our Dance coach. The children had a great time thinking about how animals move and started to create an animal dance. Watch this space for the completed dance sequence at the end of this half term!


In Year 2 this week,the children have been using atlases, Google Earth and globes to locate Zambia on a map. They have also used the internet and information texts to find out some basic facts about what life is like in Zambia. Prior to the Easter holidays, the children completed their Design Technology unit that included making Easter cards that used sliders and levers. The children really enjoyed making cards that had moving parts.   


This week in Maths, Year 3 have been looking at capacity. The children have been reading different scales to read different volumes. They have been using their division skills to work out the intervals on each scale.


In English, they have been looking at their new text ‘The Day Louis got Eaten’. The children looked at a picture from the text and created a list of questions about the text and made a prediction. They then read the story and verbally retold the story. Next, the children created a setting description using prepositions, looked at some of the stories that the author, John Fardell, had written and created an author review. 


In Science, Year 3 started their new unit on plants. They were able to label the parts of a plant and describe their function. They then looked at the flower and were able to label parts of a flower from looking at their own flowers. In PE, the children thoroughly enjoyed their first swimming lesson.

In Guided Reading, the children have started reding their new text by Michael Morpurgo and have made some predictions and have really enjoyed reading the book so far. 


As usual, Year 4 have come back from their holidays and got stuck into their learning straight away!  In English, they have begun their wizard inspired unit on instructions.  They have had fun, designing and describing their own wizard characters as well as following instructions to make Harry Potter wands.  In maths, they have been looking at hundredths, both written as fractions and decimals.  In science, the children have begun their new topic on states of matter.  They looked at balloons filled with water, air and ice and started to think and ask questions about solids, liquids and gases. 


In RE, they have been thinking about rules and in Geography, they have begun their new topic on the UK.  The children have been using maps and atlases to help them learn about the different countries which make up the UK and the varying landscapes across these places. 


They’ve had a great start to the half term in Year 6. In literacy, the children have been honing their narrative skills by planning a recount. In maths, they have been learning about the importance of representing data in the form of pie charts, line graphs and bar charts with some fabulous links to other areas of the curriculum. RE has been a particular favourite for the class this week with their new unit – Racism and whether religion can help. This has engrossed the children into some quite serious and deep conversations. They also, chose a scientist earlier in the week and produced a fact file about someone who had important connections to electricity.

Where has the half term gone? It has been so busy! This week our Year 4 children took part in the MCSP Virtual Times Table Challenge, and we were so proud of them all. They did so well recalling their times table facts under timed conditions and we are thrilled to say that they came in second place!


The children have also enjoyed getting ready for our Easter service which took place today.


Nursery have been very lucky to have the chicks with them for another week.  They have been feeding them, filling up their water bowl and playing with them so they have some exercise.  They have also enjoyed giving them cuddles.


This week the children have also been looking at the Easter Story, they have read a few books, watched a video and retold the story through re-enactment.   Come and have a look at their beautiful display! They have cut palm leaves, made bread, retold the story through pictures on a cross and created a collage of the tomb.  They have learnt lots about how and why Jesus died this week.


Their Easter plate competition was amazing, and they had so many lovely entries.  Thank you to everyone for getting involved, the children loved showing off their plates to the rest of the school.


Reception have also enjoyed learning about the Easter story this week. They began by talking about Palm Sunday when Jesus was welcomed to Jerusalem; the children designed their own palm leaves and sang ‘sing hosanna’. They then read ‘The Easter Story’ and were excited to learn that after Jesus died, he came back to life. Reception did a super job of sequencing the Easter story using picture cards.


The children have enjoyed being introduced to 3D shapes this week and exploring making different imprints in playdough using cubes, cuboids, spheres and cones.


The children were sad to say goodbye to our chicks this week and have been using their phase 3 phonics to label the life cycle of a chick. Reception are working really hard to write independently and in full sentences- Miss Austin is very proud! 


In science this week, Year 1 have been exploring their senses as part of their ‘Animals including Humans’ unit of work. They had great fun completing experiments using each of their senses. Year 1 have also been using role play to retell the Easter Story. Please see their class page for further photos.


This week in Year 2 the children have been completing their Design and Technology unit which has included making sliders and levers. They have incorporated these moving parts in to their Easter card designs and the children are very proud of them. They have also created a Celtic cross in preparation for our whole school Easter service. The Celtic cross has one unbroken line which forms a continuous path to the sacred point in the centre which enfolds heaven and earth.


This week in Maths, Year 3 have been comparing mass and adding and subtracting mass. In English, the children have finished writing their adventure stories and shared them with the children in Year 2 and Year 6. They have done a fantastic job! 


In History, they have looked at the conversion to Christianity during the Anglo Saxon times and some key people who helped to bring Christianity into the UK.


In RE, the children have looked at Easter Sunday and discussed how this was a good time and how the people felt when Jesus rose again. They also carried out some drama reenacting Palm Sunday.


In Science, Year 3 were able to make predictions and work out if two bar magnets would attract or repel. They created some scientific drawings to show their results. In Design and Technology, they have completed their unit on structures and made an Easter basket following their design specification.


Year 4 have been really busy this week, finishing off their diaries and their Geography and RE topics.  In Geography, the children have been learning about the Himalayas mountain range in Asia.  They have had fun creating their own Himalayas leaflets, including facts about the people that live there and the problems that they sometimes face.  Linked in with this, they have also had their Design Technology week, where the children have learnt about Kantha, which is a tradition in Eastern India.   This up-cycling textile tradition uses scraps of sari material to make other items such as purses and bags. They have designed and made their own Kantha purses, using a variety of stitches (running, back and cross).  They faced a few challenges during this process, but the children are very pleased with their completed purses!


Year 5s visit to the Place Between has come to an end this week with a fantastical unit of work on instructions. The children were tasked with creating their very own potion in order to add some additional spark to Abdul Kazam’s magic show…their ideas ranged from levitation spells to transfiguration potions and were all truly magical.  After exploring the linguistic features of instructions, the children planned and wrote their own potion recipes and loved reading them aloud to share with the class.


They’ve also been brushing up on their art skills this week with a unit of work on ‘Set Design’. They looked at and discussed the work of two different artists who design sets for theatre productions, and then created their own dramatic drawings using charcoal and focussing on light, dark and shadow. Next, the children worked together to create their very own cardboard box sets that would capture the essence of The Place Between – it was fantastic seeing them work together to bring to life a story that they’ve enjoyed so much in class.


It has been another fabulous week in Year 6 this week. In their topic work they are examining the effects of Alexander the Great’s empire upon Persia. In RE, the class had the most fantastic discussion surrounding the ideas of free-will and determinism and in Science they had a lot of fun trying to generate electricity using potatoes and lemons! I cannot say they had the most success but what was great was the number of questions raised and the lines of investigation it uncovered.


To further our science capital, on Friday, Year 6 attended a virtual visit by Dr Sheila Kanani, author of ‘Can you get Rainbows in Space’ who demonstrated experiments to do with space and light (a future topic for Year 6). The children will also have the opportunity to find out about the different types of jobs in the world of space and science.







It has been a very exciting week in school. Our Nursery and Reception children had a very special delivery on Monday, eggs which were nearly ready to hatch. The children were shown the special incubator where the eggs had to stay and be kept warm and they have been eagerly waiting to see if any of the eggs started to move and hoping that some chicks would hatch. On Wednesday they could hear some quiet cheeping and they all gathered excitedly to watch a chick hatch from one of the eggs. This was closely followed by another four and then another four!  It was magical!


Reception have enjoyed their learning about Jack and the Beanstalk this week; they had fun reading the story and role playing in their ‘Giant’s Castle’ role play area. On Tuesday, the Giant visited their classroom and the children were excited to find huge Giant footprints on the floor. The children have been using their phonics skills to write a letter to Jack to tell him that they have seen the Giant too.


Reception have worked super hard in Math’s this week, as their learning moves on to finding different ways to make the number 10 and introducing the children to number bonds. They have all fallen in love with the chicks in nursery and the children have very much enjoyed observing them throughout their hatching journey.


In RE this week, the children have been comparing special religious celebrations- Christmas, Diwali and Sukot. They have been thinking about the similarities and differences between these special times.


This week in Year 1, the children have finished their latest art project. This half term they have completed a sculptural project where they have made drawings from observations, explored media, and transformed their drawings from 2d to 3d to make a bird.


In Year 2 this week, the children have been exploring the importance of hygiene in science. This involved putting five pieces of bread in different test conditions and the class are now going to observe what happens over time. On Wednesday they also had a very exciting visit from a range of animals – all the children were so brave when handling the animals and thoroughly enjoyed the experience!


This week in Year 3, the children have been looking at measuring in grams and kilograms in maths. They have been reading scales and converting measurements. In English, they have continued to write their adventure stories and have made a great effort with these!


In History, the children have looked at some Anglo Saxon artefacts. They became archeologists and asked a variety of questions and were able to make observations. In RE, they have been thinking about Good Friday and created some art work to show the three crosses on the hill. 


In Science, they carried out an investigation to show how they can make things move using magnetic force. The children got their car to move over the bridge. In PE, they have really enjoyed practising their under arm throws and batting the ball in rounders.


Year 4 have been really busy this week, squeezing in all sorts of learning and activities.  They have just finished their maths unit on fractions and begun learning about decimals, looking specifically at tenths and hundredths.  The children have also begun writing their own Tear Thief diaries, which has been lots of fun.  They have written diaries before and so they have found writing them a little easier this time. 


In science, the children had yet more fun making switches and in RE they discussed temptation in relation to Lent.  They looked at temptations in their own life and discussed whether they experience the same temptations that Jesus did in the wilderness.  They have also started making a large cross for the Easter service next week.  Year 4’s cross is inspired by the designs of crosses in the country of El Salvador and so it will be very vibrant and eye-catching.


Year 5 started this week with their Times Tables Rockstars Baseline challenges, you could feel the concentration in the room as the children battled to beat their scores.


They have also taken part in the NSPCC’s Speak Out Stay Safe campaign this week. The programme began with a virtual assembly delivered by Ant n Dec who have left the jungle behind in order to introduce the children to the vital work of the NSPCC, the nation’s leading children’s charity. On Thursday, the children took part in a workshop delivered by NSPCC volunteers; they explored in detail how to keep themselves safe and learnt about the different forms that abuse can take.


It’s been a very musical week in Year 5 too as they’ve been busy practicing and preparing to take part in the MCSP’s Big Sing. On Thursday, they made their way up to Mossley Hollins to join schoolchildren from several other schools for the big event. The highlight was definitely joining forces with the entire audience for a rousing performance of Under the Sea. The children also did Micklehurst proud with their very own performance of Gary Barlow’s Sing.

It has been a very different week in school due to some classes being closed due to strike action. The children in school have been busy enjoying their learning.


This week, Reception have been learning about Mothering Sunday and using adjectives to describe their Mummy. They have completed their beautiful mother’s day cards and have used their very best handwriting to write inside them. Using their fine motor skills, they have enjoyed cutting and sticking a bunch of Mother’s day flowers to take home.


The children have enjoyed exploring the Three Billy Goats Gruff small world and the Jack and the Beanstalk Giant’s castle role play area this week, correlating with our Traditional Tales topic.


Reception have been practicing their super counting to 10 and beyond this week in maths and recognising numerals on a number line.


This week, Year 1 have been using Flip Flap Animals books in English to create non-chronological reports. They have used the Flip Flap Farm Animals to create some new animals of their own. Keep an eye out for their  non-chronological reports about their new animals.


In Year 3 this week, the children have been understanding equivalent fractions using a number line and a bar model. In English, they have designed their own characters for their adventure stories, made a plan and started writing these stories. 


In History, the children have looked at life in an Anglo Saxon village. They have looked at how they lived a very different life to Romans and found out about some of the different types of jobs carried out in the village.


In RE, they have looked at Maundy Thursday, the Last Supper and the main events during that day. They then designed their own Last Supper thinking of their own special people and their favourite foods.


In Science, Year 3 carried out an investigation to test which material was magnetic. They predicted whether they thought the material was magnetic or non- magnetic then tested the material using a magnet.


The children have also been making their Mother’s Day cards this week, so keep your eyes peeled for your special card this weekend.


In Year 4 this week, the children wanted to share some of their learning from Forest School. They have thoroughly enjoyed their forest school sessions and have been keen to explore the environment, engaging in a treasure hunt to find pinecones and working in the mud kitchen to make mud cakes with petals.


On Thursday, Year 5 hopped on the bus to Ashton to visit Ashton Central Mosque; the children were very eager to ask all of the questions they still had following their unit of work on Islam last half term. Their learning has focused on what it’s like to be a Muslim in Britain today and visiting the mosque gave them a brilliant insight into how Muslims pray and some of their key beliefs.


At the mosque, they were warmly welcomed and treated to an interactive presentation on Islam, where the children impressed our host Nabeela with the knowledge they already had! They were then invited on a tour of the mosque and introduced to a range of items that are important to Muslims. They also learnt about the practice of wudu and the steps taken to cleanse before prayer – they were even given the chance to have a go themselves! Lastly, they visited some of the classrooms in the mosque and the children were amazed to learn that there were more classrooms than back at school – it was interesting to see that the classroom rules were very similar though!

The children have had an exciting week in school. Y6 have enjoyed going to Mossley Hollins to watch their production of ‘We Will Rock You’ and it was great to see so many past pupils playing lead roles and taking part in the chorus. We have also welcomed David Mason, our resident author, into school and he has been working with Year 6 to produce some amazing creative writing.


In Nursery, the week started with a new story, Jasper’s Beanstalk.  The children discussed what happens on each day of the week, they are very good at remembering the days of the week especially as they know a good song to help them.


They have planted a bean and are looking forward to watching it grow.  As a class the children each painted parts of a beanstalk, then they put it all together and it was so tall.  Make sure you have a look at it on their display.  They have also enjoyed colouring and collaging Jasper the cat pictures.


On Tuesday morning Nursery had a visit from Police officers from Ashton and Mossley stations.  PC Dan told the children all about his uniform and the equipment he uses.  Then they went to investigate the police car, the siren was very loud and they had to cover their ears!  It was good fun to have high fives and pictures with Constable Cub who came to see us too.


In Reception this week, The Little Red Hen visited the classroom and left a note asking the children to bake her some bread. Reception enjoyed mixing, pouring, measuring, baking and most of all eating their bread! They left some for The Little Red Hen too.


The children have been retelling the traditional tale using our text map and sequencing the story using pictures.


With Mother’s Day approaching, the children used finger painting to create beautiful Mother’s Day cards ready to write inside next week.


The children have also been working hard in Maths, using number tracks to find one more and one less and have been learning about the Jewish celebration- Sukkot.


As part of their sculpture work in Art, Year 1 have used mixed media to complete observational drawings of feathers. They observed the feathers carefully and looked at their shape, size and colour and tried to replicate these in their drawings.


In Year 2 this week, everyone has been overjoyed that their class meerkat Sunny, had been returned by the Jackal. The children decided to write some new, tasty recipes for Sunny and  are putting together a class recipe book for him.


In History, they have loved finding out about the life of Florence Nightingale - in particular, they have been focusing on the improvements that Florence made in the hospitals. The children have also enjoyed reading a range of fiction and non-fiction books all about her life. 


This week in Year 3, the children have been recognising the numerator of non- unit fractions and ordering and comparing them. They have also shown an understanding of a whole one and how to read fractions on a scale.


In English, they have been describing Manfred using a range of adjectives to describe his appearance and personality, they have been ordering the story of Manfred the Baddie, creating a dialogue between Manfred and the Doctor using inverted commas and writing a diary entry in role as Manfred.


In History Year 3 continued their new unit on the Anglo- Saxons and looked at the different place names in the UK and the names from the Anglo-Saxon period. They looked at a map of the UK and looked at the place names which originated from the Anglo Saxon names.


In RE, the children have started their work about Easter and have looked at Palm Sunday. They looked at the events of the day and discussed the feelings of the donkey during this time.


In Science, they have carried out an investigation to see which surface the car travels further on. They set the car off from different heights on four different surfaces to see which surface produced the most friction.


In Spanish, the children have been learning how to say names for the different members of their family and in PE, they have been working hard in gymnastics completing a variety of movements and jumps.


Year 4 have had another jam-packed week, full of exploration, discussion and problem solving.  In Maths, they have learnt more about fractions and now understand what proper, improper and mixed fractions are.  They even learnt how to convert improper fractions into mixed fractions. 


In Science, the children learnt more about electricity; the components required within a circuit and how a circuit must be complete in order for electricity to light a bulb or make a buzzer work.  In English, they have written character descriptions and have just begun planning a persuasive letter. 


In Geography, the children have enjoyed learning more about the features of mountains and in RE they have used the gospels to carry out research into what happened to Jesus in the wilderness.


In Year 5, the week began with a bang as they hosted their very own Magic Show and revealed their new text: Leon and the Place Between. Their showcase was a feast for the senses as they were surrounded by the sounds of excited children and music from the barrel organ; they also sampled some sweet treats in the form of candy floss and popcorn. The children used their experience at the Magic Show to inspire their next piece of writing and they can’t wait to explore the story further.


They’ve been marking Fairtrade Fortnight in Year 5 this week too by learning about how supporting Fairtrade helps improve the living standards for farmers by investing in their communities and businesses and protecting their environment. The children shared their understanding by writing prayers and poems and using the Green Screen to bring them to life!


What a Year 6 have had a thoroughly entertaining week. On Monday, they were gifted the opportunity to visit Mossley Hollins and watch a performance of 'We Will Rock You'. Made even more enjoyable by the fact that past Micklehurst students were leading the pack in the cast and playing some of the main characters! Then, on Thursday, our resident author came to inspire the class and get them to write things down they never thought they were capable of doing. Some amazing results read so far...


In class, Year 6 have been inventing their own animals to write reports, they've turned their heads to revising in Maths and spelling and in Science this week, they've been investigating electrical circuits.

Welcome back after the half term holidays! It was lovely to see the children and hear all their news. 


It’s been a very exciting week in school as the children have celebrated World Book Day. They have enjoyed attending our book swap event where they brought a book from home to swap for a new book of their choice. They have been learning and performing poetry this week in preparation for the Micklehurst Poetry Slam on Thursday afternoon which was amazing and lots of fun to listen to and watch the wide range of poems that the children had learned and performed.


Fairtrade Fortnight has started in school this week with a visit from Mossley’s Fairtrade Ted who flew into Micklehurst on Monday in his eco powered aeroplane. You may have seen him in other venues around Mossley this week! The children have participated in assemblies about Fairtrade and will be finding out more about how we can have an impact on the lives of farmers around the world by buying Fairtrade products.


Year 6 have enjoyed the annual MCSP Careers Fair at Mossley Hollins this week where they were able to find out about a range of careers that might be of interest to them for their futures. These included a photographer, a scientist, a senior fire engineer, a physiotherapist, a Royal Engineers warrant officer, a computer software analyst, a representative from the charity Reuben’s Retreat and a paramedic, Mr Norgate, Harper and Alissia’s Dad from Micklehurst.


In Nursery this week, the children have been learning about the life cycle of frogs. They have been practising ‘5 Little Speckled Frogs’ ready for the Poetry Slam and they made non-fiction books where they have talked about each stage of the life cycle.


Reception were surprised to find that The Little Red Hen had visited their classroom over the holidays; they found a big mess of oats, flour, a mixing bowl, a wooden spoon and red feathers scattered over the floor. The children have been working hard on their text map of the traditional tale and have enjoyed retelling the story. They have been working super hard in phonics learning their new sounds ‘sh’ and ‘ar’ and have been labelling pictures of The Little Red Hen’s farmyard friends.


In Maths, the children have been focusing on numbers 9 and 10 and have been using numicon to explore different ways of making 9 and writing number sentences to match.

In continuous provision, Reception have been grinding oats to make their own bread, retelling the story using puppets and masks, and have enjoyed role play in their small world farms. The children had fun sharing photos of them reading in ‘peculiar’ places for World Book Day too!


On Thursday, Year 1 enjoyed World Book Day. They loved playing the guessing game where the children brought in an object from home that you would find in a story book and they all had to guess the name of the story. The children also performed the rhyme Rickety Train Ride by Tony Mitton in the Poetry slam.


In Year 2 this week, the children have been finishing off their Van Gogh masterpieces and the new display is looking fantastic outside the classroom. They have also explored the use of thick acrylic paint to make different gestural marks in our sketchbooks – the children particularly enjoyed using their fingers! For World Book Day they had lots of fun looking at each other’s objects that relate to their favourite books – some of them were very tricky!


The children in Year 3 have had a great first week back at school. They started their week by learning all about Fairtrade, locating on a world map where the different Fairtrade products around the world are grown. In Maths, they have been ordering and comparing unit fractions and learning about the denominator and numerator of fractions.


In English, they have been practicing the poem ‘Please Mrs Butler’ by Allan Ahlberg ready for the poetry slam. Also in English, the children received an email from ‘Manfred the Baddie’ telling them he had lost his swag bag in the school playground, so they went to hunt out the bag and looked at the contents. The children have written a letter back to Manfred to let him know that they have found his bag and asking him why he has all the different scientific equipment. 


In History, they have started their new unit about the Anglo- Saxons and they looked at the different countries they invaded in England during this time. In Science, they have started looking at their unit on forces and magnets and they looked at different push and pull forces using scientific enquiry skills to sort different push and pull forces.


Year 4 have got straight back in to work after the holidays, starting their new Maths unit on fractions and looking at their new English text, ‘The Tear Thief’ by Carol Anne Duffy.  In Maths, they have spent some time refr