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Our Nursery children have been super busy this week taking part in lots of activities relating to their Gingerbread Man story.  In Science they have been looking at the gingerbread man dissolving and they have been making gingerbread man shapes and cutting out gingerbread men.  They also made and tasted their own gingerbread men and even went on a hunt for a gingerbread man that mysteriously disappeared from class and left a trail of crumbs around school!


Year 1 have been producing recounts of their Penguin Party in response to their current class text "Lost and Found".


Year 2 have been working hard in Maths  on repeated addition by making groups and recognising groups to help understand the concept of multiplication.


In Maths, Year 4 have been creating their own word problems for multiplication and division of the 7 times table.  They have also been practicing their sewing skills, making Christmas pudding decorations for our tree at the Mossley Christmas Tree Festival at St George's Church.  They have also been continuing with their topic work on rivers by constructing bridges.


This week saw Year 6 come to the end of their class novel, "Holes".  They are now looking forward to watching the Disney film adaptation.  Year 6 have also been concentrating on their journalistic capabilities and have been writing a newspaper report in Literacy.  In order to do so they have been magpie-ing interesting vocabulary and sentence structures from "First News" and the internet.


And finally, all classes have started rehearsing for their Christmas plays.  This year we will be having our plays professionally filmed so that they can be uploaded onto our Video Resource Centre on this web site.  Hopefully this means that any parents and extended family members who cannot attend the performances will nevertheless be able to watch them.  We will also be selling CD's of the recordings.  We are also looking forward to using our new lighting set which our PTFA have bought for us.  Next week Mr Distin-Webster (Mrs Distin-Webster's husband) who is the Head of Lighting at the Royal Exchange in Manchester is coming in to school to give staff and children a master class in how to operate the system.

This week our resident author David Mason has been in school working with our Year 6 and Year 4 classes.  In Year 4 the children were working on their grammar technique writing poetry about rivers using personification.  They also looked at metaphors comparing Jesus to light.  Year 6 children were looking at the theme of Victorian children working in coal mines.  They were able to empathise with the plight of the main character using drama as a stimulus for their writing.


On Monday we held our monthly Messy Church.  Children heard the parable of "The Good Samaritan" and made helping hands and money boxes to reinforce how the Good Samaritan gave the Inn Keeper money to look after the injured man.  We then gathered for a short worship and a hot dog tea.


Governors visited school this week for Curriculum & Standards Committee and to review the new guidance on RSE.

Week Ending 22nd November

We started this week by laying a school wreath at the Remembrance Service at Mossley Town Hall on Sunday.  Thank you Annabelle (Year 2) and Lily Mae (Year 4) for representing school and laying our wreath.  It was lovely to see so many children and parents on this important day.  We also held a two minute silence in school on Monday 11th November at 11am and read the poem "In Flanders Field".  We ended our two minute silence by Mr Chesterman playing "The Last Post".  Zachary and Erin (Year 5) accompanied Miss Trelfa to a special service at Mossley Hollins.  As part of the service we remembered Joey Etchells a former Micklehurst All Saints and Mossley Hollins pupil who died whilst serving with the Lancashire Fusiliers  in Helmand Province, Afghanistan in 2009.  Erin read "In Flanders Field".  Headteacher Mr Marshall was so impressed with Erin's reading that he wrote to her to congratulate and thank her.  Well done Erin!  As part of Year 4 and Year 6's work this week they have painted Remembrance Day paintings.


Year 4 have had a busy week.  On Wednesday they visited Park Bridge Heritage Centre to complete a river study.  The children were so well behaved and enthusiastic and were a real credit to school.  The weather was kind to them and they had a thoroughly enjoyable day. 


Also on Wednesday school took part in "No Pens Day" which allows us to focus on key language and communication skills.  Year 1 undertook a Commando Joe mission which involved balancing on beams and trying to get the most balls in a bucket.  They had to work as a team and communicate the best way of doing it.  They also completed their phonics work on computers in the Computer Suite and painted pictures of penguins from their class text "Lost and Found".  In Science, Year 2 played a game of "whats in the parcel".  Year 6 fully embraced "No Pens Day" by focusing on some team building skills and were tasked with building a tower made out of only newspaper and sticky tape.


Year 5 have been making Shang artefacts using clay as part of their work on the Shang Dynasty.  


Finally we ended the week with our Achievement Assembly.  It was lovely to see so many parents today sharing all our children's achievements.  The children who received their "Top of the Tree" certificates are looking forward to choosing where they would like to go on their Reward Day.

Welcome back to our second half term of this academic year.  We have had a busy start to the term with Year 2 conducting experiments to investigate waterproof materials.  They have also read "The Sound Collector" poem which they then innovated on the theme of bonfire night.


In Year 3 this week children have been working on the column method of addition and in RE they have been retelling the story of Moses.


Year 4 have worked very hard this week, they have been finding interesting vocabulary in their review of this weeks "First News Paper".  They have also been finding the perimeters of rectilinear shapes and have been working on the "Green Ship" story innovation plans.  Next week Year 4 will be continuing their project work on rivers with a visit to Park Bridge to take part in a river study.


Year 6 began their Microsoft Excel spreadsheet module this week by familiarising themselves with cell referencing and building basic formulas to add, subtract, multiply and divide.  In guided reading they had a visit from "Tameside Loves Reading" who looked at how our guided reading sessions incorporated rich vocabulary.  The writing was so good that the children copied up their work for display.


This week we hosted our open morning and evening for the parents of prospective Nursery and Reception children for September 2020.  Some of our Year 6 children acted as school Ambassadors to show parents round and we had some amazing feedback on how professional they all were.  Well done you are a real credit to school.

To finish our first half term of this academic year Nursery have been making owls nests out of clay linked to their class text "Owl Babies".  They have also been creating autumn pictures using leaves that they collected as part of their home learning.


Year 6 have been reviewing recent current affairs and have been debating the motion of "Should all new cars be electric?" in preparation for the Mossley and Carrbrook Schools Partnership debating Society that took place on Thursday at Mossley Hollins.  Our debaters gave a great account of themselves but unfortunately we lost out to St Josephs on this occasion.  Well done St Josephs!


Year 1 have been working on some of our core values of team work and communication through an exciting and challenging Commando Joe mission.  They had to work as a team to decide which was the best material for making a house and then use their team working and communication skills to build it.


Year 2 have made cookies this week as they focused on instructional texts.  The children were able to choose alternative ingredients to chocolate chips to make the cookies healthier.


Year 4 have enjoyed tasting the vegetables that we have been growing in our school garden.  These included potatoes, beetroot, leeks and pumpkins.  Now that we have harvested all our crops and as we head into winter months, our gardeners will be maintaining our outside areas and getting them ready for planting in the spring.


Everyone has worked so hard this term and had great fun in their learning.  Have a restful and enjoyable half term and see you all on 4th November ready for another amazing term.

It's been another busy week.  Nursery have been accessing all areas of continuous provision in the classroom with a focus on Autumn as well as having a visit from Mossley Fire Station.  Year 6 produced some impressive posters that recounted journeys made by Jesus as detailed in the Four Gospels.  Year 6 have been focusing on evolution in science and learning how animals adapt to their environment including participating in an experiment entitled 'Battle of the Beaks'.  They also used marshmallows and spaghetti to simulate building structures and how engineering techniques can make structures earthquake proof.  In Reception children have been learning about different shapes and making shapes with different materials and resources.


Two of our sports teams competed this week.  Our Curling team took part in an event at Greater Academy in Ashton.  The whole team played really well and we were given two individual awards, one for standout player and one for self belief and determination.  The team had a great time and were brilliant ambassadors for our school in their behaviour, effort and sportsmanship.  Our football team took part in the Mossley & Carrbrook Schools Partnership competition at Mossley Hollins.  The team showed great skill and teamwork but on this occasion we did not win.  Well done Buckton Vale!


Year 4 have been learning about river navigation and were very proud to show off their hard work.



What a fantastic week we have had.  Year 1 had great fun learning about different types of construction materials while  building the Three Little Pigs houses, and they made their own little pig face masks.  Year 4 are learning all about the Egyptians and made their own mummies in class. 


On Thursday we celebrated World Mental Health Day with children raising money through the sale of yellow wristbands and participating in lots of well being and mindfulness activities. 


To end the week our Year 1 children held our Harvest Assembly.  The children worked really hard to present an informative assembly which told us about Harvest celebrations around the world and what happens at Harvest time.  They also role played the story of the farmer gathering his crops and told us about what happened at the mill and refinery and how these products then reach us. 


During the assembly our Spud Club showed us all the vegetables that they have harvested from our school vegetable plot.  Next week they are going to cook them all into some healthy meals that we can all try, yum!


Thank you everyone for your donations of food.  These are all gratefully received and will be donated to Mossley Foodbank so that they can be distributed to those in need within our community.


Well done everyone!