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Welcome to Reception!


We hope that you have had a lovely summer.  Its really nice to be back ready for what is going to be an exciting half term. 


This half term our topic is 'Marvellous Me'.  In Literacy we will be using various mark making equipment to practice writing our name, we will be writing about our family and we will be developing our speaking and listening skills.  We will be developing our understanding of rhyme and alliteration and will develop an awareness of letter sounds.  We will also be participating in 'Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle' sessions which will help us to develop our gross motor skills which will then help with the movements we need to write our letters.


In numeracy we will be developing our mastery skills for understanding the numbers 1-10, counting forwards and backwards, counting from a given number, recognizing and ordering numbers, developing 1:1 correspondence and practicing making number sets and counting out from a larger group.  We will be using Numicon patterns and becoming familiar with these number patters, to aid our understanding for many concepts of number.


As part of the 'Marvellous Me' it is important that the children learn about the world around them.  We will be learning about how we can keep healthy and about our senses and learning about how our body moves and works.  Within our imaginative play area we are having a home corner so we can engage in representational play.  Following on from this we will be looking a how we change as we get older.  We will be making models of our houses after a walk in the locality and completing self portraits, looking closely at our features.  We will be using a variety of mediums to be creative and will be developing our repertoire of songs and how we can accompany these songs with instruments within class and in our weekly singing sessions in Key Stage 1.


To support our PSED skills we will be encouraged to develop our understanding of the daily routine and will be learning about the expectations within class and around school whilst also becoming more independent and taking care of our own belongings and self-help skills.


PE this term will be dance on a Thursday afternoon, encouraging moving in a range of ways, developing balance and coordination whilst dancing to music.


Mrs J Binless (Class Teacher) and Mrs D Burney (Teaching Assistant)