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Welcome to Nursery!


Welcome to the new school year.  Mrs Larnder-Cox and I met most of you during our home visits and it was lovely to meet you all.  Since then we have been very busy making name cards, pictures and displaying photographs of your child in our classroom to ensure that they feel settled and secure when they start their primary school journey with us.  We are looking forward to finding out lots more about our children as we move through the year, as well as getting to know you as a parents and carers.


Our first topic is 'Nursery Rhymes'.  During this topic we will be learning about what your children are good at, how they learn, and what their favourite nursery rhymes are.  To help us to get to know your children we will be asking them to do specific tasks, for example can you colour a picture?, where we will look at their pencil control and grip of the pencil, can you count my cubes?, what shape is the clock?, lets jump as high as we can and many more.


Activites that you can do at home to assist in your child's development:

  • practice writing your child's name with them, making sure that they hold the pencil correctly
  • ensure that they are able to recognise their name when they see it
  • point out letters from their name in the environment, "look there is the start of your name on that sign"
  • counting cars that you pass on your way to school
  • looking out for numbers in the environment, on doors, car registrations, on lamp posts, in the shop etc
  • counting as you go up the stairs to bed
  • singing nursery rhymes before bed (I will be sending a list home of some of the ones that we will be covering).


Thank you for all your support.


Mrs C Brown (Class Teacher) and Mrs H Larnder-Cox (Teaching Assistant)