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Autumn Term

This year, Year 6 will be taught be Miss Harding and supported by Mrs Lynch and Mrs Dote. We are looking forwards to an exciting term, full of learning with our Year 6 children.

Our cross curricular topic for Autumn Term is Amelia Earhart and this thematic approach will cover our history, geography, art and ICT lessons. Please see the attached curriculum overview for more information about our coverage on core subjects including science


Daily reading at home should continue this year along with questioning and discussion of texts. Alongside our class guided reading sessions, our reading focus throughout Year 6 is that the children will be able to magpie and use new and exciting vocabulary and grammatical elements that they come across in their independent time and be able to apply it across all subjects.


We feel that school uniform gives a sense of belonging and by dressing correctly, pupils can demonstrate their pride in their school.

Our school uniform is:
Trousers – black, grey or navy
Polo/cotton shirt – white, pale blue or navy with or without school logo
Skirt/pinafore – grey, black or navy
Sweatshirt/jumper – plain navy, with or without school logo
Cardigan – plain navy, with or without school logo
Fleece – plain navy, with or without school logo

We also ask that children have suitable shoes for school and not trainers.


All equipment is provided by school, however, if your child wishes to bring a pencil case please think about only bringing sensible stationary items. A water bottle would also be very useful to your child in order for them to access a drink throughout the school day.


Homework will be given out to the children on Wednesday and should be completed by the following Monday. It is important that the children bring their homework book, their reading record and their reading book to school every day.

If you need to speak to Miss Harding, we are always available at the end of the school day, or for a more formal appointment please contact school.

Many thanks for your continued support,

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