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Foundation Stage Long Term Plan

What we are learning                                                                              Autumn

Welcome to Reception, I hope you had a lovely summer. It’s really nice to be back and I’m ready for what is going to be an exciting Half term.

This Half term our topic is ‘Marvellous Me ’. In literacy we will be using various mark making equipment to practice writing our name, we will be writing about our family and will be developing our speaking and listening skills. We will be developing our understanding of rhyme and alliteration and will develop our awareness of letter sounds. We will be participating in write dance sessions which will help to develop our gross motor skills which will then help with the movements we need to write our letters.

In numeracy we will be developing our counting skills, counting forwards and backwards from 10, counting from a given number, recognising and ordering numbers and developing our 1:1 correspondence and will be practicing making number sets and counting out from a larger group. We will be using numicon patterns and becoming familiar with these number patterns, to aid our understanding for many concepts of number. We will be identifying and naming 2d shapes and handling these shapes to learn more about them. We will be completing a shape safari and using these shapes to make pictures and paintings. Alongside all this we will be using our skills to solve everyday problems.


As part of Marvellous me it’s important the children learn about the world around them. We will be learning about how we can keep healthy and about our senses and learning about how our body moves and works. Within our imaginative play area we are having a home corner so we can engage in representational play and we will be having a visit from a baby so we can have a real life experience of what babies need and can do. Following on from this we will be looking at how we change as we get older. We will be making models of our houses after a walk in the locality and completing self portraits, looking closely at our features. We will be using a variety of mediums to be creative and will be developing our repertoire of songs and how we can accompany these songs with instruments within class and in our weekly singing sessions with KS1.

To support our PSED skills we will be encouraged to develop friendships, develop our understanding of the daily routine and will be learning about the expectations within class and around school whilst also becoming more independent and taking care of my own belongings and self-help skills. As a school will are trialling incorporating a program called Commando Jo. This will develop children’s resilience, teamwork, empathy and perseverance and many more skills to help improve children’s PSED skills whilst helping to support our topic work and knowledge of the world.

PE this half term will be dance on a Thursday afternoon, moving in a range of ways, developing the balance and coordination whilst dancing to music. On a Friday we are lucky to have the opportunity to participate in some outdoor science activities with our Garden expert. She will be teaching us about things that grow and live in the garden and how the outdoors can link to our topic ‘Marvellous me’


Pumps need to be in school every day. Zumba is on a Thursday this half term. If your child does not have pumps in school they may not be able to participate in this Session. These can be in a named bag and left on your child’s peg. Please can I ask that your child does not wear ear rings in school for health and safety reasons. I am not allowed to remove the earrings so it is important they are removed before school.


Reading books and diaries need to be in school every day. I am trying to hear children read as often as possible in school. Your child’s books will be changed twice a week (on a Monday after the weekend and a Thurs/Fri) and they will be heard read at least once a week. If there is no book in school I will not be able to read or change your child’s book. Please read with your child as much as possible and please sign the reading diary so I know you have read with them.


Please remember to name all of your child’s clothes. This will make it far easier to identify which item of clothing belongs to which child.

Please ensure your child has appropriate clothing and footwear for school. With the weather ever changing and us playing out in most weathers, it’s important your child is comfortable. Once the weather turns colder you will need to send some wellies into school.

If somebody other than yourselves are picking your child up from school, please can you let me know as I will not be able to let your child go with an unfamiliar adult.

What you can do to help:

  • Read frequently with your child at home, checking their comprehension once they have read the story- which is really important for progression in reading.(follow the guidance in the front of your child’s reading diary)

  • Practice your child’s phonic sounds (which will come home once we start phonics)and key words.(you will receive these at parents evening) This is vital for your child’s reading and writing development

  • Practice counting (starting at various numbers), recognising and ordering numbers.

  • Practice writing your child’s name.

  • Enjoy talking to your child about what they have learnt, their day or just chat whilst you’re out and about. Speaking and listening is so important within the EYFS.

Is there anything we need?

       • If your child has any stories/information books or resources about homes/families they are      welcome to bring them into school for us to share.

       • I will need a photograph of your child as a baby- I will send another letter out to remind you of this nearer the time!!

       • If you have anything that you could donate to our classroom or any activities/games related to our topic your child is welcome to bring them in for us to use.

       • Please will you send in junk boxes, cereal boxes etc for our creative area? This is something that I need constantly so please send them in as much as possible.  

I will appreciate any support and help that can be given. If you would like to help out in class Please let me know if you’re available and willing to help.

Home work is important to extend children’s learning Please complete it on a weekly basis. It will be sent out on a Wed. Please return it to school on Monday ready for the following week.

If you want to see me do not hesitate to catch me at the end of the day or the morning (if it’s quick). If it is something you wish to discuss you can make an appointment to see me at another time. Lunch time is at 12-1pm so will be available within this hour.

Attendance is important. Please can you try to arrive at school ready or the bell at 8:50am.

Im really looking forward to a great first half term. Thanks for your continued support.

Mrs Harding