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Thank you to all our parents for there continuing support to nursery and school.

Homework Books

Homework books will be sent out every Friday.

Please return them to school by Wednesday at the latest, so that we are able to put in the new homework for the following week.

Snack Money

This term snack money is 7. Please place in a named envelope.  Thank you.


Please make sure all your children’s clothing has their name in it.

Library Books

Please return when you have finished reading them and we will change the book.

Thank you.

Spare Clothes

Please can you make sure your child has spare clothes, with their name on, in a bag on their peg.

Please remember

Let me know or ring the school office if your child is going to be collected by somebody else. We cannot let a child go home with somebody we do not know without prior notice.

Communication and Language

Playing lots of listening games.

Listening to and remembering sounds.

Talking about ourselves.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Settling in.

Learning new routines.

Making new friends

Friendship- being kind to others

Rules in our class and the school- to understand why we need rules.

Learning how to tidy up.

Finding out what we are good at, ‘I can skills’

Physical Development

Balancing on the big blocks outside

Skipping, hoops, ball games

Mark making, pencil holding


Mark making.

Writing our name.

Recognising our names.

Looking at books.

Enjoying stories.

Mathematical Development


Recognising numbers

Grouping objects

Reciting numbers in orders

Learning number rhymes

How big am I?

Understanding of the World

Learning about what makes us good at something.

Ask questions about why things happen.

Who am I?

Talking about who is special to us

Useful Websites


Friday 26th October- School closed for half term

Foundation Stage Long Term Plan

Dear Parents

Welcome to the new school year.  Mrs Larnder-Cox and I met many of you during our home visits, it was lovely finding out all about you.  We have been very busy making name cards, pictures and displaying photographs of you from our visits to your house and when you came to visit us. We are looking forward to finding out more about you in the year ahead.

Our first topic is ‘Nursery Rhymes!’, during this topic we will be learning about what your children are good at, how they learn and what their favourite Nursery Rhymes are.  To help us get to know your children, we will be asking them to do specific tasks e.g. can you colour a picture where we will look at their pencil control and grip of a pencil, can you count my cubes, what shape is the clock? Let’s jump as high as we can and many more.

Things you can do at home:

   •Practise writing your child’s name with them, making sure they hold the pencil correctly.   

   •Ensure that they are able to recognise their name when they see it.

   •Pointing out letters in their name in the environment, look there is the letter at the start of your name.   

   •Counting cars that you pass on your way to school.   

   • Looking for numbers in the environment, on doors, car registration, on lamp posts, in the shop etc.

   • Counting as you go up the stairs to bed.

   •Singing nursery rhymes before bed – I will be sending a list home of some of the ones we are covering at Nursery.


Thank you to all the parents who have already brought in their snack money, if you haven’t already done so please could you bring in the money in an envelope with your child’s name.  The amount for this half term is 7.  Please can you make sure all your children’s clothes have their names written on the label or sewn on the inside.

We are looking forward to an exciting term ahead, getting to know your children.

Thank you for all your support.

Kind Regards, Mrs Brown and Mrs Larnder-Cox

Expressive Arts and Design

Learning new songs about Sealife

Moving in different ways.

Making songs up about sea creatures

Making concertina fish

Paper cup jelly fish

Fish in a box – jink modelling

Creative Development

Responding to your senses

Use our imagination- dance, music, role play

We will be learning dances to ‘Follow the Leader’, ‘Penguin dance’, and another called ‘Company’.

Looking at and investigating sounds of different musical instruments.


Incey Wincey spider

Humpty Dumpty

Hickory Dickory Dock

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

This Little Piggy

Ten Little Fingers

Tommy Thumb