Micklehurst All Saints C.E Primary School SEND Offer

Teaching and Learning

Every child deserves a fair start in life, with the very best opportunity to succeed. At Micklehurst C.E. Primary and Nursery School we aim to be as inclusive as possible and where ever we are able remove barriers to learning.

Usually children with SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disability) will be provided for through quality teaching and differentiation in the curriculum, allowing them to be educated alongside their peers in the classroom. We incorporate many teaching and learning styles and have a breadth of resources that are designed match the individual needs of all learners. The classroom environment is where ever possible language friendly and uses visual support for learners.

On occasions it may be deemed necessary to withdraw the child from the classroom for specific teaching. This teaching would be in the form of individual or group interventions matched to the children’s needs or in order to follow programs of work set by other professionals.

When a child is identified as having SEND they will be given a pupil passport. This will highlight the child’s areas of need and the interventions that will be put in place to support and develop these areas of concern.

Staff Expertise

We have a team of highly trained and skilled staff who are experienced in working with children with a wide range of learning difficulties and disabilities. We seek and follow the advice of a wide range of agencies including speech and language, the educational psychologist, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, behaviour and learning support, communication, language and autistic spectrum support and child mental health agencies.

Support and Development of SEND

There is a commitment by the school, to gain expertise in the area of Special Educational Needs & Disabilities. Current practices include training sessions for our Teaching Assistants (TAs); school based in-service training (INSET), Support and training from EPALS (Educational Psychology and Learning Support) that responds to particular needs of the pupils, and the reading and discussion of documents on SEND. Teacher meetings are considered to be staff development meetings, as well as sharing information. The SENDCo attends network and moderation meetings.

Strategies/support to develop independent learning:

• Provision of individual/visual timetables and checklists.

• Pre-teaching of new concepts and vocabulary.

• Individual success criteria.

• Implementation of specifically tailored support strategies and programmes, eg. devised by the educational psychologist, speech therapist or physiotherapist.

SATs Arrangements

The School follows the government guidelines for adjustments to the SATs in Year 2 and Year 6. This may involve the child being given extra time, a reader being assigned for certain papers, transcripts of the child’s work can be made if this is normal classroom practice and in the case of visually impaired students, larger print papers can be ordered.